Comments for Magic Kingdom Is a Ghost Town as Crowds Vanish From Walt Disney World

Lone Guest in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Credit: Alice S.


  1. John

    This may be the result of Disney’s misguided attempts to promote unnatural LGBTQ? Our genders are already defined by biology at birth. Trying to redefine genders against biology should not be falsely displayed to innocent children as natural or normal. LGBTQ representation is a minority’s right which must be overridden by the majority’s rights of protecting kids from grooming and parents’ right to teach their kids as the parents see fit.

    1. Imran Hamid

      That is probably the worst reading of tea leaves I ever saw. School is on and people are not on vacation anymore. Surely your bigoted mind would understand those basic concepts.

      1. Steve

        That was never a problem for Disney before. Their chickens are roosting and you are about to get dropped like your mother did.

        1. Salle

          Calm your autism

          1. Mike G

            That’s not funny. As a parent of an adult child with autism I don’t see the humor in your comment

            1. Charlie

              I agree with the other guy. Nobody wants to bring their children to the groomers.

              1. Eric

                Groomer world, is reaping the wurlwind, they don’t know what hit them. Lol!

                1. AbsyntheThe

                  You CANNOT turn anyone Gay. But on the other hand, are you accusing God, our Creator, of making mistakes!? You all are the most bigoted creeps, anywhere!
                  No one wants to be LBGTQ! God made them that way, to teach tolerance of others, who are different. That’s what Jesus Christ taught! But did you all accept Him at first!? NO!! YOU NAILED HIM TO A CROSS!! You are what’s wrong with this world, Hypocrites! For those who’ve truly suffered, will find the Kingdom of Heaven! Those of you calling them unnatural, etc, are indeed doomed to HELL. For Hell’s road is paved with all the self-righteous- rotten to the core!!

                  1. vinko

                    LBG don’t want to be associated with Q & T

                  2. Joyce

                    Love this comment.

                  3. Hunter Biden

                    WOW. You’ve accepted the lies put out by the LGBT propaganda machine.

                    1. Paul B

                      Get back on the pipe Hunter!

                  4. Joe

                    God doesn’t make mistakes. People are NOT born gay and the bible clearly defines that homosexuality is a sin, a perversion, a choice just like all sins and perversions. Don’t get it twisted by letting the devil lead you away from biblical thinking.

                  5. Gena

                    I soley agree. I will not take my children back to Walt Disney!
                    Being gay, transgender or whatever IS NOT HOW GOD MADE THEM. IT IS A CHOICE! Stop blaming God for YOUR CHOICES!

                    1. Lol

                      So how would you feel if someone said that because of you religious jerks they don’t want their kids going back? I don’t want your crappy beliefs around my children…..but guess what? If fricken disney world!! You are there to have fun not to judge anyone…… who died and made you God?? Lol…. all you Bible thumper are soooooo pushy and judgmental is really sad

                  6. DeLaunhardt

                    Hey Bible scholar: Read Romans chapter one (among a TON of other scriptures) and tell me “God made them that way….”
                    The ACTUAL reason for homosexuality is a reaction to sexual abuse/trauma. Before you poo poo that away there are a TON of studies to back this assertion up. And my wife is a professional counselor who can also give you anecdotal evidence to the same…God does not create people in direct conflict to His laws. Homosexuality is a SIN plain and simple.
                    Although its a manifestation of pain and hurt, its still a behavioral CHOICE. Better to try and minister to their trauma and help them out of their “deathstyle” than to excuse the behavior away and see them die young. (The average life span of a homosexual male is only 62!) …………..

                  7. Jack

                    THIS is why Christian churches are emptying out – starting with your first sentence being an objective LIE. Why do perverted drag queens WANT children in their audiences? Because these are GROOMING events – their method for recruiting children into gay sex.

                    1. Jay

                      You fool

                2. Jack Frost

                  This level of stupidity should be painful. I pray you don’t actually have children of your own to screw up.

                3. Joe

                  Im sure this has nothing to do with bidens inflation

              2. Mike

                Good riddance! Disney is a communist junk yard!

                1. Gomar1

                  I agree, the drastic increase in my state of home schooling and increase in private school admissions is astounding. The parents I’ve spoke with say public schools have been ruined by this liberal extremism.

                2. As a mother of a daughter with Autism I dont see it either. I actually agree, “end of vacation time or not, Disney is in serious trouble with the hills they’ve chosen to die on. Let children be children! If you wanna push “woke ideologies” & take your 5yro to stuff dollar bills into the g-string of a ½ dressed drag queen then have at it but, let Disney be about innocence, fun & hapliness free from politicalagendas!!!

                  1. Lol

                    But not free from judgement right?

              3. Paul B

                I hope you are right.

              4. Paul B


            2. TJW

              Aug/sept have always been slow there. They always told us Sept is the time to take vacation.
              I worked there 7 yrs over 20 yrs ago. Still the same thing today. Still have many.friends who are working there.

              1. Malikfoxen

                I used to work there too in 2009 for a year in the college program. August and September were indeed slow, but the slow that they’re getting in magic Kingdom right now is Hollywood studios slow. Magic Kingdom was always busy. It was the most popular park. Hollywood studios was the least popular part because it was mostly shows and not a lot of rides. The adults tended to go to Hollywood studios when the kids weren’t around because they wouldn’t have to keep up with them while sitting around watching all the shows. Again these pictures are of magic Kingdom, and they look like what Hollywood studios used to look like in early morning 2009 around late August early September.

            3. Jarvis

              Perhaps you can make an exhaustive list of of what people cannot comment on or joke about around you. Thanks.

              1. K Joe

                Nope. The OP is exactly right…nobody wants their children in the parks around you and the rest of your pervert pals, lurking around Disney, trying to groom and convert children into your freakstyle…I mean lifestyle.

            4. Marvin

              As the brother of someone who’s not funny, I feel you are being rude and insensitive to people who are comedically challenged.

              1. jal11180

                As someone who is autistic, and also has a sense of humor, if you side with Salle, Marvin, then you both deserve to be tossed into a wood chipper, as that is literally the only way that you two can positively contribute to the environment.

            5. jal11180

              How about you calm your c
              m down first, Karen, you s
              e? No one asked you for your below s
              t tier opinion on here anyway, Salle.

              1. Paul B

                Get back on the pipe Hunter!

            6. Caroline

              Thanks. As a pa

            7. Steve G

              I also have autism and I find it hilarious. But I’m also not a troll that spends all day everyday trying to police the internet and show off my square head either haha

            8. JDY

              As I have one, quit acting like a snowflake as we fit his intent. Grow up !

          2. Jonathan

            You are incredibly uneducated.

            1. jal11180

              Yes, LGBT people ARE horribly uneducated, and you are proof positive on that in your life, Johnathan.

              1. K. Friebel

                Disney is reaping what it has sown….only for rich & well off…charging ridiculous prices & lining up people like cattle….I took my two kids there many years ago & all I could think about is how many poor kids dream of Disney but will never get to go there. They should fail.

          3. Rude. Remark. You calm yourself, clearly from that commeyou you are an u educated moron. You clearly don’t even know what autism is.

            1. Bree

              My family was there in July and boy was it packed. I have a 7 and 5 year old and there was no “grooming” taken place. Everyone was pleasant and we had a great time.

              1. Marvin

                Just wait. It may take until their teens for it to kick in.

                1. Andy

                  ah yes, invisible grooming. Are the groomers in the room with you right now, Marv?

                  1. Marvin

                    No, Andy. But sarcasm is. You just apparently can’t see it. Try harder.

                  2. jal11180

                    What if you are one yourself, Andy?

              2. Michael

                Sorry the Grooming does take place! In the themes, redos, remakes, cast members, the appearances and the political WOKE Nonsense! Sorry I have lived here for over 30 years right next to MK and the Magic is not the same! You visit fine! But Disney locally the Reputation is not nearly the same!

                People in FL do not regard Disney as highly! Locals are not going like they use to! Summer months have the Tourists but as Summer ends Disney needs locals! We know Disney is NOT a Family Company! They did indeed come out against FL Parents and it is not helping them now! Disney has become too Political because of a certain element of Society fixated on their sexuality! They do not have the NUMBERS to sustain WDW over time and that is becoming apparent!

                I drive by the GF, POLY, CONTEM, MK Parking Lot all the time! You can see the decrease in Guests! The Parking Lots are nowhere near filled!

                Disney hurt themselves in FL with Locals and with Guests all over! Stay out of Politics! Create Magic not Agendas with Subversive themes! Disney is losing Lineage and without it the Company will find the future much less profitable and engaging! Disney’s Stock is way down from their Highs and eventually those Reduced and Fewer Visitors will show up as they continue to raise prices with Less Demand! That formula will not last much longer!

                1. Hillaryc

                  Do you think Floridians are Disney’s market? The inbreds who make $8 an hour and bring their own lunch in? You might drive by GF…but likely as a bus driver. And when with the 50% discount can’t afford it. Stick with UO.

                  1. jal11180

                    Thanks for admitting the truth about your family and your past, Karen (Hillaryc).

                2. Itzafig

                  Please don’t include this Floridian amongst your homophobic Floridians. Me and plenty of other Floridians are disgusted with homophobes claiming to represent all Floridians.

                  1. jal11180

                    LGBT ways of thought are
                    ironically heterophobia themselves, Itzafig. Do you admit to being an intolerant, and hate mongering, bigot yourself? Support the LGBT ways of thought and the answer to that question will be a resolute, emphatic indisputable, and undeniable yes in your life.

                3. jal11180

                  Thanks for admitting the truth.

                4. Sandy

                  Exactly!! I don’t think i will ever take my innocent child back to Disney ever again. I don’t need WDW confusing my child. Good luck to them because i know lots of parents that feel the same!

                5. Mike

                  Disney net income from 2021 to 2022 so far is 27.9 Billion which is a 41% increase since last years year to year statement. How in the world can you say they are failing. That is a ridiculous and false statement. Especially with the addition of marvel and star wars.

                6. Romyeaux

                  That is what I don’t get. As a DIS stockholder, I am told that Disneycis making money. However, Disney stock is at an all-time low. As a shareholder, I would like more honesty and transparency. This stock situation has to be illegal. Shouldn’t they be required to be transparent with their stockholders?

              3. Lynn Vico

                You push non family values such as lgbtq+, push trans ideology, support the left, you bet your business will shutter. Maybe this article should have mentioned the truth. No partent I know well ever support Disney again. Why should they?

              4. jal11180

                That is precisely what a groomer would say, and I do not mean a pet groomer.

              5. Grady howard

                Of course, you saw no grooming. It’s all subliminal stimuli. You will never see it. It is there!!!

          4. Maybe it has to do with $150 a day tickets!!

            1. ConsumerMike

              You have hit the nailon on the head. In today’s economy most folks can no longer afford the Disney non-stop price increases. They now see that they have gone way beyond what the market will pay. They appear to live in a Fantasy world of their own.

          5. Anonymous

            Excuse me?! This man is clearly not autistic. If you think autism equates to being stupid, then you’re just as bigoted

          6. Shirley Evans

            Why oh why does everything have to turn a)political and b)nasty

            1. jolandaz

              Because the children are involved. Being nice and polite has got us no where. Shriley we need to speak out loud for the saftey of our children. The days of being nice when it comes to the US being taken over is over. People need to wake up and stop with Right or left and start being Americans/1!!

              1. jal11180

                jolandaz, censorship is not the answer, telling the truth to the children about good and evil, right and wrong, and other related things are the answers that we need, along with the Holy Scriptures and our Creator.

            2. jal11180

              Because Disney is a. political, and b. nasty.

          7. jolandaz

            it was funny. I am an austic adult and laughed very hard

          8. jal11180

            How about you calm your c
            m down first, Karen, you s
            e? No one asked you for your below s
            t tier opinion on here anyway, Salle.

          9. OMJ

            That’s a rude and disrespectful comment that isn’t at all funny but makes you look like the foolish one. Get an actual one-liner before you try again. I don’t need to hear it though and neither does anyone else, so move along…

          10. Mr E

            Really!! Your mindset is Not very adult!

          11. RA

            You need to look behind you because there’s a train about to run you over that God sent

          12. Deepcover

            It’s because it rains this time of year everyday nothing else. LoL

          13. Nonya Bidness

            You ever make fun of people with autism, I will find you and you won’t like it. Don’t you EVER, EVER talk badly about people with autism. My son could run circles around your intellectually deficient, soy eating, limp wrist handshake, vegan eating, groomer loving, CRT loving piece of garbage you are.
            Now why don’t you do us all a favor and get your 15th booster, drink a ton of alcohol, and go drive off a cliff. Karma is real and I hope it bites you right in your fat a$$!

            1. Malikfoxen

              Stop threatening to fiind people you weirdo. I’m no fan of groomer or disney right now, but you look absolutely unhinged. Go take five. No one’s making fun of your son when they call somebody else an autism. So it’s extremely stupid to get your panties in a twist. Autism doesn’t define your son. If you believe that then somebody making fun of autism shouldn’t trigger you so much that you get upset for the sake of your son.

              1. Anonymous

                Yet Salle is probably a person that defines people by their disability.

          14. Joe

            Your autism comment is mean and scary that you would use a medical condition in a derogatory method. One can only hope you suffer IBS, have a stroke and become retarded too.

          15. John

            Sallie is an Idiot

          16. Paul English

            Traveling regularly from the UK over the last 35 years. I was looking forward to taking my Grandchildren. But won’t be visiting again. Not being able to use our 21 day pass whenever we want with park hopping . Will ruin our experience. Plus new fast passes make for different classes among customers

          17. Corey

            Hey Salle, calm your ignorance. Clearly, you’re looking for attention and will stoop as low as picking on disabled people to get it. Not cool.

        2. Jarvis


          1. Kevin Burris

            Got woke, went broke. Dope, gay pride parades with stripper poles n dudes wearing thongs n bras don’t mix with families and ANYBODY with 1/2 of a brain knows this. I guess buzz movie loosing money was a “coincidence” also LoL

            1. Lynn vico


            2. Mr E


        3. Heather

          You’ve clearly never been on their slowest times. Of the yr. There’s a hand full of weeks like right now and right before school gets out that are like this. I always take my kids the week before school gets out and it’s amazing. Never wait more than 30 minutes for a ride.

        4. Ricky Bobby

          Got woke went broke

        5. Jill

          Agreed. When you can’t say the phrase boys and girls at a park geared for children. Something is very wrong.

          1. Kate

            Disney ruined what was once, Magical! Leave our kids alone!

          2. Jack

            You said it yourself, they’re called children, not “boys and girls.”

            1. OMJ

              As opposed to adults. Seriously, you didn’t catch that one Jack?? Wow.

            2. Malikfoxen

              You aren’t clever

        6. Ralph Harding

          I spent 3 days in 3 Disney parks in 2019 and concluded that the only magic in the Magic Kingdom is the ability to separate large amounts of money from large numbers of people in a short amount of time.

          1. JIm S

            Ain’t that the truth? I never went to Disney till I had kids and by then I was in my late 30s. It was nice and all but it’s really not as big a deal as some people make it out to be. Everything seemed to wind up in the gift shop. I suppose if I ever have grandchildren I’ll go. Short of that, no thanks.

            1. Malikfoxen

              I work there in 2009. It’s always slow in August and September. That is correct. The problem is it’s never slow in magic Kingdom. It didn’t matter what day it was it was busy at least that year. These pictures are from magic Kingdom and they look like how Hollywood studio you used to look in August and September. That’s saying a lot. Y’all can keep saying coincidence but taking it from a guy who used to work there and those how busy each park was supposed to be. There is a marked difference from now and back then. I do think some of the blame does go to the recession. You can’t convince me that that’s this whole reason though considering Disney parks were flagging before we stopped having money. The decline has only been accelerated by the recession.

        7. Smegmom

          Get woke, go broke. They doubled down on patents with an in your face agenda of we know best.

        8. Cheryl


        9. Dianne

          I would say besides school a lot of foreigners from other countries are not picking this location.

        10. JK Wemyss

          It’s a HUGE problem for them now. Disney getting dropped. Haha. Most normal ppl don’t want their kids exposed to transgenderism.
          Maybe you do or would.
          For all I care Disney can take their WOkE agenda and cram it.

        11. Cindy

          This story is not accurate at all. My family and myself just got back from there and it was very crowded and the wait times were often over an hour. The fireworks over the castle were nice, if you were tall. Packed us in very tight. You couldn’t turn around if you had to.

        12. Parkbench

          Probably because of the cost? I visited with my husband in June. We were forced to buy a park hopper even though we were only visiting 1 park and it was after 3 pm. We were visiting from Canada. I know we got ripped off but we paid it because we’d likely not make the trip again. Not sure how any family can afford that kind of money to mostly walk around.

        13. Richard Adams

          People don’t want to take small çhildren to be indoctrinated regardless of your views on sex. Straight, Gay. Boy, girl Conservative or completely blinded left wing Looney. It doesn’t matter. Let kids be kids and keep your ridiculous evil agendas for people that are into that load of non sense. Btw don’t waste your time screaming Racist or bigot or any of your other liberal buzzwords. It doesn’t work anymore. You Looney’s overplayed that game. No one is gonna be shamed or cancelled because it has come down to good vs Evil. It it’s now very very easy to see. The Liberal nightmare is pure evil. Pick a side.

        14. I’ve been to Disney world approximately 30 times. Not anymore, since they changed their values and standards. It’s up to what my children see. I suggest DollyWood..Fabulous.

        15. Romyeaux

          During the week when school is in session, the parks are always empty. They start to fill up when free dining comes out, and stay busy until after the marathons.

      2. John

        Imran, calling names means you’re unable to respond to the logical and reasonable arguments. You yourself can easily be called a bigot for wrongly insisting on LGBTQ minority’s right of representation at the expense of the majority’s rights of 1.protecting kids against grooming, & 2.parental right to teach their kids the way the want.

        1. Tim

          This guy, all the rage at parties am I right? John probably wishes women didn’t get to vote or that minorities were penned up.
          It’s a new world, we know more than we used to, and historical “best friends that shared a bed together” were gay, but couldn’t be together in public. LGBTQ isn’t new, it’s just not in the shadows anymore.

          1. Don

            The article deliberately left out the controversy of the LGBTQ issues. Disney is in trouble. Videos have gone viral showing top executives planning to split their future characters in all of their entertainment into straight and LGBTQ quotas. Bad move. People are turned off. I’ll never spend another penny or moment watching anything from them. Their politics are corporate suicide.

            1. BennyBen

              Let’s say, hypothetically, that you are on your bed, and let’s suppose that you are also submissive and breedable. Now, let’s say you are a male. Statistically speaking, humans, that are submissive and breedable tend to be femboys, that’s a fact (which doesn’t about your feelings). Hypothetically under these circumstances, it would be statistically speaking uncontroversial to assume you would be wearing thigh highs (which would boost your breedability factor by about 20%). Now let’s assume you are an SJW SOCIALIST LIBTARD, and let’s say I was you, would it not be under these circumstances, the only correct course of action for you to take to ABSOLUTELY WRECK AND DESTROY me (in a debate) in bed?

              1. Fred Savagery

                Dude, project much???

            2. Kevin Burris

              Amen !!

            3. JK JK Wemyss

              You are absolutely correct.

          2. Jarvis

            Tim, the way some hysterical, emotional women vote via one issue, perhaps they shouldn’t vote as they do not understand what they are doing to everyone else.

            1. jolandaz

              White Liberal Women are the death of America.

          3. jolandaz

            No Tim we don’t castrations and Mastectomies’ on children

          4. jal11180

            Timmy, do you want to be tossed into that one super deep well in Siberia, or into an active volcano? Please keep talking on here and see what happens to yourself and your hate mongering, bigoted, intolerant, and hypocritical ways of thought in your life…I dare you.

            1. Tim

              It’s hilarious that you feel I am the bigot and the hate monger when you read anything from John.
              I’ve been married nearly 10 years in a heterosexual marriage but some of my best friends are married gays. Conservatives need to stop thinking that being accepting of something doesn’t have to mean you partake. Supreme Court didn’t allow gay marriage and force y’all to get gay-married.

          5. Charles

            May God have mercy on your imorel soul! Evil has always been around. Lgbhfdyj or whatever should stay in the shadows and arrested

          6. Unfortunately

      3. Gravyy

        Your wrong. Disney should never ever be a LGBTY leader of anything at all. We dont care how you live your lifes. Thats what you dont get. We dont care we just dont want it shoved down our throats. If you want to pretend to be a dog I dont care just dont expect me to believe your a dog. Also anyone who disagrees with this group is labelled a Trump supporting white racist. We arent allowed our thoughts and beliefs but you are allowed yours and no one is allowed to disagree with you. You dont play by same rules. Your the biggoted racist.

        1. No problem here at Disneyland, it’s packed today. to politico over there on the east coast.

        2. Jim

          Nobody is shoving anything down your throats. You have the option of not being there. It’s people like you that are the biggest and probably racists that make America so terrible anymore.

          1. Johnny Murray

            “GRRRR YOU’RE RACIST”
            “NO, YOU’RE RACIST”
            Both of you grow up. You all love the other races more than White people just face it. Your primary objective on both sides is to do anything to not be racist and make sure your own people suffer for it. Ridiculous.

            1. jolandaz

              Exactly Fren. Too bad people can’t see it. The word Racist holds zero meaning anymore. People can ruin anything.

          2. Ejk

            Exactly, people are not being there because of the wokeness crap.

        3. Escapedfromsocialism

          @gravyy @jolandaz Agree 100%! Disney is now a citadel of groomers and intolerant narcisstic bigots bullying you into accepting their leftist propaganda. They silence other views or opinions and will cancel anyone daring to disagree with them. How soon before leftists start putting traditional heterosexual people into “reeducation camps” as aided and abetted by #disneygroomers?

        4. Paulo

          Well said Gravyy!

        5. Imagine a world with no more heterosexuals. Ahhh no more propagating the earth as it was meant to be. No more crowded highways and ,biways.(pun ,intended) what a total slap in the face of God pretending to be other than your creator meant for you. What rebellion! What utter nonsense! I hope Disney goes under and drags all the woke people with it. Oh and libs stop moving to Florida to escape your own highly taxed and crime ridden state only to come here and vote for another lib. How stupid are you, honestly?

      4. Jack Sparrow

        Taking a break from grooming children to bang on your Obama phone.

      5. Lynn

        Price is way too high for people with a family to attend for one thing. Also trying to teach gender identity to our children is not your right or job! Changing the park and removing some things re: Song of The South and other attractions just to appease one race. I’m sorry it has been okay up to present. You are a fun thing/vacation for families. Stop lowering yourself to low standards. Your p as to was not about gender reassigning or racism. Walt Disney himself would be appalled at the way his park is run. You promote racism and hatred.

        1. Price is way too high for people with a family to attend for one thing. Also trying to teach gender identity to our children is not your right or job! Changing the park and removing some things re: Song of The South and other attractions just to appease one race. I’m sorry it has been okay up to present. You are a fun thing/vacation for families. Stop lowering yourself to low standards. Your place is not about gender reassigning or racism. Walt Disney himself would be appalled at the way his park is run. You promote racism and hatred. People were accepting of others before the change now everyone is arguing.

      6. Josh

        Alot value has been taken away at the hands of chapek. I mean genie+ and only pixie pass I mean we’re supposed to be their bread and butter instead Disney kind of disregarded us APH

      7. DPH

        I’ve seen kids in the parks and hotels two weeks after school has opened, so I very much doubt that school reopening is the reason, if it’s even true in the first place.
        I love Disney, and was recently there, but I have been hoping that there would be an all out boycott of Bob Chapek’s awful policies.

        1. jolandaz

          I don’t like or support their policies but I have been there recently. Vote with your dollars…

      8. Walt

        Oh yes – becuase we are tired of having LMNOP sexual disfunction shoved down our and our childrens throats we are bigots. Find a new argument. “we only want to be married” what a damn lie – you want to have every proclivity recognized and now they are pushing for beatiality in Germany. you want people to be less accepting keep pushing it all.

      9. Chris

        Good for Phedophile World!

      10. Jeff

        Was in Magic Kingdom Aug 25th for Mickey’s Not So Scary celebration and again the 26th to finish what we couldn’t do the previous day. Both days had LOTS of people and the hours long wait times were there before a thunder storm rolled through. Even after it rolled through, it didn’t take long for those hours long queues to come back. So I think this article and publication has a bit of a bias view point.

        1. Laurie

          I was in MK yesterday. Longest wait was 15 min on Space Mtn. Low crowds, no lines, pictures are accurate. It was nice!!!

      11. Kevin Burris

        Yeah I suppose buzz lightyear bombing and LOOSING MONEY was a coincidence also LoL

      12. Marie

        Living in Florida and having an annual pass where I went all times of the year, school starting…summer over..etc, was never an issue. If was always full at Disney. Bob is getting greedy. As someone who has been going to Disney since literally day one when it opened when I was a small child to having given up going when Disney got stupid with all the PLANdemic crap, (and as a stockholder), I hope Disney gets what it deserves and all of this crap comes back and bites them. Especially Bob and those who agree with what he’s doing.

      13. Rm

        There is nothing bigoted about biological facts . You are what you are born as. If you are not sure , check your plumbing. It is not rocket science.

      14. jal11180

        Ironically says the intolerant bigot that hates the truth being told, and those things, along the things that were mentioned in the article, along with flooding, have all equally contributed to the decline in attendance to those places. The Disney Empire is crumbling and you are too blind to see that in your life.

      15. Jeffrey P

        What time were the pictures taken. Could they have been taken at park opening?

      16. K Joe

        Nope. The OP is exactly right…nobody wants their children in the parks around you and the rest of your pervert pals, lurking around Disney, trying to groom and convert children into your freakstyle…I mean lifestyle.

        1. Sara

          I’m pretty sure a lot of churches are still pretty full

      17. J.D

        Really? Name calling? People here in America have a right to speak.Or rather, we did.

      18. Norma

        But he’s right. You woke people need to know that a big % of people don’t agree with you.

      19. Ruth

        Not bigoted but an opinion. Just because it differs from yours gives you no right to resort to name calling- doing so proves you are no better. Why not try conversation instead.

        1. Frank Booth

          Most of the left can’t do that, especially when it comes to LBGTQ. Their thinking is emotion driven, hence the slurs and insults. That’s what people do when they don’t have a valid argument.

      20. Cheryl

        Go woke go broke

      21. Bigoted? Well don’t complain to us when they take your kid away for not having his parts removed as his first glance at a doll. Stop calling this something it’s not. Normal parents don’t want their kids propagandized in order to vote Democratic. You’re just a cog in their machine you idiot.

        1. Jeremiah

          So I agree although it’s not my place to agree or disagree with your lifestyle and bedroom practices I will not have it shoved down my throat. I know it’s there I know it exists I don’t agree with it but I’m not god so I mind my business. He will deal with that one day it’s not my place.

          1. Jeremiah

            Disney needs to stay out of politics they are a theme park. Be a theme park.

      22. JimO

        No, its the lgb whatever freakshow.

      23. Jake

        I grew up in Orlando. Never went to Disney during the summer. Always went when the park was like this. Not that serious lol

      24. J Olive


      25. Joe

        Never been to Disney never will.
        It’s just a money-making business I have no need for.

        1. Jeremiah

          Everything is a money making business u are missing out Disney is wonderful or used to be 10 years ago before all this mess they have gotten into that they have no business being a part of.

      26. Mark

        How is calling someone u don’t know a bigot helpful? That’s actually racism.
        I work at Disney, and this is usually one of our busiest time of the year.

      27. Robert

        He’s not bigoted just stating fact if it’s not found in nature it’s not natural

      28. Rita

        I suspect it is the stance Disney has taken into Wokeness. You would be surprised how many conservatives are staying away in droves as a form of boycott on EVERYTHING. Disney.

      29. Gypsy


      30. Frank Booth

        The truth hurts, doesn’t it ?

      31. Chris

        Bigoted? OMG don’t be a snowflake. He’s allowed to disagree without being a bigot lol. You snowflakes realize when you throw around words like that’s so easily they lose their meaning and impact?

      32. Paul B

        I think what you are seeing is backlash from. DISNEY’S stance on LGBTQ. Sure school is out but his comment carries the weight of many who don’t want their children forced to watch what Disney thinks is a good idea. Calling someone a Bigot online makes you a keyboard cowboy. Not a good look.

      33. Rev

        Mmmm, we don’t have to guess where you stand.

      34. Jan

        I agree. We are 50 yr plus residents of Fl and have always waited until right after school started to go to ALL of the Florida theme parks. They have always been slower at this time due to school starting. Please please stop making up stories you obviously have absolutely no idea about. Oh, but wait, that’s the MAGA way, which most Americans have no stomach for.
        Thank you Disney for standing up with our LGBTQ community.
        Just having plain basic human rights to do whatever they feel is right for themselves and their families is none of your freaking business.

      35. Jack

        If Walt Disney himself was still alive or should I say revived after his suspended animation. He would fire CEO Frankenstein, then bulldoze both Disney parks from exposure from the LMNOP/Political buyoffs taint. Used to be a cool place and company, I have burned every single Disney movie, items, tshirts, collectibles, including the very first maps, mickey watches, everything worth tens of thousands of dollars to make sure that none of it ever is resting on a shelf of questionable integrity. The best thing that could happen in the future is Disney and its parks get turned back to orange groves or cement parking garages. Besides, fried chicken sounds pretty good about now. You suk as a writer. Perfect example of whats wrong in the school systems.

      36. Tim

        I am not interested in ever going to any Disney park.

      37. Tich

        Bill. It’s the woke. Go woke go broke. No more grooming

      38. Ken

        So it’s bigeoted to want children to not be introduced to adult ideas?

      39. Barbara stephens

        Go woke go broke😁

      40. Robert

        I went last week. It was packed

    2. Christina

      You must be one of those “Good Christians”.

    3. Scoob

      well said

    4. Mike G

      This is a stupid response, especially when everyone in this country knows the vast majority of the so called ‘grooming’ purported by conservatives is actually happening at their Christians churches by their kids group leaders and their pastors. Facts.

      1. Bert

        True story Mike G

      2. Mike G

        You might want to change your name there pal

      3. Jack Sparrow

        Classic groomer projection,

        1. BennyBen

          Let’s say, hypothetically, that you are on your bed, and let’s suppose that you are also submissive and breedable. Now, let’s say you are a male. Statistically speaking, humans, that are submissive and breedable tend to be femboys, that’s a fact (which doesn’t about your feelings). Hypothetically under these circumstances, it would be statistically speaking uncontroversial to assume you would be wearing thigh highs (which would boost your breedability factor by about 20%). Now let’s assume you are an SJW SOCIALIST LIBTARD, and let’s say I was you, would it not be under these circumstances, the only correct course of action for you to take to ABSOLUTELY WRECK AND DESTROY me (in a debate) in bed?

          1. Nancy V

            You are one sick
            puppy. Lots of thought went into that — it’s called projection. I guess you’re telling everyone you’re gay & uncomfortable with that fact. Filled with self loathing. Truly sad.

      4. Jarvis

        Mike, go away. Leftists are a joke.

      5. Kevin Burris

        Yeah it’s so true LoL almost every guy I see doing prison ministry and handing out food at a food bank has an “Atheist” badge on LoL NOT!!!

        1. Jack

          Those are the groomers you’re so worried about. Right under your nose. Facts.

      6. jolandaz

        I guess you haven’t seen the stats of teachers who touch children and pastors. Get your kids out of public schools. Down right scary what teachers are doing to kids nowadays.

    5. Alisson

      duh. you sir have been brainwashed. We need to protect Americans from the QAnon, Fox News, Info Wars grooming.

      1. Mason

        Republicans are turning on Fox News. Oh as a Republican myself I find InfoWars aka Alex Jones moronic. Since Alex Jones is just a gaslighter at times. I don’t agree that he was put on trial for thinking that Sandy Hook was fake. He was a jerk for thinking that. I will rather watch The Daily Wire which is ran by “Neo N-zi “ Jew Ben Shapiro.

    6. Noel

      2% of the population is intersex. What does intersex mean? Intersex is a general term used for a variety of situations in which a person is born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit the boxes of “female” or “male.” Sometimes doctors do surgeries on intersex babies and children to make their bodies fit binary ideas of “male” or “female”. So that blows your “biology” statement right out of the water. Read a medical journal once in a while.

      1. B Aan

        Exaggerating doesn’t do the cause any good, buddy. Please don’t misrepresent facts, it helps no one. The type of intersex you’re talking about is well below 1% though it is a very broad term. 0.5% show a variation, and again, not the type you’re talking about.

        “It is estimated that up to 1.7 percent of the population has an intersex trait and that approximately 0.5 percent of people have clinically identifiable sexual or reproductive variations.”

        1. Dan

          100% Agreed — according to actual doctors (WebMD) — the number of people born as intersex is somewhere between 1 in 1000 to 1 in 1500. Noel is out of her damn mind.

      2. Gravyy

        Thats complete utter BS. Your talking 1 in a billion. Like someone born with 3 hands or 6 toes…etc. You would find anything to define your position. If you have a uterus and its healthy you can have a baby and are a female. If you dont have 1 your a male. Thats the rule in all biology. You cant change true biology.

        1. Sean

          That’s not the rule in ALL biology.

          Male seahorses get pregnant and give birth.

          1. John

            Humans are not seahorses. Please think a bit more carefully before following the sound-good LGBTQ sloppy logic.

            1. Danny

              This thread is 100% the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Please stop talking – all of you.

        2. Jack

          So if you have a uterus and it’s unhealthy then you’re a female? That makes zero sense, you realize that, right? Just accept that there are more than two sexes and genders and it is NOT up to US to look inside people’s bodies to see what their anatomy is.

          1. Jack

            Male* Not female

            So if you have a uterus and it’s unhealthy then you’re a male? That makes zero sense.

          2. Dr. Gonzo

            There are NOT more than two.

            You’re an absolute fn dîpsh*t.

      3. Jack Sparrow


    7. JohnNeedsAHug

      Are you still a thing?

    8. D

      Have you been to Disney???????
      Do they have anything in their parks that try to “indoctrinate” four year olds into becoming gay?
      Are the characters acting any different than they did 50 yrs ago? Is Cinderella’s Castle hosting raunchy sex parties? What exactly are they doing in the parks for you to claim such???????
      Do you really think Jesus would approve of your hate? Do you even know what type of people the Apostles were? HE turned on No One. HE said to be the salt of the earth and teach HIS love and mercy. It’s kind of hard to do that when you are bashing your neighbors, which is breaking a commandment, btw.😉

      1. John

        Jesus accepted everyone, including murderers and thieves but would help the troubled ones stop their harmful acts. Similarly, modern Christians don’t hate LGBTQ people. They accept them and try to help them move towards the more fertile & healthy straight lifestyle. Simultaneously, Christians also try to protect their children from being lured into the harmful & sorrowful LGBTQ lifestyle.

        1. Mason

          You’re talking about the blasphemy known as progressive Christianity. Christians denounce that ideology. There’s nothing Christian about progressive Christianity.

      2. Rev

        Thanks for your response. Let what happened to Sodom be a lesson for what is in store for America. And all who defend the sick ways of perversion.

    9. B


    10. Sidney

      I basically agree with you. Sadly I have transgender tendencies myself.

      1. YourFuture

        Looks like we have a repressor! You can’t run from it forever, your feelings will only get stronger and harder to suppress. Just give in now, save yourself years of stress and anxiety. It’s inevitable.

        1. Deb

          Folks, can we say recession? It’s real simple, the cost of living has increased or will and people don’t want to spend the money. The post pandemic crowd had the worst experience ever, from my personal experience. I have no need to return to Disney for that kind of money.

      2. Steve

        I think most people don’t care what you personally do or are interested in, as long as you can identify the excesses of the rainbow mafia and refuse to participate.

        1. jolandaz

          And stay away from the Children. For god sakes leave them kids alone.

    11. John Knows

      Roger that down with the wokes

    12. James

      What an absolutely disgusting misguided comment. Why do people like you need to make others suffer for your own satisfaction?

      1. Jack Sparrow

        Another groomer slithers out

      2. jolandaz

        Why are you so weak minded???

    13. Tim

      Perfect response! Love it, I love even the triggered comments after your comment, what a fun time reading them and watching the meltdown of freaks at the show, God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve lmao.. you want rights? You got it, 10% off Vaseline now get back in the closet

      1. Luke A Helles

        Actually it’s very debatable that God even exists. The Bible was 100% created by man, and most of the stories are well known to be stolen from folk tales and other religions that came before and after. All the holidays were stolen, I find it funny y’all keep referencing God this and God that….listen if there is a god he’s pissed at y’all for being so hateful and horrible.

      2. Gavin McAnus

        I’m gonna sneeze into your fridge tonight.

      3. Laser

        LMFAO!! That was hilarious. This thread is the funniest comedy I’very read in a long time!

        1. Allyson

          IKR!? I was going to go to bed, but sleep can wait, bc this is too damn funny. 😂

    14. Natasha

      Anyone reading this please dont believe this bs and I’m not referring to this crappy ride and the injuries it causes but the message behind it. Making statements that this ride is like a bull and it’s trying to shake you off. the beginning article opens up with a ridiculous statement about how bullfighting is an ancient this and that and how wonderful it is.. etc.. bunch of fabricated BS!

      Bulls are nothing like what they’re depicted to be. If you ever go to an animal rescue go visit the bulls. Theyre the most gentle animals that you will ever meet in person! Bulls are extremely calm and gentle and yes huge and yes they hover over you and it’s kind of scary just to stand there and be next to them but they’re sweet and gentle they literally lean over so you can pet them! they do not do anything that they are depicted to do! the only reason why they act out the way they do during rodeos is because they’re kept in these really huge segregated warehouses in the dark. they have chilies and yes I mean pepper chilies shoved in their eyeballs, Vaseline shoved up their noses and spikes put around their heels so they have to stand in pain!

      they’re not fed and they’re not given any water and they’re left in total darkness and isolation! So why do they do this you ask? Because it leaves an animal without any of its senses… hungry for a few days by itself what do you think happens when they let an animal like that out of its shed when it’s rodeo day?

      well they come out disoriented, hungry, and happy to be out! The one thing they don’t come out as is angry or aggressive just so happy to get out they buck around!

      because the chilies come out of their eyes vaseline comes out of their nose that can hear and see they’re not in the dark anymore not all covered up in ankle spikes come off of their and they’re just so relieved and happy to get out!

      can you imagine living like that and being stuck in a rodeo and they’re treating you that way? so when you come out what do you think you’re gonna act like?

      No only are these animals are used as a commodity and they are carted around as if they are not even living beings! they just just go from one horrible rodeo to another to be treated like garbage tortured and abused for human entertainment selfish selfish human entertainment! it’s disgusting and I still cannot believe it’s not outlawed! it is nothing short of animal abuse!

      And if you don’t believe me go look it up how animals are treated before rodeo this is what they want people to believe that they’re coming out angry and bucking and they just do this naturally out of nowhere it’s a bunch of BS and this ride is based on the notion that bulls act this way when they don’t act Petting zoos, animal shows, breeding grounds… disgusting! All this equates to animal abuse! When will selfish humans wake TF up? All these places much like sea world use animals a entertainment props! These are glorified prisons for animals! Abuse comes in many forms and not just through physically abusing someone but mental and social as well! You visit these places you are promoting and supporting this cycle of abuse. Animals are not entertainment props and they don’t belong on captivity but they’re own natural habitat. I hope Rodris are shut down forever! My daughter in exotic wild animal specialist that holds a PHD in animal sciences and is highly against places like this for hood reason. Please don’t give them your money to the selfish fools that own and operate this place if you don’t support animal abuse. this way because nasty selfish cruel humans put them in this position they treat them in such a way that this is how they react when they won out of their prisons that they were put in by nasty humans that have no heart and No compassion! remember this before you decide to go to a rodeo your money you’re supporting and promoting Animal abuse!

      1. Jim

        How did we ever get to be such a hate hate filled society? Pandemic caused a lot of changes, but the outright hatefulness that human beings have shown to each other and nothing to do with the virus. Come on folks. Remember the old proverb of love thy neighbor? It sure isn’t being displayed much anymore.

        1. John

          We don’t hate LGBTQ anymore than we hate smokers. We just want them to stop grooming our children to their infertile lifestyle.

          1. Fabio

            Frankly, I have not seen anything at any of these parks that reek of grooming. All you’re talking about is Disney’s stand as company to. Nothing in the park has changed that. What has changed is the ability to go to the park any time you want and be able to visit all the attractions you want without having to make reservations or using Genie+. It has become stressful trying to go to a park. You’re supposed to be going to vacation to be less stressful. I suspect the author of the article was closer to the truth… It’s probably due to everyone’s kids going back to school and people’s vacations are over.

            1. jolandaz

              he stopped saying welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls and changed it to people. THat is a pretty big change when 98% of the population is not Trans

            2. nunya biznez

              Visit the toddler gift shop and you’ll see all the degenerate wares they sell to groom children.

        2. Charles

          It’s buy design. The elite are determined that reduce the population.
          ENTER THE BEAST!!!

      2. Vicki

        What are you talking about? This article has nothing to do with bull riding and other animals.

        1. Allyson

          I was lost there for a second too. I think she posted on the wrong comment thread.

    15. Hans

      Lmao. Your stupidity is showing.

      Get out of here with you bigotry and narrow mindedness. We don’t need it here

    16. Jim

      What a total loser. Nobody even brought sexuality in this whole thing and for you to do so is so totally bigoted it. It’s ridiculous

    17. HQ

      I have been to Disney at this exact time of year. Aside from the heat it is a greqt time to go because their are no lines. Schools are all back to in class learning. Regardless of Disney’s agenda, the parks will always do well.

    18. Rebecca Dawn Kleitz

      Disney only promotes INCLUSION. I’m sorry that you feel Disney should only be for straight white X-tian people, but that’s NEVER been what Disney has been about. Maybe you should stick with town carnivals for your entertainment

      1. Escapedfromsocialism

        Your hate for “straight white X-tian people” is disguisting and uncivilized, so your self righteous claims for inclusion and tolerance are blatantly fake. Exactly what we’ve come to expect of the “tolerant left” bullies and hypocrites

    19. LockTrumpUp

      Oh get off of it, ffs. Whiny nonsense!

      1. Erik

        Says the guy stuck on Trump still. Hahahaha go Brandon you effing genius.

        1. jolandaz

          They can’t stop. They have to keep pretending that Xiden is a great president. They want us controlled by a foreign entity. They have no idea what is going on in the real world…

          1. Kelly

            Which foreign entity would that be? Russia and their hacking/buying our elections, or Saudi Arabia with their bribing
            fat ugly orange chump presidents with thousands of dollars to denounce our own military base in Qatar, or China who has controlled manufacturing and production of just about all goods for decades now, thanks to BOTH political parties and their endless greed. Which one of the many foreign entities could you mean? Get a clue. Both parties are 2 evil sides of the same evil coin. Both driven by pure greed.

          2. Escapedfromsocialismscapedfrom

            @kElly Oh, dear, it speaks in tongues regurgitating hate and fearmongering from cNN & mSnbc propaganda of “russia collusion” lies, yet keeping shtum abt the undeadbrandon’s family blazen corruption. Typical leftist, unable to think with its own brain

    20. Debra

      A good number of employees at Disney are LGBTQ.
      They’re the one’s bringing you the magic. Can guarantee homophobia is not what’s causing low attendance, but glad it’s keeping you away.

    21. Mia


    22. Totally agree 👍

    23. Pendar

      I boycotted all things Disney, because children are our future and homosexuals cannot reproduce, but they are making progress with artificial sperm. Wake me up when we’re out of the twilight zone. Disney apparently cannot see that Homosexuals isn’t good for business since they cannot have children and Disneys business is children.

      1. Vicki

        Pendar, artificial sperm? Have you never heard of a sperm donor? Even straight people who cannot have children of their own due to low sperm counts in the male, go to sperm banks. That is how many a male college student earned extra money, by donating sperm. There are even stories of people finding half siblings when they do DNA tests because of these donations.

    24. Bill

      John you could not be more right! Nobody wants to take your kids to a circus and expose them to unnatural people. You can’t tell me that homosexuality and all the other letters I have is not a mental illness. So protecting your kids is a parent’s job! It’s sad to see the woke community what they’ve done and the gay community of the low percentage rate of this country and world have damn near destroyed the country.

    25. Christine L Cernick


    26. W

      That’s why I don’t go anymore and I used to go over 10 times per year. Haven’t been back since they opposed the parental rights bill in FL

      1. Itzafig

        Wow!! A whole 6 months. How did you survive 😜

    27. Mazinger

      I was going to say go woke go broke but you were much more eloquent

    28. Mike


    29. jack

      who made you god ?

    30. Andy

      No, your bigoted views are shared by a group not large enough to impact the parks’ bottom line. . .

      1. Itzafig

        Andy, finally; someone got it right. 👍🏼

    31. Lamar Smith

      No John, that is just a story in your head. The main and ONLY reason for the decline is everyone is going back to school around the country and abroad.

    32. Kelly

      I think since God made the LGBTQ peole too, and they are every bit as human as you, yes, YOU are technically supposed to be, then I guess that means they are natural. God made gay people too, and it’s up to God to judge their actions. Stop trying to do God’s job for him. Look at the man in the mirror for once. Or are you a bot set up by Russia and /or the Epstein pedo politicians that Russia supported. Who was it, what ex president was it that used and still uses Epstein customer/ lawyer Alen Dershowitz as a lawyer again? Grooming…. hmmmm interesting you should bring that up. What was that about Matt Gaetz and his enabler buddy desantis again? Was that grooming of teen girls, sex trafficking, or both? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    33. SShoop

      You all from the LBGQT community need to quietly meld into every day life and not make such a flashy display in public that tends to irritate the conservative public. Straight people dont parade and call attention to being conventional. You have the right to be what you desire, but dont flaunt your lifestyle

    34. Corey

      You are an absolute idiot. Get with the times!!!

    35. Pat

      If you feel this way,John, please do not go to Disney World! The rest of us will enjoy a wonderful vacation without you and your bigotry!

    36. Mary

      You hit the nail on the head. I wonder if these geniuses have woke up yet.

    37. Lesha

      Very well said. Wish more felt like this.

    38. Bob

      Fl is a bad place to be because of the politics and the other things are going on in the state. It’s not a state that I would take my children to

    39. Linda

      Very likely the case.

    40. Henry

      Please explain the non sequitur you used, “unnatural LGBTQ”?

      After all – being born as an LGBTQ is a gift Mother Nature grants at birth to a select few; she then sends us into a harsh world where we teach others what it means.

      1. Charles

        I hope you don’t have kids, with a mental illness like yours, they’ll surely be retarded.

      2. Allyson

        That’s what the parents are for.

    41. Larry Watson

      You’re absolutely right! Pushing an unnatural agenda against the wishes of the majority of Park patrons SURELY had no effect at all… said no sane person on earth. Those who disagree know the truth but are unable to grasp the concept of the reality, Disney is getting what it asked for. I hope it gets much more of the same treatment. Maybe then they’ll come to ‘our’ senses and stop the stupid. Otherwise, it may cost more than Disney can afford.

    42. Shannon Sweatt⅔


    43. Go woke, go broke

    44. Lgbtq Ally

      Always some overzealous religious fanatic or political hack who feels they have the answer to a dilemma and then blames it on the lgbtq community due to their bigotry and hate. Get a life and research what the real legitimate reason might be and not what your hateful ideology makes you think it is.

    45. Joyce

      I agree. Disney is playing politics and they should be neutral and not corrupt the minds of children.

    46. Jason

      Couldn’t agree more. Plus have you seen the amount of Disney employees being busted for bad things with children lately I mean there has been a few of them. And yes there policy on over playing there reach on what they feel little kids should be taught is wrong. Disney should only entertain children not try to teach them things there not ready for. I mean come on we’re talking about children here that still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. Anyone who thinks that right is screwed in the head. So what you want and be whatever you want just leave kids out of it.

    47. Bill

      Amen to that !!!

    48. Philip

      John you are so right!

    49. Philip

      John you are correct! I have gone to Disney just about every year for the past 5 years and now we have stopped. I respect others views but don’t want others views forced on any children, that are out of the norm. We have also stopped watching Disney, purchasing Disney stuff and will probably cancel Disney plus. They need to issue an apology.

    50. tnew


    51. Lee

      Thank you John! Hopefully this liberal establishment will go belly up. Companies like this are destroying this world. We need to end the lgbt community

    52. I knew I was going to find this here. Do you really believe that that guy running in tights as Peter Pan is straight?

      1. Allyson

        I was thinking more transgender male. Kinda feminine, if u ask me, except the time when Robin Williams played Peter in Hook. 🙃

    53. PEPOLE are stupid to go to waltdisnéy world during the school months its not a Christmas Holliday to do a visit it’s not time yet only in Christmas & spring break, & summer vacation only !

    54. JL

      Agreed. Our family refuses to go to any Disney park or see any Disney films over their misguided attempts to push the LGBT agenda over family entertainment. We won’t stand for it.

    55. Brian

      Umm no. It’s a normal drop this time of year when everyone goes back to school. You know, that place the the right wing hates almost as much as Disney

      1. Steve

        Umm yes, most people do not agree with these loony left positions regarding gender oddities and pervasions of normalcy.

    56. David

      Right on target.

    57. Phuque Choo

      It’s more like nobody wants to go to your assbackwards state with a crazy governor. Disneyland in California is packed. Fool.

      1. Allyson

        Because Newsom is a way better governor…my ass.

    58. Moe Bergermosheko

      Completely agreed! Disney should be in the business of entertainment, not of pushing the far-left’s political agenda. That nonsense has disenfranchised a very large segment of the population that was once a loyal constituency.

    59. Steve

      I think you are right. Let’s see if the trend continues to validate your hypothesis (I personally hope). Do t fear opposition to your perceptive position.

    60. Becky

      Totally agree you, John. Well said!!

    61. Christian

      You people are truly the misery class.

    62. Sb123

      Yes – no longer family friendly

    63. Michael Demma

      Disney is dying because of its family unfriendly atmosphere and promotion of the gay life style. Dozens of friends have stated they will no longer return. Grandparents will seek other venues to spend time with family.

    64. What ? You religious homophobic idiot, the gays have nothing to do with this you hate monger, go move to Iran where religion is king and hate rules the land , you will fit right in to there vibe.

    65. What an idiotic thing to say! It’s usually the religious fools that turn out to be the pedofiles every time !

    66. Mary

      Disney’s Chairwoman Susan Arnold is openly lesbian. Could she be using family-oriented Disney to groom children for LGBTQ?

    67. Shelley

      Oh John keep your paranoia to yourself. Disney has ALWAYS been every race, religion, gender, sexual orientation etc etc friendly.
      The high cost of visiting the park plus a normal slow time due to school openings are the likely cause.

    68. Marty


    69. Gerry

      The majority is speaking by not going to the LGBTQ agenda child indoctrinating theme park. The queer community is a minority, quit sticking the perversion in the majorities kids faces and Disney might recover, maybe . Now call me a bigot,your only untrue response BTW,Thank you DeSantis,2022!

      1. Charles

        Gerry, great post.
        Imorel sickos need to be rounded up and taken out with the trash!

    70. Julie Tate

      No sir, you seem to be misguided as well…. There are many factors that are affecting the parks WORLDWIDE and every industry whatsoever, so before you pinpoint fingers and criticize humanity EDUCATE yourself about how the world evolution continues. Regardless of gender, age, religion, sex, political views, marital status or any other qualifications, humans are just that: HUMANS and we all operate the same way. Just like everything in the world, BORN, GROW, REPRODUCE AND DIE… Are you immortal or a robot? Stop your ignorance about humanity. Disney is simply dying just like everything and everyone.

    71. Maryam

      That’s a narrow minded and discriminated view! How small you are!

    72. Dave W.

      Correct. Yeah, put everything in the Disney movies as woke liberalism and flaming liberal beliefs.

    73. Charles

      I actually was thinking just about the same thing. Disney’s wokeism is catching up with them. If they continue to do that kind of thing I wouldn’t care if they just went out of business.

    74. Kat

      People who care about “grooming” can’t afford Disney prices. For the rest of us, school’s in session. The next Disney vaca is scheduled for Easter break.

      1. Nathaniel

        Uh no. We can afford it. We’re just taking our money elsewhere. Why would anyone want to support a company that wants teachers to discuss sexuality with their kids. I have a 4 year old son, and I have to be concerned that if he shows any feminine personality traits, some groomer will try to confuse him. It’s disgusting.

        1. Allyson

          At first, I thought she meant that the groomers couldn’t afford to go there, so they wait out in the parking lot or something. Lol

    75. Zac


    76. Jillibean

      Our genders are defined at conception.

    77. Rick

      You, are truly an uneducated jerk.

      1. Gustavo Fring

        Walt Disney (from my home state) must be rolling in agony in his grave at seeing the woke nutters take over his beloved legacy that he worked so hard to make. It is very sad what has happened to Disney. The guests and consumers must demand better of Disney or they’ll crumble.

    78. Nathaniel

      We used to go to Disney World once a year. Now with their stance against those who don’t want our kids sexualized, we have decided not to go in December as planned. We always love visiting, but we just couldn’t enjoy supporting a company that would do something so horrific. It’s just very sad.

      Hopefully, they will get new leadership that will reverse course and listen to what their customers want in stead of destructive investment groups who have infiltrated like BlackRock.

    79. Sarah

      I agree 100%! I’d love to see Disney go out of business. Parents don’t want their children exposed to their “not so secret gay agenda”. Just let kids be kids.

    80. Tipperootoo

      I agree. Go woke go broke. Disney does not need my children anymore.

    81. Jane

      Agreed! They’ve gone completely woke, even with their movies. Notice how they are slowly removing Walt out of the picture? I bet he’s rolling over in his grave as to what they’ve done!

    82. Shadow

      I was JUST thinking the same thing since it hit the news…funny, no mention of it in THIS article.
      Maybe the “writer” should have researched further… But THAT wouldn’t push the “agenda”.

    83. Dee

      100% Agree, entertainment is what they get paid to do.

    84. Geoff

      most people would love to go but who can afford to take out a loan just to fly family down and and pay for park

    85. KJ

      Wow, you’re an ahole. Have a nice time in hell.

    86. John

      You stupid misguided bigot. Maybe it’s because of people like you that guests aren’t coming. I know that’s my reason.

      1. Artificially Unintelligent

        So basically you’re saying that Disney’s insistence on bringing identity politics into their parks is hurting them from both ends of the spectrum. Nice.

    87. Jlock

      I think it’s about of that and a bit of unstaffed and a bit of ride issues and resent flooding.. The atmosphere and over all merale of cast members can really be felt. They are over worked, underpaid and under appreciated.

    88. Angeline Potter

      Thank you John I completely agree with you

    89. The reaper

      I agree 100%. You cannot blatantly do the sexua deviance’s Disney does and expect people to be alright with it.

    90. Courtney

      Nope that’s not it. That’s a extremely minority view and Disney has made even more money since taking a stand against bigots.

    91. Jack Mosley

      Agreed. Additionally, the economy has tanked. Call it what you want but the Biden administration has sealed the fate of America with his dimwitted but Marxist like policies! He and his administration has been doing everything they can to destroy our economy and drive us closer to a communist government. I would give Biden all the credit for this but he is merely a Dementia riddled meat puppet! And save your leftist lunatic attacks because I don’t like Trump either! This is all being driven by the NWO/WEF! “You will own nothing and be happy!”

    92. Joe

      You’re 100% correct! People are finally waking up and seeing them for what they truly are! When the executive producer Latoya Raveneau stated she had a not-so- secret gay agenda, she sealed the deal for corporate suicide of the company. You’re not going to force crap luke that down the throats of normal people. That’s why their stock sunk as well! Screw them, they’ll never get a dime from me or anyone in my family. I’ll gladly spend it at Universal! F-DISNEY

    93. Rebeccaa

      Snort… no groomers worse than the pope and his minions. Mormons attract similar groomers. Nevermind Ala-blame-her the redhat pedophile state. All self-righteous patriarchal bastions who elected a self-dyed orange daughter porker. And you put your finger up your nose at DISNEY?!!!!! Rome poncey Boyz paid gazillion tor a few of their victims.
      Gotta laugh at the redhat hypocrites.

    94. Shaena

      Spotted the conservative!

    95. Kevin

      While trumpsters and right-wingers would like to believe that politics has caused Disney to be slower this week, the truth is they had an enormously busy summer, and now kids are going back to school and the summer rush is over.

    96. LionelMandrake

      Disney lost my family when they went pedophile left.
      Never another dime from anybody I know.

    97. Jim

      You’re an uneducated ass.

    98. Nancy

      Amen, I’ll never stand behind anyone or anything that goes beyond what is natural, especially this subject….

    99. Matt

      Absolutely nailed it!

    100. Janvier

      I was in Magic Kingdom Florida last August 19th 2022 and there was people everywhere.
      I don’t know when this picture was taken. Maybe in pandemic period

    101. Alecia

      Wow. I’m sure glad that only the minority think like you instead of the majority because telling a person they can’t be who they are is wrong. Is it so unatural to love people for who they are? Some brains develop as one gender and people are attracted to different genders. We can’t help who we love or how we feel inside. If someone told you different then they lied. 1941 called: they want their narrow-mindedness back!!!!

      1. Richard Adams

        Oh BS, it’s nothing more than a tendency that you idiots wallow in. Like I have tendencies to want to smash the face of ever sick evil twisted pedophile of a liberal thät I see spout lies. I just don’t act on it. Well…. Not always

    102. Donna

      👍that’s the truth

    103. Dad

      Totally agree John. The new Disney CEO has pushed agendas that the majority of the general attending population does not want, nor agree with. I been a Disney fan and attended the parks since I was 3 years old. I am 47 now. Disney’s gay day is disgusting, I was a season pass holder and I could not enjoy the magic of the theme since gays were waving pride flags in my face and being disruptive. Disney is not magical innocence for children anymore. Just a grooming playground agenda for the left as they jack prices so high that regular income hard working parents can no longer justify the expense to let their children be corrupted by such origination that no longer defends a child’s innocence.

    104. VB

      Okay Adolf.

    105. Jack Frost

      This comment has to be a joke. No one’s this dense.

    106. John

      I think Disney has moved away from family values and is more concerned with being politically correct and that has cost them and not in the long run but a short period of time.

    107. Douglas Knight

      I know I will never ever set one foot of anything Disney nor will I knowingly spend one dollar on anything associated w them.

    108. Brandon


    109. Allyson

      Disney could always recoup their income loss from the right side, by charging the ones on the left who go by the pronouns they/them/ther/blah blah blah double. That seems fair to me, and they do want to be treated fair, right? ;p

    110. Brian

      John, that’s the most absurd statement ever. Did you know there are 99% more cases of child sexual abuse that come out of the church in 1 year than all of disney combined….ever

    111. Gena

      I soley agree. I will not take my children back to Walt Disney!

    112. Bob

      Since Disney became “woke” we’ve put the place to sleep!! We used to go there with our five kids two to three times a year but never again…

    113. JDY

      As a retired vet, I don’t like having immorality thrown down my throats snd taught to my kids in school. Keep you sexual life at home.

    114. Tim Shacoski

      This is exactly the reason we do not take our family and grandchildren to Disney. We will not support any sexual endoctrination of children. I grew up with Disney and my kids did too however our values no longer align. This is the nicest way to say what I really fee.

    115. Sam


    116. Daniel

      Yes! That’s the truth. I know staff there and would confirm it’s going down hill because of the political stance has infected it’s charm with a moral virus worse than covid.

    117. Betsy


    118. Jeanine DeSantis

      Most Disney visitors go there because it’s “family friendly.” But they just had to jump on the PC bandwagon. They’re screwing themselves over by promoting an agenda that’s inappropriate for children.

    119. jorge ly

      Well said

    120. Eric

      Oh please. We were there in May and it was a madhouse. If attendance has dropped its because it’s become too expensive.

    121. Lori

      Well said! Go woke go broke.

    122. Steve

      I believe John is spot on, Bingo

  2. lorraine

    southerners sent their kids to school a couple of weeks ago, Northerners are getting their kids ready for school next week, and colleges just started this month, maybe the weekend will be busy but then after until november it probably will be slow, but we have NOT seen it this slow at all, as a matter of fact a few days ago when we went the lines were about 20 to 35 minutes long at MK on all the rides we went on. maybe if they took away the reservation system for local passholders it would be busier

    1. Jack Sparrow

      Excuses on steroids.

    2. SShoop

      Dont like, and have always felt that the passes that allow wealthier patrons to go to the front of waiting lines, unfair to patrons who had to scrape money together just to buy adm.tickets..Again the average or below average income patrons are side lined due to money issues..just like all the wealth screwing up our govt.,the corrupt REPUBLICANS

      1. arty

        Let’s go Brandon and your demons

      2. Charles

        Republicans ain’t got nothing to do with most of what goes on at Disney, you can blame your liberal buddies for that.

  3. Barbara

    Unfortunately I wouldn’t return for free. They can keep their park and their nickel and dimes, also Disney is never going to be the same. Keep it and the horrible customer service.
    I am all UOAP

    1. Donna DaRos

      I agree. Walt must be doing 360’s in his grave at how this park has changed. My husband and I visited a year after it opened, and it was magical and affordable. Now, one needs to break the bank to go there, and guests are not even treated as guests. Sorry state of affairs.

      1. D

        It’s about $100 to get in magic Kingdom. That’s far cheaper than nfl or nba tickets. Eat before or after you go.

        1. Becky

          Totally agree with you, John. Well said!! God planned our gender and it should be accepted at birth only.

          1. Jack Frost

            Keep your bronze aged fairytale to yourself, that adults are talking.

      2. Corey

        I dont think Walt is rolling in his grave because Disney supports all walks of like. But i do agree that Disney has become very unaffordable, nicle and dining absolutely everything. Im at WDW as I write this and it is NOT empty. Went to buy a 2022 christmas ornamebt and it was an extra $3 just to have 2022 written on it. Im from Canada and everywhere here seems to have military discounts, which i very much appreciate… everyhere but WDW!!!

      3. SShoop

        Agree, money trumps the common patron..Walter would not RECOGNIZE the new and not better version of Disney

    2. Landry

      Lmao Barbara.
      We’ll do just fine without your money. There’s always someone else ready to come in

      1. Erik

        Until there’s not. That’s a crappy business strategy there buster. I’d never want you on my management team with thinking skills such as that.

    3. W

      Plus the last time was in there u could feel the resentment towards a normal family. Husband wife and the Kids. The sight of a happy nuclear family was such an annoyance there that I haven’t gone back

      1. Jack

        I’ve been there too and this is false, you’re just gaslighting.

        1. SShoop

          Jack, You are wrong, wealth comes before common fairness You are ignoring the basic facts..money first, fairness last..I have watched the faces of little tykes as others go to the front of the line after they were waiting sometimes over an hour..Obviously you are one of the go to the front of the line jokers!

      2. Phuque Choo


  4. Dani

    They need to stop with political crap and get rid of the reservations along with affordable prices again,so pass holders can actually go then maybe they wouldn’t Lose so much money!!

    1. Joe

      Aug. 10, 2022:
      consumer spending — powered Disney’s increase in profitability. Revenue totaled $21.5 billion, a 26 percent increase from a year earlier. Operating profit surged 50 percent, to $3.6 billion.

      Exclamation points do not make something true. Dispite your feelings on their current direction to say it is hurting their profit margin is a ridiculous statement. If anything it looks like it’s having the opposite effect.

      1. Nathaniel

        This is because of people getting their revenge COVID vacations in plus higher prices. You will see a very different earnings report next time. I’m actually considering shorting it.

    2. Courtney

      Disney hasn’t made anything political that’s the conservatives making it an issue when inclusion should not be

  5. Steve

    Everyone who kept defending everything on the grounds of the parks being packed… you can admit I was right now.

    I hope you aren’t still holding that hot potato stock. DIS has a long way down to go.

  6. Will

    There is a Halloween party tonight. The park closes early to day guests. This is normal, most people choose to skip this park if they are not attending the party. You selectively chose to leave that out of your story to make it seem like people are abandoning Disney World. It’s very deceptive. This page is terrible

    1. M

      Maybe you missed this part ? “There is also the case of the Halloween festivities — Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party takes place at Magic Kingdom tonight with Party Guests able to enter the Park from 4 p.m. suggesting that non-Party Guests may likely be staying clear and utilizing their precious Park Passes elsewhere.”

    2. BJ

      Have to disagree with this article. We were there last week and the parks were packed. Without Genie+ the lines were and hour to an hour and a half wait time. Busses and monorail were crowded. I will say it was a very expensive week. Prices are out of control.

      1. Tom

        So you don’t disagree with article. It was about today, not about last week. Did you read the article?

    3. Tom

      If you didn’t read the article, then don’t comment.

      1. President Biden


  7. David

    Love it going down next week hopefully it stays quiet. This reminds me of years ago.

  8. Tony Carter

    I was there in June, & it was packed. Very Expensive & no fun, but everything is up. Will try free or
    cheap local festivals, parks, free TV Nite, Lunch w/Friends. No Nascar, No Streaming, No Concerts, No Live Shows, & No Contributions to Rich Politicians.

    1. Kelly

      Look at eventbrite, groupon, and festivals.net. there is a lot of fun to be had for less money. Also fathom events for a special selction of older movies, and more showing at theaters near you. Plus facebook groups about events for your local area tell a lot. Also meetup.com has groups that could suit your hobbies and interests. Have fun for less money.

  9. Kurt

    No crowds?!
    Time to hit the park!!!

  10. William Louis Zeisset

    My wife and I are going in October and it would really be nice if it was relatively quiet!

    1. Kelly

      To the guy and his wife going in October, I wish you a blissfully happy time with a very comfortable few amount of people there during your time. I only wish I could afford to go too. I haven’t been since 2010. I wish you all the fun and magic during your time there. Enjoy.

  11. MT

    We’re in hard times for the middle class. ‘Nuff said. It’s mainly that as a reason and Disney’s responding to the customers tightening their belts by hiking the prices up on food and the Genie+ pay to ride things resulting in less turn out.

    I will say though their image hasn’t been great though, having fools starting fights in the park and stories about thots shooting only fans videos on rides and the cast members being allowed to have tattoos and piercings now…. It’s basically turning into a trashy carnival. Not the idealized experience Walt was aiming for. Would you expect to see throw downs in ToonTown or Philharmagic gang fights back in the 90s or 00s?

    1. D

      Ooooohhh that is true. The hate of the real world should not spill into Walt’s world but maybe people just stay mad about everything now. Sad times..

    2. W

      Disney publicly stated it’s about quality not quantity. The were talking about the guests. They don’t want the middle class anymore. They rather sell one Trans Mickey doll for $50 bucks than 10 original ones at $10 bucks each. They don’t want your traditional middle America family. Your not welcome there anymore. They are pricing you out on purpose

      1. Charles

        W Then we will likely be saying goodbye to Disney in the next 5-10 years if that is truly the case. Honestly the majority of the American public is quite tired of wokeism and everything to do with it. Woke TV shows are going down the tubes and everything else that supports wokeism is in sharp decline among mainstream American. Sure there are minority and fringe groups that support it like crazy and are quite vocal in their insanity but a vocal minority doesn’t produce enough revenue to keep a beast the size of Disney going for long. If Disney thinks that the majority of this country is woke then they are woefully blind and deaf. Wokeism will kill Disney and everything else it touches if they are not careful.

    3. Kelly

      Trashy is as trashy does. The fights are from the trashy guests that show up and act like that. When are people going to learn money and class have nothing to do with eachother. The Chump family in the whitehouse and some royals like Prince Andrew, and pedo Jeff Epstein the very rich buddy of both Prez Chump and prince Andrew , plus all of Epstein’s rich customers still roaming free all proved that didn’t they. So what’s happening with the misbehavior of certain low class guests at Disney is a reflection of society in general. It really has nothing to do with the company themselves. The only thing Disney can do is kick out those jerks, and call the cops when they act up/break the rules, just like any other public place.

  12. Ken

    Bigotry? Hardly. Society has taken a very deep dive into the ungodly cesspool of immortality since Jesus and His word were kicked out of schools and much of public life. “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord”(Jesus)
    The converse is also true. We have invited a curse upon this country. Disney is, has become, a spokesperson for all that has gone wrong in America and many Americans have had enough!

    1. Ken

      Immorality, not immortality!

      1. Kelly

        So, are you a sinner too? Just asking since you seem to be one of the many casting stones at others. Let God and the Law judge others. If people stayed in their own lane, quit being such hypocritical, SELF-RIGHTEOUS, lying Karens we’d all be better off and a whole lot safer. Yes be aware of danger, when there is actually danger. The more you cry wolf when there is none, the less people will believe you when you’re actually in danger. Plus how do we know you’re not a wolf in sheeps clothing? As so many Karens both male and female are extremely dangerous while they pretend to be innocent as they have had so many jailed and/or lynched throughout history. Gee, no wonder all the Karens don’t want history taught in schools anymore. They don’t want people to know the truth of what has already happened.

        1. Nathaniel

          There’s a difference between being a sinner and encouraging others to sin. That’s what Disney has been doing for a long time, but they crossed a whole different line when they came out in support of grooming.

    2. Charles

      Yes Ken, you have hit the nail on the head brother. The wages of sin has always been death and that death always manifests itself in some way. Let’s say it loud and strong man we cannot be backward and asleep in this day and age. It’s time for the woke to meet those who are alive in Christ! It’s time for the woke to meet the truly awakened! The darkness never has been able to comprehend or overcome the light and it never will. This is why we don’t have dark bulbs! Woke folks you are not the majority of America. The only reason you have gotten away with what you have is because the rest of us are nicer than you and we don’t usually shove our lifestyles in other people’s faces threaten the morality of the nation and especially children though and you will have a war on your hands that you will never win. I don’t mean a physical fight and I’m not threatening anyone but I’m talking about a spiritual war. Jesus has already won, it’s already finished. If people don’t turn to him you are just in a miserable holding tank awaiting final judgement no matter how much you scream and shout. This whole ballgame doesn’t end well for anyone except those who put their faith in Jesus Christ.

  13. Linda

    Yikes! This is all so political and so many bigots. If they aren’t attending because of the LGBTQ thing, I am very happy about that as I prefer not to be around the bad influence of bigots with my grandkids in tow. I love Disney and I love diversity. I am looking forward to going there with the family and grandkids next week. I’m an old white lady, with a middle aged gay son, a straight daughter, terrific husband, two wonderful grandkids and a live for people and life. See ya soon Mickey and Minnie.

    1. Ava

      We don’t have a problem with your gay son. We DO have a problem with the men who put on a dress and follow our daughters into women’s bathrooms.

    2. Rox

      It is relatively quiet this time of year due to back-to-school. Love it!

    3. Lisa


    4. Jack Sparrow

      Another groomer

    5. Dee

      Nobody cared if one was gay. Nobody cared if one was trans. Nobody cared if one was another color. It wasn’t till it was shoved down our throats that we cared and being pushed on OUR CHILDREN. I had said it’s only a matter of time before they start calling people bigots if they push back and here we are.

      1. Michael Demma

        With you all the way

    6. None of your business

      Linda is an old white lady name. Whereas a name like Anaiyah is clearly an Arabic name which probably belongs to a young black girl. I just chose that name as an example that certain names are used by certain races.

  14. Mary

    I have been a life long Disney fan since the day Mr Disney opened the Park. The past 3-5 years things have changed. It’s now an adult park not fit for children.
    We had a few Disney time shares sold all of them. Many past treasured Disney memorabilia given or trashed it all.
    Barbara sums up my feelings best of all
    Unfortunately I wouldn’t return for free. They can keep their park and their nickel and dimes, also Disney is never going to be the same. Keep it and the horrible customer service.

    1. Itzafig

      Mary – did they dig Walt up to open the Park? Just curious since he died in ‘66 and MK did not open till ‘71. He must of been pretty ripe by opening date 😉

      1. Michael Demma

        Showing your ignorance. WD designed and built that park with a dream of family. Nit perversion forced down attendees throats.

  15. Mario

    Disneyland is superior. After going to MK for the first time recently we were disappointed at how it felt like a cheap version of the original park. But we loved Animal kingdom and Epcot.

  16. Barbara

    I wish it had been kind of a ghost town when I was there back in middle to end of May, 2022. It was crowded as crap. The park didn’t feel the same to me. It’s missing something. Plus tickets and other things are overpriced.
    Didn’t get to eat breakfast at Chef Mickey either, which was the first time that has ever happened. Have eaten at Chef Mickey everytime we went there for years until this past year. We never could get reservations because of being booked up and crowded. Had to have breakfast at Hollywood and Vine instead. Didn’t like it as well as Chef Mickey. As for going back to Disney, maybe/maybe not until I get reservations at Chef Mickey.

  17. Barbara


  18. Lucas

    Notice no workers or Disney characters. Word is out that they are going on strike or just went on strike. That will also mean many of the rides won’t be functioning. Who wants to pay an exorbitant entry fee to a theme park under those conditions.

  19. Mika Warren

    Went to Epcot, MK and studios today (8/30).
    Complete ghost town, rode some of the best rides, and even got to ride gurdian twice! When Space and Big Thunder are a walk on, sign me up!!

  20. Renee

    I’ve been to dismay a few time twice during the summer and once during off season. This does not look like off season.

  21. Sherri

    I was there last week and it was extremely crowded with long wait times. This was not our experience.

  22. John

    Why LGBTQ automatically assume whoever disagrees with their unnatural acts must hate them? Just because someone disagrees with the act of smoking doesn’t mean he hates all smokers. He disagrees but respects the smoker’s choice. However, he just doesn’t want the smokers (ie, LGBTQ) to lure/groom his children to smoking by publicly advertising smoking as a normal/natural act to be tried (thereby violating his parental right to teach his children his own beliefs).

    1. jep jep

      Except being gay isn’t contagious nor does it cause cancer…derp!

      1. John

        Then how do you explain science papers showing huge increases in kids becoming LGBTQ within close groups, close to 40%? Also what about borderline kids?

        1. BennyBen

          Let’s say, hypothetically, that you are on your bed, and let’s suppose that you are also submissive and breedable. Now, let’s say you are a male. Statistically speaking, humans, that are submissive and breedable tend to be femboys, that’s a fact (which doesn’t about your feelings). Hypothetically under these circumstances, it would be statistically speaking uncontroversial to assume you would be wearing thigh highs (which would boost your breedability factor by about 20%). Now let’s assume you are an SJW SOCIALIST LIBTARD, and let’s say I was you, would it not be under these circumstances, the only correct course of action for you to take to ABSOLUTELY WRECK AND DESTROY me (in a debate) in bed?

    2. Charles

      John very well said. It’s not about hate for people it’s all about having behavior that you hate shoved in your face or your families face. Someone said they had a gay son earlier well okay. I have a gay nephew but I’m still a Christian and I still know that homosexuality is sin and it’s destroying his life. I love my nephew but I don’t love that which is destroying him. Is that not a more pure love than the kind of false love that pats people on the back and tells them that the sin which will destroy them is perfectly okay? Love rejoices always in the truth it doesn’t lead people further into deception by trying to make them feel okay for the moment. Love plays a much bigger game than that. Love tells the truth. The truth that sets people truly free.

  23. Mike

    It’s the first week of school , was there last week and trust me it was not a ghost town