Comments for Kids Can Become Disney Influencers With Official “Content Creator” Kit

Content Creator Kit from Disney, a Mickey Ring light.

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  1. Just what Disney does NOT need is more influencer’s. Some of the influencer’s (I am not speaking about all of them) act like they own the parks and everything inside them. They act like you are in their way because they want to get the perfect shots and videos all day long of everything from the bathroom set up to the small food portions. These influencer’s rarely follow the rules and act like they are the end all inside the parks.

    Disney should really crack down on the ones who are going for the shock value, showing themselves getting off rides while they are moving; sneaking in to restricted areas; and many other things that are off limits.

    The last thing this world needs is more influencers, whether they are kids or adults. Disney theme parks feel like commercials now and that is a very sad thing.

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