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Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Credit: Disney


  1. Leave Johnny Depp alone with all the Millions of dollars he has, Depp really don’t need followers. Lol

  2. Jayne1955

    Amber lied on the stand and deserves what the ruling meant for her. Disney should be kissing Johnny’s feet to get him back.

  3. Gary Busey

    OMG MSM, LEAVE DEPP ALONE! He’s a victim of abuse, and it was proven in court, on camera, with the videos still readily available. This article is so messed up & cringe.

  4. Gary Busey


  5. Nalaka

    I guess the support from Hollywood only comes when they have nothing to loose. It’s good to see which celebrities lack a spine I guess

  6. John Davies

    The Depp trial is long over. The celebrities that this author claims have withdrawn their support is a “Wishful thinking from a biased voice”.
    There is NO actual written or voiced comment that can be quoted.
    They’ve had their say, like me, and don’t really care to comment on a trial that spewed vicious lies by a scheming Stripper who got her role in Aquaman because of Depp and her use of Elon Musk who has said she deceived him.

  7. Bo

    Could be now that it us over they are trying to stay neutral. After all, it could affect future potential roles with him or her.

  8. Phyllis

    In this statement the word ‘camper’ came up instead of the word temper… I used voice to text to do this

  9. Luisa

    Depp is nothing more than a dirt bag junkie! He looks old, dirty and vile! UGH!

  10. Sharon

    I believe this article is a bunch of BS. Johnny’s children and friends wouldn’t turn their backs on him. They’ve backed him the whole way through the awful things AH put him through. Johnny has alot of supporters who’ve known him personally and fans who believe in him as a good, decent, charitable and HONEST person.

  11. JoeBryant

    I have reached a point where this nothing more than Hollywood drama, in the long run does this help or hurt the regular person, no. So let’s move on there is nothing else to see here.


    Cry Babies will be cry babies. Johnny won, simple. Those others are not worth listening to anyway.

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