Comments for Marvel May Be Giving Up on Peter Parker as Spider-Man

Tom Holland as a sad Peter Parker

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Jayne1955

    The idea does not bother me at all.

  2. Jay

    When marvel makes an announcement these days, it means they’re about to do something to please the woke elitists and piss off the base. There is no originality, just history rewrites. Forget Peter retiring and just retire the whole franchise. The joy is gone. The entertainment is gone. There is no thrill, just politics, and it’s pathetic.

    1. joke

      You can always tell when someone does not have the faintest idea of that they are talking about, when they brainlessly regurgitate the same cliché, buzzword laden, spiel about “anti-white “””woke””” elitists” that so many right wing grifters on youtube and twitter are spewing 24/7. Funny enough, those people also have no idea what they are talking about. They are the fakest of fake fans, people who have never cracked open a comic in their life. And you are just blindly parroting their ill-informed, anti-comics agenda, not knowing the simple truth. That comics have Always been woke. First off, are you mad that someone who isn’t white could possibly be replacing Peter Parker Spider-Man? Even though this article is just speculation on a single page of comic that mentions nothing about politics, or race? Well then you must have thrown an absolute fit when James Rhodes became Iron-Man in the early 80’s comics? Or when John Henry Irons became The Man Of Steel after the first death of Superman? Oh, you must know all about how Monica Rambeau became the second Captain Marvel and even lead the Avengers for a time after the first Captain Marvel: Mar-Vell was stricken with space cancer and died? Man, how pissed were you when Storm was leader of the X-Men during a time when she had no powers? You must have almost had a heart attack in the 60’s when Bill Foster became Giant-Man instead of Hank Pym? Or how abut when Jaime Reyes became the third Blue Beetle, replacing Ted Kord, your blood must have been boiling? I could go on for hours honestly. These were just off the top of my head. All this to say, that comics have always been woke. Comics have been always been replacing heroes of any skin color with alternate replacements from various backgrounds and genders. This has gone on for years. Way before you and those whiny culture warrior grifters you are mindlessly echoing were ever a part of “the base”. If you want “woke comics” go read Chris Clairemont’s X-men run that lasted from 1975 -1991. One of the most popular and influential runs in comics history that was so left leaning it wasn’t just “woke”, it was already wide awake and on the bus to work. Every page talked about social issues of the current time. Every character was from a diverse ethnic background from all over the world. Women and minorities had major leading roles. Your sleepy mind would have crashed reading any single issue because of how woke it was. And until Marvel higher-ups started messing with Clairmont’s long term story, every single character was replaceable and could die at any time. No one was safe. But because there were no internet conmen, masquerading as comic fans to sow the seeds of their stupid culture war among the easily influenced (like you), people had no problems seeing comics featuring heroes of all backgrounds. Or stories that featured heavy emphasis on social politics, that would moralize and beat you over the head with a lesson. This has only become a “problem” very recently when a bunch of fascist political innfluencers realized that easily duped comic nerds online will get angry at anything, if you repeat the lie over and over and use catchy buzzwords. All they had to do to draw in sheep like you, was to imply that “white people” are sharing less than a 1/10 of the spotlight they have mostly hogged in comics with people of other cultures, races, sexes and backgrounds. And if that makes you want to not read comics you were never a real comic book fan to begin with. Comics have always been woke. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko faced concerns there would be backlash from the readership in the american south when they added Robbie Robertson, a balck man, into Spider-Man’s supporting cast. But they did it anyway. How is that not woke? Woke isn’t a bad thing. It never was. If being woke is a problem for you, don’t read comic books. Because apparently now woke is anything that speaks against racism, sexism, fascism, or makes a man feel inadequate by having a strongly written female character take prominance. If that takes away the joy or entertainment of something, then I don’t know what to tell you. Except that you are pathetic and know nothing Bout comic books.

  3. John Doe

    Gotta get rid of all of those White super heroes for the work mob and show how diverse they are. They keep proving how they don’t want White people’s business anymore.

    1. John Doe

      Woke, stupid autocorrect.

      1. jd

        Your autocorrect is correct. It’s you who know nothing.

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