Comments for ‘Joker 2’ Makes Exciting Update, Finally Explains Why Movie Might Turn Into Musical

Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck/Joker

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.


  1. Edward Walsh

    No I am not excited for it been a musical, absolutely not actually!! The first one is a masterpiece, my new all time favorite film. Ok if there’s one/singular singing scene, I can live with that but to make it a musical is not something i would be interested in. To be honest the first one is perfect and a sew is probably not even needed but now that it’s been announced i was very excited until I heard musical. Please no musical!!!!

  2. Starfrog

    Oh! I get it..I can see how a ‘musical’ could go in such a scenario/scene, if handled well that is.. it would illustrate the inner feelings/mental afflictions of two finally finding their ultimate love within each other! Along as it’s done right, this could be very interesting.. I trust they won’t be going all cheeseball on us.. they GOTTA know what we LOVE about the first movie.. suuuurely!?

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