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Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez (left), Benedict Wong as Wong (middle), and Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange (right)

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. EricJ

    We were hooked on the Thanos-Era MCU for the same reason kids read Marvel comics to begin with:
    There was a battle coming up a few issues from now, and we wanted to find out what happened NEXT. 🙂

    Phase IV has literally no clue what’s going to happen next, and most of their wrong guesses and marketing filler (eg. Shang-Chi for Chinese audiences, Eternals instead of X-Men) are landing with a thud.
    The only thing that did strike a chord was the Multiverse Trilogy (Wanda, Spiderman: NWH and Doc 2), and even MCU doesn’t know what they’re going to do with it yet…Call us when they do.

    1. ed

      You must be new. They plan years ahed, that’s why they already announced secret wars? you remember incursions and what they cause?

  2. LaFolia23

    I am a Marvel fan and I can see the MCU introducing the next saga clearly, similar to how they started phase 1. I don’t understand the confusion at all except for people being negative about one of the most popular franchises just to get attention. I love the direction the MCU is going, but it won’t appeal to the regular film goer who hadn’t bothered to watch all of the MCU’s productions. However, I believe they do need to space it out slightly, just for other peoples’ sanity, I’m not complaining at all.

  3. Fail

    The next phase will be woke garbage, will make money, but not nearly what they expect, failure!


      I couldn’t agree more with you my friend!!!!

  4. Dczhen

    I don’t know what you’re on about

    I’m a mcu and a comic book fan and I’m still loving them mcu movies especially the eternals

    My only gripe is that they won’t recast Shang Chi cause seriously the actor sucks eggs

    1. Sean

      But they don’t have a problem making endless Crime and Medical shows that are all the same just different locations. If they don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s that simple.

  5. Xander

    I love Marvel, but I’m not a fan of the multiverse-BS. It basically erases ALL other movies with “anything can happen” and “anyone can be that character in the multiverse”. It takes away any kind of realism (if there ever was any) that was left. To me it feels extremely poor. Especially because they keep releasing a new movie or show every other month. Its starting to became “quantity over quality”.

  6. Kyle

    Look, I have no problem with cultures and diversity. But on the same hand the studios refuse to admit a ‘staring-you-in-the-face’ issue. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers appeal to more people than Kamala Khan. The super heros they are writing into cinematic history just don’t do it for the majority. And also, there’s nothing wrong with some of the woke cultures ideas. But that doesn’t make sense to expect great money when you push wokeness just for the sake of pushing wokeness.

    1. Ted

      What does this comment even mean? Whenever I hear someone complain about “ wellness quote being pushed on them in any media all I really hear is them complaining that they have to acknowledge that people other than white CIS hetero men exist. The characters they’re introducing are the same characters that have been in the comic books for decades now. No one‘s getting Wokeness pushed on them. They’re just continuing with the Marvel universe like the comics did. claiming Kamala khan is an example of wokeness being forced onto consumers is like saying black panther is Wokeness being forced on consumers. Good luck having the Marvel universe without Wakanda

      1. TIM BROXSON

        Your full of Dingle Berries in your brain sport. This last movie of THOR Is the only movie we ever got up and walked out of. Why?

        All because of 100% WOKENESS!!! Such vile evil garbage of pushing Queer behavior / Trans horse 🐎 shi-!! and we are not the only people that got up and left.

        When we did, 2 other couples also got up and followed us out. Both stopped to talk with us and they told us because they came together, they told us that they was so glad that somebody else took the lead to leave.

        Because they said among themselves this. “ if somebody else gets up to leave we will follow them out as a group.”

        They did this because the men didn’t have the guts, GUTS TO DO IT!!! I am a white man loaded with integrity!!! And I will not tolerate such evil vile garbage.

  7. richard

    I do like the cosmic and multiverse aspect of the MCU but just like when I read comic books I also enjoyed Spider-Man and Daredevil earthbound and personal level adventures along with whatever and wherever the FF and Thor would take me. A few more grounded movies would add a bit more diversity along with the massive team-up event movies.

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