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Disney's statement after the Don't Say Gay bill, a blonde woman speaks into a camera.


  1. P.C.

    First stop spreading the laws misappropriated name due to some heterophobic democrat saying the law will promote hate. All it is saying is teachers cannot teach gender identity to 3rd graders and younger which means 4th grade and up can be talked to about gender identity (which stands to reason there are 8 more years for you heterophobes out there to indoctrinate the kids). Kids under 4th grade are to worried about playing on the playground or learning the proper sentence structure to be be deciding whether they are sexually confused already. Secondly, if you don’t want to support Florida, I am sure California will rob you blind.

    1. R

      It’s appropriately appropriated… The only misappropriation is not calling it “the don’t say gay or straight bill” since that’s what it says. Conservatives don’t know how they shot their own selves in the foot is all

      1. Steve

        You are a child groomer.

        1. MommaC

          Oh my gosh you’re right! All gays want to magically turn kids homosexual!
          I bet some of your friends and acquaintances are gay, did it rub off on you? That’s not how it works.

          1. LegoGuru2000

            Stop lying claiming all guys want to groom kids. You know damn well that’s not true. There are guys doing it but it’s not all gays.

        2. Vince

          Lol, annnd THERE’S Steve. Good ole Steve. Everyone, Steve is a Staple to this website, he has no job and literally does nothing else but come on here daily spreading his lonely misery. HI STEVE!!

          1. Steve

            Don’t you have to be here as much as me to know how much I am here? Projecting.

        3. Tog

          No Steve, that would be your local youth pastor.

      2. John Areiter

        That’s a bold faced lie by an unhinged activist.

      3. LegoGuru2000

        Except it doesn’t say that anywhere in the bill but let’s not let something like facts or reality get I’m the way of our pro gay/trans agenda to try and normalize abnormal behavior and yes homosexuality is not the norm in the han species or any other species that sexually reproduces. Doesn’t mean you can’t be gay and expect to not be harassed for it hut it also means you don’t get to force others to recognize your sexual lifestyle choice as normal either.

      4. The Natives

        As a native Floridian please explain to me how the alphabet people bot spending their money here us a bad thing? We do not want you or Disney here. Stay home and help us make Florida great again.

        1. Bert

          No worries there….
          Although the ConchRepublic is pretty awesome!!

      5. Doug

        When was the last time any company had a straight day? What’s the point to partially dressed people with rubber sex organs attached to clothing and signs marching down a street shouting out their sexual preference? If you’re either born gay or not then why push the concept so hard? I have absolutely no problem with gays but ask yourself why is it so important for everyone to know your personal business.

        1. Willie

          Doug, the same thing about christians.
          Keep your beliefs to yourself.

    2. Sorry


      You can’t make that illegal so it doesn’t exist lol

      1. LegoGuru2000

        And homophobia is made up. Being against homosexuality doesn’t mean one has a fear of a homosexual. Homophobia is used to make guys feel better about not being heterosexual like %96 of the human population is.

      2. bert

        Give him a break Ron, he’s homeschooled…

    3. John Areiter

      Well said and most true!

    4. SHARON

      You obviously do not know the extent of the law has on the FL public schools. It is not just what you claim. I suggest you read the entire bill on the My FL government page

  2. Bob

    I would love to move out of Florida and away from the discrimination of people and races; however, financially I cannot. I just keep a low profile and keep my mouth shut so I will not get beat up or killed!

    1. Steve

      Pathetic poor demscum.

      1. Vince

        P@thetic lonely Steve.

        1. Steve

          How much welfare do you get a week?

    2. Sue

      Well Bob I can help you pack if you would like. Maybe you want to move to one of those democratic states where the taxes are high the people love old joe and crime is out of hand.

    3. John Areiter

      That was a comment by a left coast activist.

    4. LegoGuru2000

      No one is going to kill you for not supporting a bill that prevents Sexual grooming of young children. Now if you are one of the teachers Against this bill because you have been grooming kids than you have far greater fears from entities like the Feds who arrest child groomers.

    5. Move Then

      I am sure Cuba would take you.

      1. Steve

        I am not so sure they would want him.

  3. You are so right. They have not even read the bill.

    1. Sitka Response

      They are some ignorant fatherless people.

      1. R

        Terrible conservatives are obsessed with fathers because their own are so awful 😏

        1. Steve

          Liberals literally don’t know what a father or a mother is. They don’t know what men and women are.

          1. How it works

            “Liberals literally don’t know what a father or mother is

            And if your Republican you just never met yours lol

        2. Pete

          You don’t have a clue what a difference it makes when a father is in the picture.

        3. Father Knows Best

          And what do you know about fathers except yours takes a ling time to get Milk from Walmart. Here is a clue, if he is taking more than a week to get milk, he ain’t coming back. You and your BLM movement want to destroy the nuclear family unit with your rhetoric so it does not surprise me you think fathers are awful.

          1. Inside joke

            Maybe you should not name your family structure after a nuclear weapon. Lol

  4. I don’t think gays need a day to make fools of themselves

  5. Be sure not to teach heterosexuality in grades 3 – thru kindergarten, they are just children and don’t need to be confused with sexuality ideology when they have hard times just learning the three R’s and learning how to be Children , not to be predgeadist and learn about their own individuality
    naturally as God intended. 😇🇺🇸

    1. P.C.

      I had to look up predgeadist and still do not know what it means. I am thinking you meant prejudice but gawd, you’re a clown.

    2. Steve

      I agree. Teach them biology and evolution. They will learn all they need to know and understand how unnatural the rainbow agenda is.

      1. Pretty cool

        “Genesis read it”

        It’s about asome god who got mad when two of his own creations got free will and reminded him that he knew they would eat an apple or something

        Also there was a talking snake lol

        1. Walt

          Ummm no they were CREATED with FREE WILL – they disobeyed the one thing God told them not to do and suffered the consequences. God did not create automotons. Kind of like habing orgies with multiple 10-20 male sex partners gives you monkey pox. God didn’t give it to you – you gave it to yourself through your actions. But I know —it’s easier to blame God…..

          1. No

            “God did not create atomotons”

            By definition the powers of knowing in advance creates a false choice when punishment is involved. Even if you throw in the “he’s not like us” sense of godly morality .

        2. Preacher

          You need to open up the Book and read it. Adam and Eve had free will but they also had a rule not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. God wants us to have a relationship with him (wants to be the operative word) and he wants you and me to choose him; not be forced. Yes he is a vengeful God but he is also loving and that is why he sent his Son Jesus to die for our sins and yes you are sinful.

          1. Go To Your Room

            Hey Preacher…
            Jesus on public prayer: “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray … on the street corners to be seen by others… But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.” Matthew 6:5-6.

        3. Steve

          Where did I mention the bible at all? Illiterate democrat.

      2. Unprejudiced

        Not natural? What defines natural?
        I don’t believe Jesus would turn his back on gays. Love everyone. You are showing your true Christian ways. Love thy neighbors…unless they’re gay…it may rub off on you. 🙄

        1. Steve

          Good thing I am not a Christian.

          1. Bert

            No, but you are very unhappy….

      3. Miles

        There’s no “rainbow agenda”, except for the ones that you Dumpists make up like 10 year olds fighting in a playground. Wanting everyone to be treated equally isn’t an “agenda”, you Dumptard D*mbfukk

        1. Steve

          We have always been at war with East Asia.

    3. John Areiter

      Well said!

  6. Steve

    If a law doing the bare minimum preventing the grooming of children is oppressing you, I speak for almost all of Florida when I say STAY OUT. You are not wanted or accepted here.

    1. No need

      “I speak for most of Florida”

      The trailers and poverty do that you don’t have say anything.

      1. P.C.

        Where do you live that does not have trailers and poverty? Maybe Texas should bus the illegal immigrants to your neighborhood. Sounds like you can afford to care for them.

        1. Steve

          He would rather people live in section 8 row houses in crumbling “ethnic” neighborhoods.

        2. Good idea

          “Maybe Texas should bus the illegal immigrants to your neighborhood”

          Why are you threatening me with a good workforce? Lol

      2. Steve

        Poverty like the ghettos almost all democrat voters reside in?

    2. Kurt

      Ah, come on Steve. We’re all Americans! There is some good in everyone. From sea to shining sea! You are most welcome on the west coast. It’s beautiful here, as in Florida, Utah, Maine… and every state.

  7. SportySpice

    What ever will Florida do without the money from the estimated whopping 1-3% of the population? (Yep, look it up. Survey by reputable firm at time of legalizing homosexual marriage in USA. Whoever conflates it higher is being deceptive).

    1. william

      That’s why the rainbow coalition needs to use half the alphabet in order to get so many people under their umbrella. Without all the letters their group would be so small as not to matter.

  8. FJB

    Rainbow was GOD’S COVINANT with Humanity to never Destroy the Earth for Sins like Gayworld by Water again. Genesis read it. K-3 My Governor is the Man! Prayers we raise it k-8!
    GTFO of FL!

    1. Go To Your Room

      Jesus on public prayer: “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray … on the street corners to be seen by others… But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.” Matthew 6:5-6.

  9. Pete

    Read the bill.They want to take parents rights away,and not give them any sayin their childs education.Everything gets twisted to suit their AGENDA!!!

  10. Al

    Great!! More room for the rest of us!!!

  11. Miles

    Lol, there goes Donnie Dumptards smartest again. Their only argument against people wanting to be treated equally is to always resort to calling gay people PED0PHILES, like immature 10 year olds. How predictable.
    Look up the fact that PED0PHILES are almost always straight men. Go ahead , I’ll wait. DUMPTARD

    1. MilesToNowehere

      You say others who don’t agree with you are acting like “immature 10 year olds” yet in the same post also call them “Donnie Dumptards.” Your hypocrisy is hilarious. Actually its pretty sad because I am sure you don’t know how much of a hypocrite you really are.

      1. John Areiter

        True, most true!

      2. Neal

        And yet, YOURE perfectly fine with gay people getting called ped0philes simply for being gay? You don’t even pretend to be a decent human being so you?

        1. MilesToNowehere

          Wow. Assume much there, Neal? Yes because I called out Miles obvious hypocrisy regarding him calling others immature I MUST think EXACTLY like you projected onto me. I don’t have to pretend to be decent. I know I am.

        2. Steve

          No one anywhere is doing that, but why is grooming children in state mandated education a core agenda of every rainbow-flying political entity? Silence is consent in politics.

    2. Steve

      Whatever you say Vince, I mean “Miles”.

  12. Lol

    Silly goose.. like the STD’s you gave your wife after banging the secretary on a regular basis, you Dumptard hypocrite??

    1. Steve

      Het Vince, you are a freak. Get lost.

  13. Tim

    So this country is officially run by idiots. Enough of this BS. First this is suppose to be a place to get Disney News and Updates. They have branched out into other parks as well. Now it is a place to get recycled social media garbage. Second, for all of you that say they want real democracy. Then shut-up on this the majority of the people in Florida wanted this therefore it passed and is now law. Third, Children pre puberty do not need this BS. What they need is straight forward lessons on Reading, Writing, Math, Science, History and the Arts. There is no need to confuse them with gender stuff. All you say if a question comes up is that some children have two moms or two dads and that is all you need to say. Let Biology dictate where and how children develop, instead of pushing adult concepts onto them. I have personally seen several people get to believing that they were Gay or trans at the beginning of puberty and only to discover that they were not later on. Trans and gay do go against science but understanding science you will realize that biology is not perfect and errors do occur. The thing is that those errors should not be passed on because they will not reproduce in the order of nature.
    Now that I am through and those that have a brain will move on “Have a great Day” and those without that will throw your hate please with all my sincerity “Have a Magical Day”.

    1. P.C.

      I like you Tim, you have sense.

    2. Kelly Connerton

      Nicely said

    3. Vince

      So not only are you calling gay people “errors”, but also saying that they shouldn’t be “passed on”?? What exactly does that mean? Let me guess, another big0t pretending to know how a gay person thinks. You really think gay people can just wake up one day and say “you know what?, from this day on, I’m gonna be straight!”.. I’m sure there are bisexual humans who do technically CHOOSE who to date and end up marrying, but I will tell you once and for all.. NOT ALL GAY PEOPLE can change who they are. I know it’s easy for straight people to bash on gay people because you don’t have to put up with all the bull.. how nice for you. But some of you NEVER learned the simple life lesson of putting yourself in the other person’s shoes before opening your mouth.

      1. Wake Up


    4. Nice one

      Your out here calling people errors while you you worship a guy who killed everyone with a flood because he was sad lol

  14. John Areiter

    The Florida bill was snot “anti-gay” as this writer states. Bob Chapek caved into gay pressure to get embroiled into Florida politics and wrongly referred to the child protective act as anti-gay. He should e fired.

  15. Will

    No one is being oppressed. Too many drama queens.

    If you don’t want to go to Florida then good riddance to bad rubbish!

  16. J

    please stay home if you believe the mindless mainstream media about this. It is NOT ok to talk about ANY sexuality with little kids. Stop trying to groom children into sexual beings so early and let them be children

  17. LegoGuru2000

    Good for them. I think they should all organize and all refuse to go for at least a year. After that they can have their oh shift moment when they realize that the homosexual community is not anywhere near as large as you’d need to impact Disney. If the heterosexual families all did this it would put a hurt on Disney. Why? Because approximately %3-%4 of the population is gay, not the %20-%30 the media and the gay agenda movement would have you believe. That means there are not enough gay customers to make a dent in Disney’s profits but goid luck trying to.

  18. Douglas

    Walt Disney once said “ I don’t want people to see or hear the world they live in while they’re in the park, I want them to feel like that they’re in another world”. Disney having all this LGBT stuff is ridiculous. People don’t want to hear or see stuff about LGBTQ plus or BLM etc… while they are at Disneyland or Disney World, they just wanna have fun with their families, go on rides,meet their favorite characters etc… and have a great time at the happiest place on earth

  19. John

    I don’t want my kids to indoctrinated to that lifestyle and I think it is more than ridiculous that you are offended because the vast majority of the people don’t see things your way.

  20. Brad

    I will no longer visit Disney if they continue to cater and fold to loud demanding groups.
    I no longer feel comfortable there because it no longer feels that it’s for everyone.
    In all my past visits, well over 200, starting in 1974 to now living next door for the past 12yrs, have never seen anyone freaking out with anyone holding hands or giving a hug. I have however recently began witnessing unappropriate affections and dress (I’m sure to cause a stir or trying to make a point) being correctly frowned upon and should not be tolerated from “any” group.

  21. Vince

    Yup, here’s the perfect example of what we’re dealing with. Great argument by another “human being” who’s supposed to bring rational conversation to the table. Way to go! Your parents must be so proud of the amazing human you turned out to be.

    1. drew

      Half the comments on here seem like just straight up trollling. I appreciate your even keeled reply to this particular bunch of crazy because it is definitely lacking on here at times.

    2. Steve

      Get a job, Vince. You said I have no life, but on this story alone you wrote ten times what I have. Stop mooching off welfare.

  22. Walt

    LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ- need to go away, all together.

  23. AH

    Gender affirming care is just mutilating a person. It is not care.

    1. Steve

      Real gender affirming care is psychological help addressing their delusions.

  24. S1

    Please do not equate me with those people. As a person who does touch himself in a park, I am not happy being called part of that group.

    1. Question

      You touch yourself in a park?

      1. stephen

        As a man I do. When I need to pee I have to pull my wang out of the hole where my zipper was to do my business.

        1. So many questions?

          So you do this in park in the open, near benches, while kids are near, while pigeons are close by. How often do you touch yourself in the park? Is it any park or just theme parks? I heard if you pee into the wind, it will give you a UTI. Is that true?

          1. stephen

            > How often do you touch yourself in the park?

            5-6 times an hour usually takes care of the urge. Pocket pool can be pretty satisfying.

            > Is it any park or just theme parks?

            Just Disney so I can fit in with the rest of the freaks.

            >I heard if you pee into the wind, it will give you a UTI. Is that true?

            I’ve never tried into the wind but I have popped a chubby and done it fountain style into my mouth to save money on sodas.

          2. Questions answered


  25. drew

    Holy heck, learn to hit the return key every once in a while for a nice line break. No one is going to read that wall of text no matter what it might say.

  26. Cave time

    God had a problems with gays but man did he let lot get it on with his duaghters in that cave lol

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