Comments for Children Not Advised to Watch ‘Lightyear’, Country Gives Movie 18+ Rating on Disney+

Buzz Lightyear

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios


  1. TimQ

    So the silver lining is not making money at the box office, but get the gay content from streaming. I cancelled Disney+. Yep, that’s how it works.

    1. Natalie

      You won’t be missed. Ta-ta!

      1. drew who

        If there enough people like him who cancel Disney Plus for the same reason then I assure you they will be missed . Much in the same way Lightyear missed the people who didn’t go to see it at the cinema . Socially conservative people are huge demographic and any movie , show or streaming service that alienates them will eventually face financial problems .

        1. Common sense

          What a putz. There isn’t even any gay kiss scene in the movie.

          As it is, no, that “conservative audience” isn’t as big or as lucrative as you think it is. Gop also though Kansas would be fine with making abortion illegal… how’d that go?

          1. Mark Twain

            I’ve found that common sense ain’t so common.

            1. Disney Mom

              I too was appalled at the scene where Buzz gave Andy a handy with both arms to distract him from Woody escaping the toybox. It seemed really blatant for a family picture. Plus, the animation on the 4skin was trash.

              1. Handy Dandy

                Huh?? Which movie? I don’t at all recall any “handys” for Andy?

          2. Constance Guzman

            Yeah because you’re a bunch of bigots.

          3. Anonymous

            Common Sense, is that really you? Wow, I thought you were dead!

          4. Bryan Cooper

            Lmfao I’m glad your so stupid ya effing retards

          5. Bryan Cooper

            Yup exactly fo kill your babies you sick disgusting fk. The majority of the population which is conservative don’t need you effing pos btchs multiplying anyways!!! Lol 😂

            1. Steve Fernandez

              Haha Brian Cooper you get triggered so easy what a fag.
              Epitome definition of liberal

        2. B

          Socially conservative ppl are most assuredly not a large demographic, hence the fact that repubs lose the popular vote every. Single. Election.

          Yall are a minority. Go away.

          1. Devin

            You do know that socially conservative people are not just Republicans. To think that leaves a lot to be learned on your end.

          2. Moderately Conservative

            Biden received 81,283,098 votes, Trump received 74,222,958. I absolutely agree that puts Republicans in the minority for that vote. But there were a good number of Republicans that voted for Biden and yet are still socially conservative. Reference “The Lincoln Project”)

            Regardless, Trump received more votes in that election than any other presidential candidate (excluding Biden obviously). That means more people voted for Trump than Obama, or Bush, etc…

            Clearly, that’s a large demographic, that is a lot of people… 49% of the voting population… 74 million people… come on don’t be obtuse.

            1. Alex

              Because the US and your political views are very relevant with regards to an effing Disney movie… LoL.
              Can we possibly remember that movies made for kids are about teaching empathy and acceptance and not about your broken political system? ffs 🤦🏼‍♀️

            2. David

              You ARE aware that those votes for Biden were mysteriously added in the middle of the night, right? Trump was set to win Michigan, then polls close, a few workers remain behind, the suddenly polls open back up and in the few hours everyone was gone its “Look! WOW! Hundreds of thousands of more votes for Biden all of a sudden! Weird! Guess he wins!” Yeah, because that makes total sense when it happens in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania AT THE SAME TIME.

              1. Cheeto

                So you’re saying all those mail-in votes shouldn’t be counted? Or that they should be counted the night before the actual election? Are you stupid? Or just dense?

          3. Bryan Cooper

            Keep on dreaming ya little gay btches

        3. Joem

          Are these the same people boycotting Disney World which is now as crowded as ever?

        4. Mike

          My subscription runs until October… Disney won’t see such a great Q3.

        5. Virginia


        6. Constance Guzman

          Yeah because you’re a bunch of bigots.

        7. Freya

          Two things to address the stupidity of your comment. Conservative people are far outweighed by those who are progressive and believe in representation for all. Second, conservative people are not being alienated because people who are different are included in the story. Believe it or not, everyone is allowed the right to live and express themselves. Them being gay affects you zero. So be quiet and sit down.

        8. Swayy

          My kids won’t be seeing it! This nonsense needs to stop!!!

        9. JustBeingHonest

          I agree with you.
          According to a Social Acceptance report by UCLA, 56 countries and locations’ acceptance of LGBTQ+ have increased since 1980 while 57 decreased and 62 remained the same. I believe another report states 69 countries have laws against the community.
          I know for those who want the world to look like Sweden it hurts.
          The fact is that majority of the world doesn’t fully accept, has restrictions against and feels uncomfortable with anything relating to the LGBTQ+. It is evident in situations like these that those who wish to be progressive on your terms will suffer.

      2. Walt

        No Natalie, it’s you that won’t be missed.. get that through your head.

      3. Joseph Shabadu

        He’s not alone

      4. Starla

        Cancel culture alive and well

      5. Cody

        They’ll be missed when everybody starts following along because we’re sick of getting the stuff jammed down our throats. It’s almost like Disney isn’t capable of making a movie without jamming it packed full of political nonsense anymore

      6. Joe M.

        The rest of the world needs to follow with dissolving these atrocious immoral acts from being programmed into our children. Praise the lord Jesus Christ!

        1. Setnakt Spears

          Jesus is a MYTH! Give it a rest, geez, it’s pathetic.

    2. Eric S

      Good ridance.

      1. LetsGo Brandon

        The movie is trash. Go woke, go broke.

        1. Sit Down Brandon

          Lol um whats woke about this movie? So any and every movie that isnt 100% full of straight white people is “woke?” Lol

          1. Walt

            You racist folks just can’t stop talking about White people… you need a nap.

        2. Daishi

          Parental settings set to ‘G’ now that Disney+ is putting R rated content on their site. It has the added benefit of blocking the likes of Lightyear from being viewed by my children.

        3. Glen

          Exactly. Only thing more laughable are the clowns attacking conservatives here like it’s fashionable. The lot of you sound like immature fools.

    3. Mary

      Our genders are already defined by biology at birth. Trying to redefine genders against biology should not be falsely shown to innocent children as natural or normal. Some people confuse being kind to gays with promoting gays’ unnatural, disease-ridden, sterile lifestyle.

      1. Rob Cooper

        Hate to break it to you Mary but being Gay is a natural thing and doesn’t go against nature all you need to is look around you every species around the world as members that are gay from apes apart from us all the way down to the house fly also just a quick question how can it be disease ridden and sterile at the same time

        1. Mike

          If there exists a Bible anywhere in your universe I urge you to read Romans Chapter 1 to see whether it is natural or not.

          1. BlueBlue

            Mike, did you know that t
            we cannot be 100% sure that the bible is fully true. It has been through many translations that there is
            No way for us to be sure any of it is true

            1. Truth

              It has been through many translations, however, we know what the actual text language was used. So if you don’t believe in the translation that a company did then go translate it yourself and see. If you have doubts the do the legwork and find your answer… if you are up to it.

              1. A guy

                Yeah but it’s a book written by humans. Mate religion is a scam. There really is no benefit to organized religion. Plus when your defense is yeah this book that may or may not be translated from a higher power says that gays are bad so I’m going to follow that you lack critical thinking skills.

          2. John liang

            Is thus the same book that demanded all who work on the Sabbath be put to Death or that demand periodic sacrifices of cows and goats? Great reference.

            1. Truth

              You might want to read all of the facts before making a assumption… you find it to be wise commenting on the whole facts instead of partial

        2. Walt

          Hate to break it to you Rob but nobody gives a flying phuc what you think or have to say for that matter, especially when it comes to LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ+

        3. Youdontknow

          What an asinine comment. After you find a non-human species being “natural” then let me know.

        4. Cam

          But is still rare, if it wasn’t, than we would all be homosexual

          1. A guy

            I mean most people are just you’re too afraid to explore. And homosexuality isn’t a new concept. It’s just been shamed since Christianity became a main theme. Homosexual sex was common in Greek and Roman culture but that ended when Christians took over.

        5. Anonymous

          She probably meant sterile as in unable to produce children. Words can have more than 1 meaning.

      2. Shade

        Uh no, biology is fairly complicated and can get pretty messy actually, literally there are cases of parents choosing the gender for their intersex kid.

        You seem to have confused biting your tongue from saying what you really want to say as being kindness. Its not, at best you’re being polite. I pity your empty little heart where even a small moment that might bring joy to someone different to you causes you to seethe.

        1. drew who

          I don’t think you quite understand how gender works in the biological sense women have only x chromosome’s in their make up and men both x and y . Its the presence of the Y chromosome that makes someone biologically male . All intersex people have that Y chromosome .

        2. Steve

          One in a billion intersex babies (which in reality will never be either sex) does not justify indoctrinating/grooming children in mandated government schooling.

          1. Avian

            The intersex ratio is actually 1 in 100. Furthermore, being gay/lesbian is a common thing so you can’t say it’s “unnatural”. Teaching kids that gay people exist is no more grooming than teaching that heterosexual couples exist.

            1. Youdontknow

              Existing and normalizing are 2 different things

        3. Cam

          It is estimated that up to 1.7 percent of the population has an intersex trait and that approximately 0.5 percent of people have clinically identifiable sexual or reproductive variations

      3. James

        You sound very judgemental and that is what is wrong with the world and why there are wars and killings etc. It is not directly effecting you if someone is gay and gay people are not the only ones who can get a disease. You sound very ignorant.

        1. OrangesLarge

          I find it interesting on here these arguments over an animated movie. However, yes makes have x and y chromosomes at birth and women have only X’s. What these people try to say is the determine sex does not influence their gender. Because they have gender dysmorphia , like someone with body dysmorphia when they despite being healthy their body isn’t enough. Basically they need help. Now on to the racist thing, just because someone states that homosexuals are unnormal does NOT mean they are saying all films have to be with white straight people. Stop mixing ethnic people with your homosexuality. They are not one in the same. Being of an ethnic group does not make you included with the alphabet committee.

          1. OrangesLarge


      4. CT

        Finally a sane person. God made man and woman to be together.

        1. Raginhari

          Based on that logic we are all products of incest thanks to there only being one man and woman to start everything.

          1. Crazy

            Well that would explain why there are so many F’d up people in this world.

          2. Truth

            I can handle that, especially knowing that the first male and female God created were not born with defective bodies, unfortunatelythey also allowed death, decay, and disease into this world… oh and yes there is only one living God.
            The alternative to this is the evolution where we all come from slimy snot out of a soup… yeah I will take God created the first male and female for 500 Alex!!

            1. A guy

              Wait so you’re saying that your all power and loving God said screw those humans for eating an apple from a tree I said not to. Let them die. Not going to like your god sounds like an ass

        2. JJ

          Hey CT, which god are you referring to? If there was only one out there it would help with the credibility…

        3. JJ

          Hey CT, which god are you referring to? If there was only one out there it would help with the credibility… just sayin.

          1. Truth

            There is, not was, but is only one God… the living God. You can tell because CT capitalized the G, giving God the credit… just saying

        4. Bon

          And they are racist. Black characters has huge round eyes and gets to be token gay person with frumpy looking white woman.

          1. Joem

            So you’re looking for hot cartoon characters? You got problems kid.

      5. Runix

        “Do not judge [others self-righteously], and you will not be judged; do not condemn [others when you are guilty and unrepentant], and you will not be condemned [for your hypocrisy]; pardon [others when they truly repent and change], and you will be pardoned [when you truly repent and change].

        1. Mike

          Pointing out something the Bible calls sin is not judging others. We can’t judge whether someone goes to heaven since we don’t know what they will do with Christ before they die. But we must warn people that something is sin that if they persist could damn them. Also we must resist that sin and not allow it to influence our children. Eternity is at stake.

      6. Jim

        Well, aren’t you real trash as a human. Go crawl under your rock.

      7. suffer

        d!e, mary 🥰🥰

        1. Steve

          The tolerant left strikes again.

          1. suffer

            we’ll tolerate you when you stop being a bigoted piece of trash 🥰🥰🥰

          2. Devin

            Your fake smiles are childishly pathetic. What about Steve’s statement makes Steve a bigot? I may not agree with Mary’s statement yet you are actually worse with your “d!e” statement.

        2. Reporting you


      8. Nicole

        Did you just refer to LGBTQ as disease ridden?? Jesus Christ….

      9. Blue

        Gender and sex are not related. You are given a biological SEX at birth (hence why a birth certificate or other forms ask for bio sex and then a gender). Gender is how one identifies. Gender has nothing to do with biology unless your cis

      10. Alex

        You are truly a terrible human. No one deserves the hatred and vitriol you’re spreading, especially children.

      11. Littil

        The only unnatural disease is that people still demand everyone else now down to their fictional sky fairy.

      12. Phillip

        From your comment alone you actually know literally nothing about biological sex. Sex and gender are completely different things. Read an actual science textbook. Oh, and the last time I checked, straight people get all kinds of diseases too, disgusting breeders.

    4. Shade

      You literally cannot use any streaming service without there being at least one gay character on one of their programs somewhere honey.

      This is an incredibly stupid hill to die on, but it’s your choice. I’m sorry you can’t handle a second of extremely tame kissing. you should work on that, that doesn’t sound like a fun way to live.

      1. drew who

        The problem is pushing this activist LBGTQ agenda in the entertainment industry only creates more problems than it solves because the controversy it creates only add to the deepening divisions in society . It is a contributing factor in pushing more and more people into alt right ideology . That makes it ever more likely that the kind of politicians who will look to reverse LBGTQ rights will be voted into office . Most of the LBGTQ community just want to live their lives and be happy and they will suffer because of the activists who are pushing this agenda in both the Entertainment Industry and the Education system .

        1. Runix

          “Do not judge [others self-righteously], and you will not be judged; do not condemn [others when you are guilty and unrepentant], and you will not be condemned [for your hypocrisy]; pardon [others when they truly repent and change], and you will be pardoned [when you truly repent and change].

        2. Alex

          It’s not an agenda, it’s just a fact. The only reason you think it’s being “pushed on you” is because you refuse to acknowledge that someone is different and that’s okay. Grow up.

        3. Littil

          I hate to break it to you, but if your argument is that gays shouldn’t be allowed to be on televion, in the entertainment industry or seen in the public eye because it brings out the bigot in people, then I’m sure you completely understand why so many people attack religion. Might have to do with the fact that while you accuse gays of pushing their agenda on you simply because they exist in society, you’re actually pushing your agenda on people by telling them they aren’t allowed to be seen because your agenda disapproves of it. The obvious difference here is that gays aren’t taking any choices away from you, while you’re attempting to take choices away from them.

        4. Nico

          You are right here the saturation of inclusitvity beyond common logic is insane.. with modern entertainment often feeling like being force fed, spoonfuls of the same poorly cooked ‘meal’.. it’s grossly amateurish, with companies hiring activists over talent..only now, with terrible reviews and box office.. will yhe companies realise their stupidity, reality isn’t Twitter after all..

      2. Love wveryone

        I know. Leave the side agenda’s out and just make a fun movie for everyone to see. Heroes and friends. Quit sneaking anything in at all.

        1. Littil

          It’s their choice as it’s their movie. They have every right to include representation for whoever they want, and gays have every right to representation. If you don’t like it, don’t see the movie, but if you think your religious agenda is canceling anyone, you’re hilariously mistaken. The movie suffered plenty of faults. The same sec couple had little to nothing to do with the reception. There are plenty of Disney titles which explored these agendas and featured LGBTQ characters, and they performed phenomenally. You making a big deal about it has virtually no impact.

    5. TrumpSycks

      Hate is the new Cult45 drug.

    6. Me

      Homophobic attitude suits you, loser.

    7. PdXDisFan

      Just say ur homophobic so we can disregard ur opinion. No need for the extra words.

    8. William

      So all those heterosexual scenes aren’t sexual? Got it. Bigotry looks good on you.

    9. Joem

      You never had it.

    10. J

      So you were OK with beastiality when it came to beauty and the beast, but the moment a woman gives a small Peck on the lips to another you’re All about being what…..holy?

    11. Jen

      What 18+ do or see is their business, not hating on the lgbtq community, but disney stop exposing this material to our kids, Keep the kiddie shows just that KIDDIE

    12. Z

      All gay propaganda should be given adult ratings because children shouldn’t know of any sexual information. Especially from gaslighting propagandist hate groups like lgbt.

    13. Detek

      Exactly Disney is no longer family friendly I will no longer support them. That was easy.

    14. Zwis

      Over a split second innocent kiss. Snowflake indeed

    15. Lennie

      Homophobia is unacceptable in normal society. If you behave like that in the real world, you get fired from your job.
      Your religious mythology shouldn’t dictate rules for the real world. Yep. That’s how works.

    16. Elle


    17. Kit

      Yep. I don’t care about the same sex Orlando’s, love is love. What I care about, is that they ignored Tim Allen for the role. Seems to many, that they are punishing a conservative voice.

      1. Kit

        -sorry about autocorrected stuff*

    18. Delia

      It’s a half second long scene showing a light peck between two female characters during a flashback. Oh, the horrors! Won’t someone think of the children? Better yet, kill them in a mass school shooting so they don’t have to experience this degenracy!

      Grow up.

      1. Be Nice

        This is just NOT okay please can you imagine if the parents or families of those that died heard you use the death of their loved one in this way!
        You should be ashamed of yourself.

    19. Joy

      “Franchise fictional version”??? Are you kidding me???

      This was clearly not a fictional version of Buzz but the story of thr *real* Buzz Lightyear and how he became worthy of having an action figure based on him!

      Okay, before you trolls tear me apart… yes I know both the toy and the man are fictional. But it’s clear to me that this one was meant to be the franchise’s *real* version which inspired the previous version’s the toy based on this guy…. did we have a problem when GI Joe movies came put? Or Transformers? We took those serious, why can’t we take this one serious??

      And who cares about the two moms thing, the country is too sensitive.. maybe worry about when the FAA went full retard and changed what NOTAM stands for, then you see how stupid the gender sensitivity issues are. If you don’t know the controversy of NOTAM, just look it up…. !

      There are bigger things to worry about than gender wars, next they will attack racism in food products (oh, wait…. they already did.) Poor Aunt Jemima.

    20. Nick Mason

      Bye Felicia.

  2. Shaune

    The “all inclusive” LGBTQRSTUV is the largest minority in the country, so how is that the minority can tell the MAJORITY how to act, feel,and behave?? Now I will say this I have gay family members but they didn’t push there ideology and beliefs on the rest of the family.

    1. uhhhh

      So a kiss is considered an ideology? So by that logic, should no kisses between a man and a woman be aired to kids? Or is that considered age appropriate? What is the difference?
      This logic makes no sense, no one is pushing you to “become gay”, and no one is forcing you to behave in any way, other than being basically decent to other people.

      1. Natalie

        For real!

      2. CT

        God made man and woman to be together.

        1. PdXDisFan

          But yet the LGBTQ community exists so he must have wanted that as well

          1. Anonymous

            Actually, he turned against it, blinded men who wanted to do it with his angels, & burned their cities to the ground.

        2. Littil

          If that’s what you choose to believe, cool, but you r religion doesn’t dictate my life. I don’t need your permission to be in my relationship or to exist in society.

        3. Nick Mason

          😂 there is no god. But nice try forcing that as a reason for your homophobia.

      3. CT

        How do you think kids are made?? Man and woman. Kids shouldn’t be exposed to unnatural things. They can decide when they’re older to do what they want. This planet has gone insane. God made man and woman to be together.

        1. Goo

          Wow CT, babies come from the stork. Sheesh….

        2. PdXDisFan

          It’s not unnatural. Steel is unnatural. Not people

        3. Littil

          They can also decide their religion when they’re older, so they shouldn’t be dragged to church and forced to worship your imaginary friend. And your imaginary friend certainly shouldn’t dictate the lives of anyone other than you and you alone.

          1. Nick Mason

            Thank you. Imaginary frnd is spot on.

        4. Me

          If that’s the case then why do you feel the need to justify yourself on the internet to a random stranger

      4. drew who

        Inserting a gay kiss into a film aimed at children is pushing and ideology onto developing young minds . It is unacceptable to many people across the world which is why this movie failed at the box office .

      5. Nico

        It ain’t about a ‘kiss’ ..it’s a out the whole picture..we don’t want to be force fed garbage writing for the sake of box ticking..it’s happening too often nowadays, and often with our own once favored stories/characters.. it’s not cool..it’s rubbish media..simple

      6. Z

        Hetero kisses are natural gay kisses are disgusting. But even heteros don’t get sloppy kissing in kids movies.

      7. Detek

        Has nothing to do with him or me, it has to do with grooming children and you know it you pervert!

    2. frosty

      fun fact baby, but bi people outnumber straight people. they just don’t come out of the closet bc they face discrimination from both the straight and gay communities. so having said that: I really wish the straight minority would stop shoving their straight agenda down our throats. I mean as the majority we should never have to see a straight couple ever again.

      (and maybe your family members “don’t push their gay ideology on you” bc gay ppl don’t do that AND they probably don’t feel comfortable talking about their sexuality around you)

      (also if you’re going to be a jerk, you could at least learn the proper form of ‘their’ because on top of looking like a donkey you look like a first grader)

      1. CT

        God made man and woman to be together.

        1. Jamppa

          Those who base their decision on God: Bible clearly says only God can judge. Jesus also says: do others as you wish them to do you.

          It’s pretty clear. Those who use Bible to bash gays are wrong. Bible teaches we are ALL sinners. Only forgiveness is the way. There for do not judge gays bi’s etc. Let God do the judgement. Believe should treat others with kindness abd forgiveness.

          I loved this movie and I need Sox my self

          1. Be Nice

            That is true however we are to also to train up a child in the way they should go. I will leave it at that.

        2. PdXDisFan


        3. Nick Mason

          Still pushing their imaginary friend for the reason behind their homophobic tendencies.

      2. drew who

        If all those bi-people are in the closet that means no one can possibly know how many of them there are . So there is no way of knowing if they outnumber straight people .

        You really didn’t think that comment thru lol

      3. Crazy

        Fact? Show us the data from which you draw this “fact”. I’m thinking it’s pulled from a hat.
        Gays don’t push? May I remind you of the slogan that was/still is “We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it!”
        Straight people don’t go around yelling I’m hetero. Why is it necessary for some to yell they’re gay etc.?

      4. Steve

        Today in making up nonsense I don’t intend to support.

      5. Judge Roy Bean

        Fun fact honey, you’re an idiot. Go push your gay ideology someplace else, we’re sick of being subjected to it.

      6. Youdontknow

        Lol, source?

      7. Lauren M

        Well then please explain why didn’t this cartoon do good at the box office if Bi people outnumber everyone else ? Ohhh wait it’s because Disney is for children and straight people make children together and they didn’t want to take their small innocent children to see two women kiss let’s just be honest okay you don’t need to get offended here the proof is in the pudding it doesn’t matter what you say to convince yourself that your lies are true at the end of the day it didn’t make money because of the same sex relationship that’s the reason for this comment section stop trying to make being gay normal it’s not and when two men can make a baby together without a woman then I’ll think otherwise if Bi people outnumbered straight people there wouldn’t be children and Disney wouldn’t exist because this started out as a company that made cartoons for children

        1. Nick Mason

          I actually see more adults that are way more into Disney than kids.

      8. sfcpres

        Frosty – what Koolaid are you drinking? More Bi than straight. That is outlandish, just because you think so many straight people are closeted. Someone is fooling themselves.

      9. Z

        Scientific studies show based on anatomy that anything not hetero is disfunction disorder illness.

        1. Nick Mason

          You’re disfunctional. Where’s your plug so we can disconnect you.

    3. Eric S

      In the USA, *ALL* voices are equal. And showing a same-sex couple is no more telling BIGOTS “how to act, feel,and behave” than any film show a heterosexual couple is.

      1. Umwhat

        I forgot Disney WASN’T completely racist back when it made “cartoons for kids”. One homosexual kiss is oh so wrong but all the BLACK crows can’t get better jobs then a shoe shiner is ok.

        1. Z

          Exactly the black Crows matched the setting of the movie. Made sense. Song of the south was actually proequality and historical but banned because thinking hurts them.

    4. Shade

      You’re literally the one doing the thing you’re accusing them of by saying they can’t be represented in a movie for only a few seconds.

      I also get the impression you’re probably the relative those family members politely ignore the ranting of during Christmas dinner.

      1. Pocho Villa

        I’m gay and won’t watch Lightyear because Disney is using my sexual orientati as a gimmick to sell movies and come off as virtuous. They did the same thing with Star Wars Rise of Skywalker in which two lesbians kiss. Did anyone watch ParaNorman? There’s a gay character in the movie but the animation studio didn’t brag about it in the media.

        1. Nico

          Bingo! That’s part of the difference here.. these are activist moves, not anything to do with talent or respect for the source material.. only an agenda wit bad writing no one wants

    5. Runix

      “Do not judge [others self-righteously], and you will not be judged; do not condemn [others when you are guilty and unrepentant], and you will not be condemned [for your hypocrisy]; pardon [others when they truly repent and change], and you will be pardoned [when you truly repent and change].

    6. Joem

      So you’re looking for hot cartoon characters? You got problems kid.

      1. Z

        Discernment against ungodly acts is divine. Using ones wickedness to destroy evil is righteous. And as Romans makes clear if any wicked person does good it will be accounted for. The flesh like sex is worldly and will end with the world.

        1. Nick Mason

          Oh I love it when they break out the versus from the best fairy tale every told.

    7. Littil

      Nobody is telling you how to act, feel, or behave. We’re simply existing and telling you that you have to deal because what you can’t do is tell us we aren’t allowed to live our lives. That said, if you attempt to dictate our lives, then I have absolutely zero sympathy when others like myself try to dictate yourd.

    8. Littil

      So them existing is pushing their beliefs onto you. But you knocking on the door to my house to peddle your religious garbage on me isn’t? You dragging children to church isn’t? You attempting to use your religious beliefs to attempt to push laws dictating who I can and can’t be with isn’t? If the LGBTQ community went door to door handing out pride flags, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest, considering the intrusiveness of your religion. But you lot seem to have a problem with them flying the flag on their own property, and go out of your way to try and ban them from doing it.

      1. Z

        No them forcing their existence in and unnecessary way is where we walk away. Most of the moments and characters are forced out of no where and are there to keep the fascist gays lgbt from cancelling everyone else culture.

      2. Nick Mason

        That’s is well said right there friend.

  3. Sarah

    No, we will absolutely not stream this in our household.

    1. Shade

      See I don’t care if you don’t, but the fact you feel the need to make a big deal about it is rather telling. It suggests a pretty deep insecurity about your parenting abilities where you think the tamest Disney kiss in the world can do anything.

      1. drew who

        Well you obviously care or you wouldn’t have responded to his comment in the first place lol

    2. Nick Mason

      Ok, bye Felicia.

  4. J

    To the people who support the ban you are all a bunch of homophobic cowards

    1. Steve

      You’re an Islamophobic bigot!

    2. Natalie

      For real!

    3. Bill

      I dunno, I prefer being called a heteronormative champion. Because every single person contributing to this discussion exists due to heterosexual gamete combinations. And not one was conceived by homosexual relations. There is definitely a fundamental difference between heterosexual relationships and any other combination the alphabet crowd constructs. That being said, if one doesn’t like a movie, just don’t go watch it. Nobody’s putting a gun to your head.

      1. Shade

        Nah, you’re just a homophobe.

        Your argument actually cheapens heterosxual relantionships by essentially saying they only truly have value if they produce offspring. Is your emotional bond with your partner really that shallow that you can’t understand having it without kids?

        Not to mention you’re insulting every heterosexual couple that’s infertile. The world has enough people that your fixation with breeding pairs is rather creepy.

      2. bruh

        Lol, you “prefer” being called something? Sorry, that’s too lgbtq for me

  5. M j

    Nope. I’ll pass on the indoctrination.

    1. Shade

      You must not think very highly of yourself if you think you can be brainwashed by a couple seconds of the tamest Disney kiss ever animated.

      If this could indoctrinate people there would be no gay people because of all of Disney’s heterosexual content that should have “indoctrinated” them.

      1. drew who

        In itself the kiss wont indoctrinate anyone if it were just isolated to this one movie . It represents a larger agenda though where radicalized activists are using the Entertainment Industry and Education system to indoctrinate developing young minds . It’s social engineering on a massive scale and that will lead many to believe it needs to be stopped . Even if that means repealing some LBGTQ rights and legislating to ban LBGTQ content in anything aimed at Children . What is happening Florida today is only the start .

        1. PdXDisFan

          Ur just an idiot.

      2. Martin

        Romans 1:17-25 NIV
        God’s Wrath Against Sinful Humanity [18] The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, [19] since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. [20] For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. [21] For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. [22] Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools [23] and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles. [24] Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. [25] 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen

        1. Nick Mason

          Key words “invisible qualities” because it doesn’t exist. There isn’t a god just a good fairy tale to slap kids into thinking there was an origin for rational thinking. Take god out of the bible and your left with how humanity should be. We don’t need a false god for that.

    2. Runix

      “Do not judge [others self-righteously], and you will not be judged; do not condemn [others when you are guilty and unrepentant], and you will not be condemned [for your hypocrisy]; pardon [others when they truly repent and change], and you will be pardoned [when you truly repent and change].

    3. Littil

      Existing in society isn’t indoctrination, but hey, if you and your religion can do it, so can we. As long as it’s not inherently sexual, I’m absolutely on board with involving kids. If a guy can kiss a girl in a Disney movie, then a guy/girl can kiss another guy/girl. If it’s not sec when it’s straight people, it’s not sex when it’s gay people. If you disagree, that’s your hang up, but you can’t do anything about it. You talk about how annoyed you are with the LGBTQ community, but you clearly haven’t paid attention to all the whining from Christians about how people are treating them. This is why. You accuse people of peddling an agenda on you, while simultaneously walking around trying to dictate your religion into law. If your religion is still around after all the literal hell you’ve inflicted upon the world, then I’m not worried about the LGBTQ community for a second.

  6. Duckie

    Great movie, I loved it! Sox is a delight. Homophobes should stop worrying about what others do and enjoy the little things in life.

    1. Steve

      Stop shoving it in everyone’s faces.

      1. Matt

        Are you going to tell same sex people that kiss in public the same thing? I hope they knock you out

        1. Natalie

          I would love to see this is action!

        2. Atlasshrug

          Instigating hate are we?

          1. Shade

            I mean the one instigating hate would be the one starting the conflict, not the one ending it and in this scenario that would be Steve.

        3. drew who

          Its extremely rare to see same sex people kissing in public in everyday life . If they do its probably a peck on the cheek as a greeting . I think passionate kissing in a public place would be frowned upon even if it were straight people doing it .

          I remember in my teens doing this very thing on a park bench and having a woman come up and tell us that what we doing was inappropriate with children around .

          I also recall as a child I really didn’t even like the bits in Disney movies with straight kisses because I found them icky .

        4. Steve

          Living in a stand your ground state, I hope they try.

      2. Eric S

        You mean like heterosexuality has been shoved in everyone’s faces?

        1. Steve

          Something tells me you’re a freak.

          1. suffer

            something tells me you’re an insensitive nonce. keep crying about gay people, hon

        2. Nico

          Lol.. so much to unpack with that one..

      3. Shade

        It was a few seconds of screen time you big baby.

        Gay people have to see a hell of a lot more heterosexual stuff than that and far more explicit too. That was easily the tamest Disney kiss I’ve seen for crying out loud.

        1. Steve

          Nobody is confused about what it was: pushing an agenda onto children.

      4. Runix

        “Do not judge [others self-righteously], and you will not be judged; do not condemn [others when you are guilty and unrepentant], and you will not be condemned [for your hypocrisy]; pardon [others when they truly repent and change], and you will be pardoned [when you truly repent and change].

      5. Wehateyourbigotry

        You shove hatred and bigotry and intolerance in all of our faces

      6. Littil

        After you. As long as you continue to solicit people inside their homes with your religious nonsense, then gays are allowed to be in movies. As long as you attempt to dictate your religion into law and use it to dictate the lives of others, then I support gays being all up in your face with their homosexuality.

    2. Nick Mason

      Totally agree. My Son and I loved Sox the robot cat!

  7. E

    There is less than five seconds of where a character mentions getting married and showing her standing next to a woman. Life is too short to have so much anger in your heart over an animated film. Be grateful for the things in your life that actually matter, like your health and your family, and don’t worry about things that have no impact on your life like the sexual orientation of a fictional character in a kids movie.

    1. Natalie

      Thank you for this.

    2. Jake

      You had a point up until “in a kids movie”. That is the line in the sand for most people. That is the point where it feels like indoctrination. People will absorb disagreeable content right up until it involves their children. The hard push of this type of content to young children seems extremely odd and inappropriate.

      1. Eric S

        “Hard push”? A few seconds of screen time? BWWWAAAhahahaha!!!!

        1. Nico

          This is ONE of many, it’s about more than this ‘one kiss’ in this one movie.. r/woooooosh

      2. Shade

        You know some kids have two mothers right?

        Why can’t they see a family that looks like theirs and you can? Sounds like you’re the one angling for indoctrination to me.

        This hard push to treat one of the tamest kisses disney has ever animated just because it was two women as something sinister is extremely odd and inappropriate.

        If it’s okay for a heterosexual couple to do it on screen then there should be no issues as it is in fact not any more adult.

      3. bruh

        You’re just lying dude if people only care because this was a kids movie, why are there so many anti-lgbt laws being proposed right now?

        1. Steve

          Because people are tired of this crap and are fighting back.

        2. Be Nice

          Name one, and please DO NOT say the parental rights bill in Florida! Try something that actually is Anti LGBTQ+ and be specific please.

      4. Littil

        So it’s okay for straight couples to be in kids movies, but not gay couples. It’s okay for kids movies to peddle your agenda, but not others’. Eventually you’re going to figure out that we’re all equal here. You’re no better than us. And the more you attempt to act like a hypocrite and chastise gays for simply existing in society as “peddling their agenda,” then people are going to throw it right back at you when you attempt to literally dictate your religion into law. Gays aren’t taking any choices from you. You, however, are tryin to take choices away from them.

    3. drew who

      Trouble is its not isolated to this one movie its part of a wider agenda and many people now are so sensitive to that agenda they are not willing to overlook even 5 seconds anymore .

      1. Littil

        The real issue is that religion is realizing that it doesn’t wield the power it used to. It dictates nobody, and they’re afraid. It’s why they are peddling such a radical agenda lately. It’s the dying breaths of an out of date fad.

    4. Steve

      It starts at a few seconds. Then it goes to a few minutes.

      Not too long ago it was considered progressive to imply gay characters in adult media. Now we have open gay kissing scenes in children’s movies. Don’t pretend you think or want it to stop here.

  8. Steve

    If you have a problem with this, you are an Islamophobe.

  9. Tobalaz

    Gotta love the damned if you do, damned if you don’t philosophy.
    If you support the ban you’re a homophone.
    If you don’t support the ban you’re an islamophobe.
    Me, I don’t care.
    I saw it on Disney+ and it was overwhelmingly mediocre, Socks being the best part of the movie.

    1. Shade

      Literally no one is going to call you an islamophobe over it except for internet trolls, or you used the opportunity to say something actually islamophobic.

  10. z

    aight, next time i see a straight couple kiss im vomiting all over the theatre 🤮nasty straighties

  11. frosty

    everyone acting salty over a kiss that lasts seconds and then the character dies. shouldn’t the homophobes be happy? they WANT gay people dead so really they get exactly what they want.

    on another note, the movie was really good and deserves more love than it gets. and to those saying a kiss from a same gender couple is “inappropriate for children” should never allow their children to watch anything with a kiss from a straight couple.

    people just being upset because the lgbt community is finally getting recognition outside of a gay white man because having poc lesbians is shoving an agenda. I wish I had this movie as a child.

    1. drew who

      Trouble is its not isolated to this one movie its part of a wider agenda in the entertainment industry and educations system ,many people now are so sensitive to that agenda they are not willing to overlook even 5 seconds anymore .

      1. Littil

        The real issue is that religion is realizing that it doesn’t wield the power it used to. It dictates nobody, and they’re afraid. It’s why they are peddling such a radical agenda lately. It’s the dying breaths of an out of date fad.

  12. John

    Just because someone wants to have sex with a tree (with the excuse of love) doesn’t mean that she should act on her every desire, or that we must accept her act as “normal” or “natural”. Similarly, we can treat an abnormal LGBTQ with kindness, but we don’t have to accept or promote the lifestyle as normal.

    1. Shade

      A tree is not a person John. This is literally the kind of argument I’d make up if I was trying to strawman homophobes and you said it seriously.

      And no you are not treating anyone with kindness by talking about them like that. You’re mad at the concept of two people making a life together because they love each other.

      You’re the one who isn’t normal here, this level of hang up about someone else’s love life is honestly not healthy.

      And at the end of the day it is normal, it might not be for you but that’s because you’re straight. Not everyone is and no matter how hard you try to pretend otherwise, its natural.

    2. Littil

      I feel you there, man. I’m still trying to figure out its normal for people to be so adamant that their specific, one true sky fairy exists that they’re attempting to force others to bow down before it.

  13. Mel

    I LOVED the movie a lot more than I thought I would. I’m not going to get all high and mighty about something that I can just educate my kids on if they have questions. They’re going to see LGBTQ things eventually, so instead of getting angry or offended by every little thing (especially in a fictional movie), I’d rather sit down and answer their questions and not degrade people. There’s enough hate in the world, we as parents don’t need to add to it by having our kids grow up to hate others for being different.

    1. drew who

      Of course children will see LBGTQ things eventually but movies and shows aimed at children show be a safe space that allows children to be children rather that having adult ideology forced upon them .

      It really should be down to the parent to decide what they see though and if movies like this are going to be made perhaps their should be a parental warning of LBGTQ content . Streaming services should allow the option for parents to lock out LBGTQ content in the same way they can lock out adult content .

      1. Runix

        So by this logic we should also block Straight kisses and content because it’s indoctronating kids to be straight. As a Disney film fan, iv seen too many instances of straight kisses in kids movies throughout growing up, and by this logic that shouldn’t be allowed because that’s pushing the straight agenda down everyone’s throats, these are kids movies.

  14. Realman

    Do we still have people here that actually believe being gay is normal? you’ve got a lot to answer for Disney. Parents don’t want your mentality shoved on our children

    1. Heathen

      There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s see in nature and harms no one. The only people who thinks it’s abnormal are bible-thumping bigots. There would be a lot less suicide and depression rates among gay people if society could just be more accepting of the LGBTQ community. I really hope that no one in your family or someone close to you ever comes out as gay so they don’t have to experience your hated and bigotry.
      And stop saying it’s indoctrination. How many gay kids grew up watching Disney movies with straight couples and still came out as gay? Do you really think a same sex kid is going to make kids gay? You have to be very ignorant to believe that. No one can make you gay… Period!

      1. drew who

        The reverse seems to be true , at least in regards to Gen Z . There is much more acceptance in the younger generation . Now about 30 percent of them identify as LBGTQ but its not leading to less mental health issues its leading to more . I think they have been indoctrinated by the LBGTQ agenda in the entertainment industry and education system at too young an age and that has led to them becoming confused at a vulnerable time in their development . Going from 2 percent to 30 percent in the space of 20 years is a disturbing trend and it suggests that a significant number of young people have been brainwashed and radicalized .

        1. Runix

          “Do not judge [others self-righteously], and you will not be judged; do not condemn [others when you are guilty and unrepentant], and you will not be condemned [for your hypocrisy]; pardon [others when they truly repent and change], and you will be pardoned [when you truly repent and change].

          Isn’t this part of the holy bible, because this is what I as a Christian was taught in church. Seems pretty hypocritical of people of faith to pass judgement when it’s not their judgement to pass, but gods alone.

          1. Be Nice

            “For the Lord is our judge the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king he will save us.” Isaiah 33:22

        2. Nico

          You got it!! Most nowadays are gay for clout tbh..it’s trending don’t you know!

    2. Littil

      I ask the same about people who believe in a magical sky fairy, or that believe our previous election was stolen, or believe in Jewish Space Lasers. I guess what I’m really trying to say here is that I don’t think folks like you are or should be the arbiters of what is and isn’t normal.

  15. drew who

    Its pretty obvious Lightyear suffered at the box office because of the inclusion of LBGTQ content in it . Socially conservative families didn’t go and watch it because of that kiss , they constitute a huge section of the potential audience . It was banned in many countries across the world or given an 18+ rating . This means any movie aimed at children that has LBGTQ content in it automatically will face an uphill struggle . The lesson will become ever more clear with each movie they release that LBGTQ inclusion in family movies will lead to box office failure . If the Entertainment Industry don’t learn that lesson then they will continue to lose money hand over fist .

    1. Littil

      No it isn’t. Plenty of Disney titles did phenomenally and included LGBTQ characters. Face it, Christians aren’t the deciding factors behind successful or unsuccessful films. The Harry Potter franchise, which was universally loathed by the religious for its depiction of satanic witchcraft, was one of the most successful franchises of all time. Films like Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and Seeing Red were also hits, and Zootopia, which hit hard on the furry agenda, was also a top hit. You think you wield significant power, but there’s a reason why you’re the ones always complaining about cancel culture and attacks on your views. It’s because the majority isn’t on your side. You attempting to criticize the LGBTQ community for “pushing their agenda on you” all because they are existing like everyone else, while you simultaneously attempt to dictate your religion onto everyone in the form of law, is going to make people dislike you, not them.

  16. Trump Eats It

    It’s so funny that the conservatives are the ones who don’t want anybody in their business and to tell them what to do, yet they’re the biggest whiners out there and want to control what others who don’t think like them can and cannot do. Why don’t all you whiny little crackers mind your own damn business and focus on your lives. If you don’t like something then don’t watch it. Pick up your Bible then. You won’t be missed. But don’t ruin it for everyone else. Get with the times. Either roll with the changes or you’re going to be living in your own personal hell. Which it sounds like a lot of you are. Yeah my comment is snarky with an attitude but after putting up with damn fools for so many years I am done trying to figure out and understand you people. You’re the downfall of this nation.
    You want to live in the Stone Age, fine, but stop ruining the ride for everyone else.

  17. Benji

    It’s not Josh Brolin voicing Zurg, it’s James Brolin.

  18. Denise

    Just because animals do something doesn’t make it right. Animals do a lot of things that people shouldn’t. Animals steal. Animals attack each other. Animals eat their babies and each other. Does this mean we should start acting like them?

    1. Runix

      “Do not judge [others self-righteously], and you will not be judged; do not condemn [others when you are guilty and unrepentant], and you will not be condemned [for your hypocrisy]; pardon [others when they truly repent and change], and you will be pardoned [when you truly repent and change].

      Isn’t this part of the holy bible, because this is what I as a Christian was taught in church. Seems pretty hypocritical of people of faith to pass judgement when it’s not their judgement to pass, but gods alone.

      1. A

        There is a difference between accepting someone for their flaws and praising someone for their flaws. It isn’t judgemental to say we shouldn’t be promoting the gay lifestyle.

        1. Runix

          Yet my grandparents are hardcore Christian faith, they found out I was Gay myself, and they told me these words “while they don’t believe in what I believe is right or wrong, it is not for them to judge and I am still their amazing grandson, and told me that as long as I am true of heart and kind to others is the only thing that should matter, not passing judgement as that is gods work alone”. What I see is people of Christian faith brutalizing what it means to be kind and accepting of others and letting people find their way on their own, not shoving it down people’s throats, while they may not agree, passing judgement and being hypocritical of their own scripture means they are as equally guilty of sin. Promoting a lifestyle or celebrating life as a whole does not matter. I was at Pride in my city , saw someone against the agenda and I bought them food and drinks rather than discriminate based on their beliefs or values.

          We all choose how we interact, but for who I am as a person can I ly be judged by God himself by my own actions and deeds.

          1. Be Nice

            We are all sinners in need of a Savior!

            “For the Lord is our judge the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king he will save us.” Isaiah 33:22

        2. JohnH

          Well-said, A. Accepting LGBTQ for their flaws is not the same as promoting these flaws as normal. Normal here means following our given biological makeup.

        3. Littil

          I can live my life and promote my exist all I want. If you can literally show up at my door and solicit me with your religious nonsense, or attempt to dictate your religion in the form of law, then you can bet I can promote myself – in films, on television, books, and other forms of entertainment. I can walk the streets carrying a. Pride flag and handing out those flags to passers by, young and old. When you inevitably moan and complain and try ruin other people’s lives, you’re the ones who will end up miserable.

        4. Littil

          I can live my life and promote my exist all I want. If you can literally show up at my door and solicit me with your religious nonsense, or attempt to dictate your religion in the form of law, then you can bet I can promote myself – in films, on television, books, and other forms of entertainment. I can walk the streets carrying a. Pride flag and handing out those flags to passers by, young and old. When you inevitably moan and complain and try ruin other people’s lives, you’re the ones who will end up miserable. And when you demand people stand up for you because you feel that way, they won’t, and those you’ve attempted to victimize and destroy won’t be bothered for a second. As it stands, every time I hear someone cry about their religion being attacked over some mild inconvenience, I find myself not caring, like at all. If your religious freedom was actually under attack, and it wasn’t simply Starbucks removing trees from their cups, I still wouldn’t care. That’s how it works.

  19. Runix

    “Do not judge [others self-righteously], and you will not be judged; do not condemn [others when you are guilty and unrepentant], and you will not be condemned [for your hypocrisy]; pardon [others when they truly repent and change], and you will be pardoned [when you truly repent and change].

    Isn’t this part of the holy bible, because this is what I as a Christian was taught in church. Seems pretty hypocritical of people of faith to pass judgement when it’s not their judgement to pass, but gods alone.

    1. Ping

      You’re right, we should not judge. But we also live in a free country, where we are free to choose what to spend our money on. People have chosen to not spend their money on this film. You are free to live your life how you see fit, but you can’t force others to accept it.

    2. Rico

      Can you post this again for everyone? I don’t think they got it the first 15 times…

  20. Deb

    We are born male or female, what anyone wants to do after birth is down to them ,it has no bearing on my life or anyone’s life so just lighten up guys

    1. Steve

      We will lighten up when the left stops trying to convert our children into their sex cult and stops trying to erase our ethnicity. I suspect that the time we will lighten up is when the left is finally given the persecution they desperately desire.

      1. Rico

        Methinks the lady doth protest too much…

      2. Littil

        It’s only sex if it’s sexual. Liking someone, Holding hands, hugging and kissing isn’t sexual. If it isn’t the case with straight couples, it certainly isn’t the case with gay couples. But hey, I’ll stop “indoctrinating kids with the belief that everyone is equal, when you stop trying to indoctrinate them into believing that everyone isn’t equal because your religion says so. You stop trying to dictate your religion into law, and I’ll stop informing people that they actually have a choice in the matter.

  21. Susan

    Now can we see that the majority does not want to see this in children’s movie contents?! Stop cramming it down our throats! Yes, some are correct that we can watch or not watch but money is the bottom line for the ones that pour money into these films and if the majority don’t want to see it, then they come out in the hole. Not working for them or us!

    1. suffer

      cry about it, susan

    2. Littil

      The majority doesn’t want you showing up at their homes and trying to cram your religion down their throats. The majority also believes that gays existing in society or participating in the entertainment industry isn’t shoving things down their throats. There’s a very clear difference between the LGBTQ community and the religious community. If gays knocked on doors to talk to you about their agenda and handed out pride flags or pamphlets to gay events, it would only just be on the same level of shoving it down people’s throats as you religious type.

  22. Maggie Lee Gray

    I’ve seen the movie and it was amazing I had no problem with it and the robot cat Sox was so stinking cute and adorable

  23. Dr. Jones

    I dunno. We watched it. The kids enjoyed it. I thought it was completely non cannon since buzz clearly hasn’t learned how to work with others in the original toy story.

    The buzz we see at the end of this movie is NOT the buzz that shows up at Andy’s house.

    As for the “gay” aspect of it. That is what it is. If you think keeping your kids from watching Disney movies is going to shield them from experiencing and dealing with LBGTQ, then you have larger issues in your life.

    Teaching kids to be inclusive, tolerant,and loving to other people is the message of the movie. Buzz is a better person than he was at the start, that’s what people should be focusing on.

    1. Bats

      Teaching kids ACCEPTANCE and UNDERSTANDING for ALL LIFE should be a priority
      There is not just gay people in the world with all the extra people who now are added in that category +++++
      pushing this agenda is going too far
      I don’t care and no one else cares who you marry and what your sexual thoughts and preferences are
      We want to stop this crazy no common sense attack on people who don’t care to see what you do with your personal life

  24. Bert

    Lightyear is GREAT!
    Saw it a dozen or so times.
    Stopped it to take a pic of the kiss!
    If you’re not woke, you’re asleep at the wheel…
    Love is love.

    1. Ping

      Love is love… that’s why NAMBLA exists, huh?

  25. suffer

    i hate straight people, stop indoctrinating our children with the straight agenda 🤮🤮🤮

    1. praxit

      ..crooked people are better?

      1. Littil

        They’re exactly equal. If one is disgusting, then so is the other. If we aim to argue that a same-sex kissing is sexual in nature, and is therefore inappropriate for a kids film, then they better cut out every single straight kissing scene. I’d better see sleeping beauty asleep in the tower, followed by a no context cut of her awake and leaving with the prince, or I’m calling it out for it’s sexual themes. And so help me if I see an ankle.

        1. Littil

          Eventually, that’s what you’ll all wind up with, so entities like disney can remain neutral. But it isn’t neutrality or equality you’re aiming for, and you’ll throw a tantrum and shame then for cutting out ALL the “sexual” scenes.

  26. Ping

    Don’t want adult ratings for your kids’ films? Don’t put adult content in your kids’ films. Mind blowing advice, I know.

    1. Littil

      If a same-sex couple kissing us adult content, then so is a straight couple kissing. I could go on about all the horrors in these films, from the fact that there are scenes of the prince kissing the female character before they’re married, there are princes kissing princesses that are asleep, and therefore couldn’t consent, so rape, the occasional showing of ankle and hair, etc. What you’re going to wind up with is Disney treating the content all the same, and cutting out straight couples kissing or expressing affection, because, by your own argument, it’s sexual, and has no business being seen by children. And then you’ll whine about that, because you’re insufferable, and can’t handle the idea of equality on any spectrum.

      1. Littil

        You legitimately think your religion makes you better than others, and it’s that mentality that causes people to attack your religion.

  27. KMAN

    Where have All the good Actors/Directors gone ?
    People just want to be entertained watch solid actor’s regardless of there lifestyle, this nonsense of getting all the boxes checked so not to offend any one ! Just remember these are rolls make believe for the sole purpose is entertainment, and if it happens to be someone from the LGBTQ+ or a woman or a person of color that shines wonderful give them the accolades they deserve , and not for just checking a box to not offend. This woke Business is destroying society .

    1. praxit

      ..yep, ideas can be good or bad. In this case woke idea is bad.

    2. Littil

      Nobody is offended by the absence of an LGBTQ character, or even the presence of a religious character. It’s entertaining that you’re so offended when we are finally represented. It proves the idea that you view yourselves as superior because of your religion. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…

      1. Be Nice

        Okay this is the second time you have brought up religion in a comment to as post that did not mention religion? I think you are fighting a battle that is bigger than this.

  28. Amber

    The comments here. Sheesh!

    Okay we finally watched the movie this weekend. I thought I missed it and had to rewind to look for this gay marriage and kiss. Why? Because they don’t show the marriage. It’s a bunch of quick scenes showing Buzz’s friend age while he doesn’t. She is gay and that was made clear when she said she was engaged and Buzz asked her who SHE was. But there is no wedding as many reported there was. In one of these very quick scenes she does kiss her wife. Could this have been left out? Yes. The character could have been gay and storyline the same without the kiss. Could it be edited out for these other countries? Easily, because it’s only 1 second of the film. Does the kiss ruin the movie? No. The movie is not bad, neither is it great. Some people will refuse to watch it because of this brief storyline. But in general it didn’t do well because it isn’t Encanto or Moana. The character isn’t lovable and the film isn’t very funny.

  29. Jim E

    I don’t know if I believe the content of this article. According to the liberal left it’s only the middle-class old American white men that are bigoted enough to have this opinion. So there’s no way that 2/3 of the rest of this world could have a problem with this movie.

  30. praxit

    ..it’s supposed to be cartoon animation picture. Simplicity in story, design, funny characters etc.. How did gender motifs, gay innuendos fall into it? Someone should be fired over at Disney woke capital. Get back to simple standards. Humans were built on simplicity.

  31. Yui

    Honestly at this point we shouldn’t have ANY relationships in kids films. They say it’s to protect the children but you’ve gotta wonder if the children these people talk about are really themselves.

  32. W Murray

    The thing I hate is that it’s getting to the point where I’m going to have to give my youngest kids access to R rated material just so they can watch wholesome family-friendly movies like Lightyear which track good values (like getting along with people you don’t like). Instead of going by MPAA ratings (which are pretty useless these days), I wish they would include more controls to filter whatever pet peeves people have (drug use, mild profanity, extreme profanity, loving same gendered family relationships, idiots who object to reality, cartoon violence, graphic violence, etc). Then every parent can filter based on what bothers them and not have to open/close such a wide swath of movies for no good reason.

    1. Anonymous

      I wish for that too, & I’m not even a parent. I also wish there were options to turn that content off in the video games that have it.

    2. Donna

      Is it R rated anywhere other than Malaysia though?
      In the UK it is 6+ which is on the cusp of U for universal and PG for parental guidance, which I think is more to do with the amount of people who die.

      Was there this much uproar at the contract killings and attempted murder or non-consentual (yet heterosexual) and interspecies kissing, etc. in any of the other Disney films? If not, why not?

  33. Be Nice

    We need a way to report comments on this site! I really don’t think death threats should be tolerated!!!

  34. Dawn

    Who cares if they are the same sex marriage Disney been supporting LGBTQ+ community for a while now so if you don’t like it don’t watch the show

  35. T

    People aren’t interested in seeing fags in children’s movies, what a shock.

    1. suffer

      k!ll yourself

      1. Reporting you


    2. Chris Wood

      I’m gay and I’m against this whole woke agenda. And im sure the fags your speaking about are against it to. But I’m sure they will find your feeble minded opinion entertaining

  36. Richard Westling

    I liked the movie. Perhaps I saw the edited version in the theater. The same sex couple reference was so quick that if you blinked you missed it. It may be scary for little kids because of the “vines” that kept coming out the ground and grabbing people.

  37. Jane

    I cancelled Disney+ and a good portion of my family (11+ people) who would have went to see Buzz Lightyear choose not to. Why? Because we do not support woke work.
    There are hardly any children movies released in the theatre. I know this because I make it a point to take both my kids to every single movie that’s appropriate. So don’t tell me that the reason this movie flopped is because of adult movies that were released.
    I have had to settle for flashback cinema movies at the theatre. 🎥 🍿

  38. Sane human being

    No matter what people think gay relationship’s are not normal then you get monkey pox, HIV and Wonder why people still try to justify gay relationships as “normal” it’s all perversion and destroying the family. Next thing you know people will be like don’t judge me because I want to be in a relationship with a child or animal. I was born this way. Blah blah! Bunch of bull to continue what? Their perversion. That’s what they want to do with this country. You destroy the foundation and then it all collapses but whatever as long as you don’t mess with someone’s personal sexual pleasure.

    1. suffer

      lmao, you’re acting as if protected sex doesnt exist and that heterosexuals dont contract STDs. i hope you rot, idiot. “sane human being” my @ss

    2. Repost

      Well stated. How is LGBTQ any more biologically natural than sex with children or animals?

  39. S.D.C

    I see nothing wrong with the movie ‘Lightyear’ what’s wrong with it? Honestly..I see no problem while watching the movie.. People get emonal and have their own opinion about the movie or any movie that’s ever been made.

  40. Chris Wood

    Why cancel Disney plus. Just put parent control on the service. The kids won’t watch it. I’m sure Disney will be sleeping just fine, if a few people ditch its service. Frankly its good that Disney makes more mature themed shows and movies. Even with the gay themes in the movie, I have every confidence that LGB community isn’t going to rush to see this movie. Because they don’t care, at least not the ones who don’t have their noses up Hollywood ass

  41. Cam

    Yall are crazy! The bible is a whole bunch stories written by many people in their experiences. Also, who cares if U are Homosexual, not everyone is and It is estimated that up to 1.7 percent of the population has an intersex trait and that approximately 0.5 percent of people have clinically identifiable sexual or reproductive variations. Disney is definitely leaning towards the older crowd now. Parents can decided whether or not they want their children to watch it.

  42. Cam

    And another thing, The bible is amazing. Sorry that we have such prissy ass generations who get offended by everything!

  43. Lisa

    My family and I watched it, and we loved it. Congratulations to Disney for including LGBTQIA+ people in a their movie, because inclusion is important.

  44. Daria

    The more woke Disney becomes the quicker it looses it’s incomparable magic.
    Disney+ won’t be watched in this family and none of the new productions hold appeal either. We’ll stick with old classics and Ghibli studio movies 🙂

  45. OceanFish

    Thank goodness.
    LGBTQ++ABC content shouldn’t be normalised to young children. Too many youngsters are being influenced by such ideology that they identify as “gay” even when they’re not. At this rate, everyone will be gay by the year 2050.

    1. Ulii

      Are you serious? You’re an idiot. As a gay man, i must say that being gay is not just an identity. People are biologically born this way. No one can change this or just become gay magically. The number of gay people hasnt been increasing- theres no data to back that up. Only that people who are in the community have been suppressed centuries and are just now being able to show themselves. This thread truly saddens me. Yall suck

      1. Elihu

        This whole comment section is probably one of the worst I’ve seen, some people just can’t enjoy a movie without criticism

      2. Anonymous

        I guess I was biologically born anti-gay then. What a relief to know it’s not my fault I think & feel this way.

      3. Repost

        What about the people “born” to want to have sex with children, siblings, animals….? Shouldn’t they and gays exert some control their harmful unnatural desires, or must they always have to obtain maximum fun no matter how devious?

  46. Jankins

    You do realize the arrival is saying that it has been banned, or restrictied in country that don’t have white majority population right? China, the middle east. So what does your commit even mean?

  47. TheYack

    How can we get the China version? I won’t allow my daughter to see the movie or many other Disney movies now including the Marvels. Really sad. Used to be good clean fun but now it’s all about politics. Just not needed in a kid film.

  48. Mike

    My family loved Disney. My grandfather helped build it and so did other members of our family, but after watching the Woke take over of the business Walt must be turning over in his grave. The movie was confusing and poorly written. It had few points that any kids would even understand. Adding a lesbian female to the story did nothing to help the story nor bring in kids, so what was the point besides shove something in people’s face. They voted with their wallets and I hope Disney has realized that they have investors to answer to first, not the Woke 3%..

  49. Darkness

    Well maybe now they will realize that sexually has no place in children audiences. And inclusive woke media is not entertaining.

  50. LB

    I thought the movie was great! My big takeaway from the movie- don’t let one mistake, one action, keep you from enjoying your life.
    Also, please don’t say your being a conservative Christian by choosing to alienate people. Jesus didn’t say ” Let the self righteous sit at my table”. He welcomed everyone.

  51. Fallon

    What a joke. It was a great movie with a beautiful meaning. Don’t let the close-minded win.

  52. Kj

    Good stop pushing this gay stuff on children when i was 13 is when I learned what gay and lesbians were now my 8year old is learning about worse things like weird pronouns and trans

    1. Ulii

      This proves my point. Hypocritical Idiots trying to supress other people just bc they arent straight or “normal”. people being themselves isnt a agenda, is that so hard to fkn understand? Straight people like you think they are better than us in the community, yet yall whine and complain all the time about every little thing. You think that LGBTQ individuals are not fed up with being oppressed and silenced just for being themselves? Seriously like every other group or minority thats not white or straight has experienced these atrocities. You can suck it.

  53. Truth Speeker

    How about keep the LGBTQ crap in the bedroom where it belongs and out of everything in our society where it’s being shoved in our faces just for the sake of “inclusion”? Elementary, my dear Watson.

  54. Sam

    How narrow minded are some countries! Equality wins for me and teaches our children it’s OK, which is the RIGHT teachings, not religious hatred and discrimination.
    It’s a good film but the only criticism I have is that it’s over 2 hours long so had to watch watch an hour at a time.

  55. Anonymous

    Everything I saw said that this was the movie thay Andy saw in 1995 that made him want a Buzz Lightyear. Most of what I’ve read has said that this is not the case. The movie failed on multiple points, not just because of the agenda pushing that the vast majority of the world clearly didn’t want in it. Not to mention that that agenda would not have even been in a 1995 kids action movie in the first place. It wasn’t the version of Buzz that Toy Story fans wanted to see. People wanted nostalgia that the movie did not deliver.

    1. Nico

      Aaaaand Bingo!! The elephant in the room! Nice!

  56. Mike M

    Not interested in watching it, not because of the same sex crap though. That malarkey I can ignore or fast forward thru if it really bothered me. It’s that Tim Allen isn’t voicing Buzz. However I won’t let my kids watch it because of the gay stuff. When they get to high school and learn sex ed and learn biology then they can be exposed to other sexual Orientations so they can make up their own minds with all of the facts available.

  57. an indonesian

    Heh, it’s even 21+ here.

  58. Rc

    LOL. I do the same for christian content. Start talking about “god” and “salvation” and all the right wing crap? Yeah sorry. Being discriminatory is contrary to the teachings of the “savior”. But hey, whatever floats your boat. Sorry, there’s gay people out there. Get over yourselves.

  59. Kim

    I loved this film. It had great family values and was funny. Great voice actors, too.

  60. Marcus Aurelius

    In another 30 yrs give or take, the western world will implode on its head, the rest of the world is happy to observe the experiment being run.

  61. Billie Parks

    Yeah, instead of normalizing a common situation in today’s world, let’s raise a new generation of close-minded bigots. Time to wake up people and drag yourself out of Victorian England. This is a great movie with an inspirational message.

  62. Christina

    I Don’t see the issue here!
    It’s a good movie and people need to quit being so judgmental on the Gay content.
    So called conservatives are nothing but communist attempting to force their shallow , increasingly narrow prospective on everyone else.
    Face it there are queer people and your God made them too!!!
    Grow up and Learn a bit of acceptance ……

    1. Detek

      God made people..He didn’t make them queer, that is a logical fallacy. That is the choice that comes when one rejects God. God clearly created Men and Women for each other in the act of the first man Adam and the first Woman Eve. There is no pro-creation that takes place in homosexual relationships. The point of sex is pro-creation not just getting your jollies.
      Therefore it is unatural. Yes God created those who would choose to be queer,.but he didn’t create them that way.

      1. Billie Parks

        How do you know he didn’t create them that way? You aren’t qualified to speak for God.

  63. Paul

    If buzz had a girlfriend. Would it be an 18 cert?
    Absolutely ridiculous that stupid parents can’t teach kids at a young age that everyone on earth is different. Different colours. Different shapes and different love.
    Same sex should be in EVERY movie now. As if straight couples are ok in movies. So should same sex

  64. Lisa

    What all these idiots that are dismissing conservatives forgot. Is that the world doesn’t revolve around the States. There’s far more conservative countries that makes movies like lightyear bomb than liberal ones. There so narrow minded with their but trump/ biden got more votes b.s. that they don’t see what’s right in front of them.

  65. CJ

    Lightyear (2022) was not watched in this household and it had nothing to do with LGBTQ Characters (we are fine with that!) …. We’re old enough to remember the syndicated animated show Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (the Walt Disney Co should have done this with Tim Allen voicing you know who – not having this, in my opinion, is what made potential movie ticket buyers go nope!)

    Now IF there is content in a Film that a Country will not accept, you either make sure to have a version of that Film that will pass their censorship OR you accept that your Film is not getting distributed in that Country (duh! editing a Film for distribution has been going on for decades! this is on the Walt Disney Company / Walt Disney Pictures!)

  66. Rose

    It’s rated 21+ in my homophobic country in southeast Asia. And banned at the cinemas. When I watched it in Disney+ I wondering what LGBT contents? I barely noticed it, kids won’t notice it, but homophobes worried they’re will brainwash their children.

  67. Idontcare

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s a pretty simple solution. No one cares about your opinion. Despite what mommy and Facebook told you, you’re not special or important.

    1. Angie Daniels

      Had I known the content, we wouldn’t have watched it. There was no warning at all – we were blindsided by the same -sex marriage and once again, I was forced into a conversation I wasn’t ready for with a child who wasn’t ready to hear it.

  68. Buzz

    Who cares about the “gay kiss”? The movie was absolutely terrible. If anyone thinks that movie got Andy excited about Buzz Lightyear in the ’90s, they are out of their mind.

    1. Billie Parks

      Wow. I loved the movie. So did my grandsons. So did all my friends and family that saw it. I don’t think we’re all out of our mind.

    2. Rob

      As a 90s kid, I can say that I got excited by a lot of terrible 90s movies.

  69. Edward

    Homosexuality is banned for practicing members of all the worlds major religions (for people who take the governing books at their word).
    You don’t have to be religious but if you are Jewish, Muslim or Christian you are prohibited from homosexual behavior.
    It’s clear as day, anyone who says it isn’t is either mislead or lying. So it’s not a surprise when content designed to encourage children homosexuality is acceptable is rejected by people who are religious. It’s our choice and we don’t have to conform to Hollywood’s values.

  70. #DRW

    So you’re standing up to Great stories like Light-year, I get it but that’s not even bad when it’s compared to
    Universal’s Franchise Jurassic World

    Camp Cretaceous Season 5
    They’re you’ll see FORCED unnecessary relationships between teenage girls
    Watch the entire seasons again from the beginning and see it leads to Season 5 , you’ll prolly understand what I’m saying

    I don’t mind light-year , it’s a perfect movie like Disney’s every other project

    1. Be Nice

      Sorry never seen that so your argument doesn’t follow…

  71. Joseph Shabadu

    I was a raving Disney supporter when they were a family company. When Disney starts making family-friendly content again, we’ll be back.

    Toy Story is my favorite Disney franchise. But we will not see this movie.

  72. Alice

    The movie is not harming anyone, do you think gay kids will be more straight if they watch all straight content all their life?!?! Do you think the gays don’t want to fit in. Being gay is not a choice is in the dna, watch movie with an idea of same sex parent doesn’t promotes it more, it only show that it is acceptable in our culture.

  73. Angie Daniels

    I was appalled to see a same-sex marriage in a Disney movie, and it’s reassuring to see that others feel the same. It’s become so commonplace that it seems like no one notices. Everywhere I go, someone is forcing us to acknowledge and accept their sexual practices. I don’t care what happens in the privacy of their own bedroom between two consenting adults, but I don’t want to hear about it. Why should we be forced not only to accept, but to celebrate a stranger’s sexual preferences? I thought that by watching a Disney movie, I would be spared having to explain to my 11 year old how same – sex couples procreate. I guess nothing is sacred anymore – not Oreos, Disney, or even a child’s innocence.

    1. suffer

      kiIl yourself

  74. Kit

    -sorry about autocorrected stuff*

  75. Cryo

    Maybe stop trying so hard to make films “diverse” and focus on making them “good”. Most of the people who disagree with this cringey diversity BS arent homophobes or racist. They’re annoyed that these companies are pandering so damn hard to demographics which really dont need to be panded too.
    As long as you continue to pander to this “diversity” trend, basically virtue signalling, you will continue to have a divided viewer base and and your ratings and earnings will suffer.

    1. WZ

      You’re the only sensible one on is the entire thread I mean that’s how exactly how it is.

  76. Russel LaFleur

    Me and my family also canceled Disney plus because of this. Thats what makes this country awesome. If dont have to approve of your lifestyle and you can’t force me to support it financially 😁. We also pulled our kids out of public “school” and placed them into private school. Better education anyways. God bless America!

    1. im angry and shame yoy

      be ashamed person ure harming ure.kids talk anout being scared what if ure kid comes out to you!!! scold them and tell them its wrong? and thata why this world going to sht because of people like you man this comment
      makes me so angry

  77. anyonmous

    Who gives a flying Shhh about a lgbqt+ couple thats the norm now enough of all this gay and lesbian fear crap I wholly support disney on this one fk all those countrys its time they all joines the realworld and stoped living in the past 18+ for no reason you be who you want i support the LGBQT+ community 100%

  78. JB

    I do not want my young grandson exposed to this type of material at such a young age. It’s just to young. This is a subject that shouldn’t be discussed until they are much much older.

  79. Kansas

    No, we will never watch Lightyear or any of the other outrageous thing Disney puts out!

    1. suffer

      Wake up in the morning feelin’ like P. Diddy (hey, what up, girl?)
      Grab my glasses, I’m out the door, I’m gonna hit this city (let’s go)
      Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack
      ‘Cause when I leave for the night, I ain’t coming back

      I’m talking pedicure on our toes, toes
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      Oh, woah, woah, oh, oh, woah, woah, oh

  80. Rob

    I have low expectations for articles on this site, but this one was fairly well-written, which I appreciate.

    Like many, I have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to Disney, but it has nothing to do with the LGBT content in their movies. I just don’t like the way that Chapek is running the company into the ground with his price gouging, so anything that loses Disney money, I enjoy, even if it’s a bit ridiculous like this whole situation.

    I will say, however, that it does seem like Disney puts a disproportionately high number of gay characters in their films. It almost feels like they’re trying to shoehorn in sexuality just to placate a group of people.

  81. Curt

    So sad what Disney has become. Walt would be embarrassed.

    1. Mom

      What was a masochist with narrow views. He could make does no one remember Pocahontas, Aladdin, don’t worry I can keep going

  82. George

    Can we please just stick to poisoning girls with apples, locking them up in towers or injecting them with needles who we love heaven forbid what shame what horror.

    1. Mom


  83. Dave

    At the beginning of the movie, it said that Andy watched this movie in 1997 which made him want to get a Buzz Lightyear doll.
    I highly doubt a lesbian couple was being shown so blatantly in a kids movie in ’97.

    1. W

      It wasn’t

  84. Monika

    Countries ban the movie but their own citizens keep traveling abroad to have same sex interactions. Conservative people avoid the topic but many of them are hypocrites just not willing to accept the truth and the reality. My own friend is like that. A tower moment – tarot – brings a huge change and apparently humanity is still not ready for the jump in many areas.

  85. JollyPirate

    Why can’t you just let kids be kids and not have adult life shoved in their faces.

  86. QTimber

    actually there is a gay kiss. did you even watch the movie?

  87. Nancy

    I didn’t watch all of it, no rain that scene had to be in the movie. I had to try and explain to my eight year old granddaughter why. Sad to sad no more Pixar movies for us.

    1. Mom

      Because you are lazy and can’t explain some woman love woman…. Good luck with that. I hope if your child ever falls in love you can accept them for who they are…. Sad…

  88. Nancy


  89. Mom

    What year is this 1955?? They act as if lgbtq+ is black magic…. My children that my amazing husband and I brought into this world understand love is love. They know I have an ex wife that is a woman and they know their father is a man. They are not confused by it because hmmmmmmm…. Love is love. His partners romantic relationship was beautiful and if you can’t get on board…buzz off it….

  90. Wing

    I really wanted to like lightyear but aside from the lgbtq BS the story was just far too mediocre. Those activists at Disney don’t really put any effort into anything they do anymore all they care about is trying is virtue signaling and pandering to the five people on Twitter. And we know they’ll learn nothing from this if anything they’ll just double down attack the fans attack the movie goers look at everybody but themselves for the failure of this movie. I even warned my sister not to let her kids watch that type of crap because they’re still too young to understand they shouldn’t not yet. But we know those activists at Disney are already are already committed and all they’re going to keep spitting out is mediocre movie after mediocre movie. Cuz they have no real talent or imagination.

  91. Mary

    LGBTQ representation right is a matter of minority rights overruled by majority rights. A minority right (LGBTQ representation) should be respected unless it violates a majority right (protecting kids from grooming/conversion).

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