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Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans) in 'Lightyear'

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios


  1. Curt

    So sad what Disney has become. Walt would be embarrassed.

    1. Mom

      What was a masochist with narrow views. He could make does no one remember Pocahontas, Aladdin, don’t worry I can keep going

  2. George

    Can we please just stick to poisoning girls with apples, locking them up in towers or injecting them with needles who we love heaven forbid what shame what horror.

    1. Mom


  3. Dave

    At the beginning of the movie, it said that Andy watched this movie in 1997 which made him want to get a Buzz Lightyear doll.
    I highly doubt a lesbian couple was being shown so blatantly in a kids movie in ’97.

    1. W

      It wasn’t

  4. Monika

    Countries ban the movie but their own citizens keep traveling abroad to have same sex interactions. Conservative people avoid the topic but many of them are hypocrites just not willing to accept the truth and the reality. My own friend is like that. A tower moment – tarot – brings a huge change and apparently humanity is still not ready for the jump in many areas.

  5. JollyPirate

    Why can’t you just let kids be kids and not have adult life shoved in their faces.

  6. Nick Mason

    Totally agree. My Son and I loved Sox the robot cat!

  7. QTimber

    actually there is a gay kiss. did you even watch the movie?

  8. Nancy

    I didn’t watch all of it, no rain that scene had to be in the movie. I had to try and explain to my eight year old granddaughter why. Sad to sad no more Pixar movies for us.

    1. Mom

      Because you are lazy and can’t explain some woman love woman…. Good luck with that. I hope if your child ever falls in love you can accept them for who they are…. Sad…

  9. Nancy


  10. Mom

    What year is this 1955?? They act as if lgbtq+ is black magic…. My children that my amazing husband and I brought into this world understand love is love. They know I have an ex wife that is a woman and they know their father is a man. They are not confused by it because hmmmmmmm…. Love is love. His partners romantic relationship was beautiful and if you can’t get on board…buzz off it….

  11. Wing

    I really wanted to like lightyear but aside from the lgbtq BS the story was just far too mediocre. Those activists at Disney don’t really put any effort into anything they do anymore all they care about is trying is virtue signaling and pandering to the five people on Twitter. And we know they’ll learn nothing from this if anything they’ll just double down attack the fans attack the movie goers look at everybody but themselves for the failure of this movie. I even warned my sister not to let her kids watch that type of crap because they’re still too young to understand they shouldn’t not yet. But we know those activists at Disney are already are already committed and all they’re going to keep spitting out is mediocre movie after mediocre movie. Cuz they have no real talent or imagination.

  12. WZ

    You’re the only sensible one on is the entire thread I mean that’s how exactly how it is.

  13. Mary

    LGBTQ representation right is a matter of minority rights overruled by majority rights. A minority right (LGBTQ representation) should be respected unless it violates a majority right (protecting kids from grooming/conversion).

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