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Male Karen Disneyland

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  1. BS

    There is a case to be made that “Karen” is racist! Too bad nobody wants to admit it.

    1. Steve

      Playing the race card, typical.

      1. Drew

        Angry old yte man yelling at minorities… typical.

        Yes, I believe racism. The guy checks all the boxes. Also a conservative, for sure.

        1. Dane

          F*** off

          1. Sam

            Yes you should do just that

  2. Steve

    “Karen” was right. Follow the posted rules – enter the line with your full party and notify a cast member if you need to leave.

  3. SCOTT lee-ross

    Disney has property rules that included prohibited actions. Among them are “or saving places in lines for others.” It is clear that the family that did so are in violation of Disney policies. Additionally, the rule is posted at the entrance to the attractions. Clearly, karen was correct. Disney should have removed the family in front from the line or even the entire park.
    Condoning the families actions is clearly Victim Shaming and wrong on ITM’s part.

    1. Brie Cheese

      Having worked for the parks, yes, you’re right. I think the rule is such a double edged sword because really, who should care if one or two persons rejoins their family/group in line (either by using the restrooms while their companions are in line or by needing to leave and come back)?

      The *real* problem is those groups that have two people wait in line and then a whole party of four or more come join them. Those types are what drive CMs and Guests up the wall. Most of the time they are off doing whatever and try to get in line with snacks and Starbucks and whatnot. That’s the real issue that rule is there for, not the parent or parent with kid that needed potty first/potty break.

      1. Noel

        It’s ok that one or two people come back in line, especially if it’s a kid having to go after already waiting almost the whole queue. Those lines are long. Everyone knows that. I have a problem with people holding the line and a bunch of people show up at the last minute while they were off riding other rides. There is a huge difference. Please use common sense. Kudos to this poor kid who has to live with a dad like that.

  4. Duckie

    I feel bad for his son. Good for him to standing up against his father’s rude behavior. Must get his kindness from his mother.

  5. WOW! What kind of world is this if you can’t let one person go to the bathroom? I have bladder issues and have to go every hour. Does that mean I can’t get on a ride because of the long line? What about little kids? They’re not really strong in that department either. Do they just wet themselves? I can see the frustration if one person is in line and 5+ people jump in, but ONE guy isn’t going to make you late for dinner!

    1. Sam

      Wear a DEPENDS LMAO

  6. Obivously it would be a nice thing to do but never abuse or argue with the security guards of Disney world. U won’t win guy’s & for future reference if u do that in my country u will be kicked out ok. & p.s I mean it ! 🇦🇺

    1. James

      I’ve sent this way to many times. It’s one thing if you had been waiting in line for over an hour and you suddenly exit to take care of business and then return. But here the man did “whatever” while the rest got in line. Be courteous and wait until all are ready to enter the line! The male Karen could clearly have had a more mature and calm response to this. But I have seen this done way too many times and by a lot more than just once. It’s very frustrating when you have o e or more people shoving past you because they wanted do “whatever” rather than waiting to all enter together after all the “whatevers” are taken care of first. Disney needs to do a better job stopping this line saving activity rather than having other frustrated guests have to try to stop this activity via an extreme (and equally unacceptable) demonstration of displeasure.

    2. Amber

      Lines are long, people have to go to the restroom. Why make a big deal over nothing. Other than if it held up moving the ride forward. Which it didn’t

  7. Brady

    In the past if we’ve been in the queue then kids need toilet we take them apologising on the way back, saying toilet trip, then on the way back to my family no one minds. Youve explained and its little children. But even so that is breaking the rules. Rules are there to make it fair for everyone. The dad was right but maybe went a bit overboard a bit. They couldve waited until they had seen staff, mentioned it to them and have them deal with it instead.

  8. Aaron

    Yes, racist and sexist

  9. Erin

    I love how there have been actual articles from this same site complaining or reporting complaints people have about guests cutting in line or having a guest catch up with a party. Now the exact same thing happens and the guest calling them out is labeled a male Karen. Lol, make up your mind on this stance.

    1. Tee

      One child is very different than an entire group joining the line so they did not have to wait in libeu. Co text matters. The family should have waited, but thus AH did not need to be a total jerk, either. Hope all learned. Next time, join line all at once, to ass fathe: chill out, dude, is one kid, not a bunch of brat teens!

    2. The guest wasn’t labeled the “Karen”. The complaining Dad was.

  10. Mandy

    It’s humanity people and this guy is lacking it. What an ass everyone’s gotta take a pee not an issue to let someone save a spot for that. I e done it for complete strangers standing in line and they got a kid who’s gotta pee so I save the spot and guess what it did t effect me I’m still in the same spot I was. I do feel bad for the son I have had a family member embarrass me in similar ways so I feel ya kid not your fault. Can’t control your dad

  11. Joe m

    Personally, I think the “male karen” was in the right. Based on what the article says, he wasn’t in line and then left for the restroom, and technically disney does have rules against this. Furthermore, I’ve seen articles decrying people cutting and saving spots in line all over the internet. However, the son’s opinions also matter here, the dad should have stopped when the son made it clear he was uncomfortable.

  12. Dina

    On another note, why are people allowed to secretly record people on their phones and post it on social media without all parties consent?? I thought that was illegal?

  13. Sam


  14. Bill

    I was there last week and it happened more often than you think multiple people cut in line halfway. Not fair to the people that were waiting. They were stopped by Disney security but had no problem talking down to teenagers and getting their way. It’s clearly stated its against the rules

  15. Stephanie Walter

    I have a spinal cord injury, but walk w a cane. It has affected EVERYTHING from the waist down. As a result, if I need to go to the bathroom, it’s a NOW thing. There’s no “I can hold it”. This could turn into a messy & embarrassing thing, for me, my fam & anyone around me. I’d hope if I explained it, ppl would excuse it. I have held the line for others as well. Years ago, we had 4 kids. If you know anything about kids, they can’t ever go to the bathroom at the same time. Thankfully, most of the time, ppl understood. This man Karen needs to remember when HIS child was younger!

  16. Shell

    Personally, i don’t have a problem with one person or even two if they have to leave a line for any reason and return to their party. I DO however, object when one person holds the spot and a large group pushes by everyone to claim that space in a crowded line.

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