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  1. Steve

    I liked Mikkelsen better in the role, he better fit what I expected the character to be and made the Albus relationship more believable. Its good to know he sounds like an upstanding guy.

    Perhaps they could bring Depp back as another character.

    1. Steve

      Also, I had to try to post that about 10 times to figure out this site rejects posts containing the word D.u.m.b.l.e.d.o.r.e.. What a pathetic woke tabloid you are running here.

    2. Disagree Depp made that role! Without Depp The last installment of Fantastic Beast was a box office failure!

    3. CJA

      I agree! I like Depp but Mads’ quiet, sinister performance really made me believe the character was more evil than crazy. One thing is for certain, though: Johnny Depp IS Capt. Jack Sparrow!

  2. Lyn G

    They are making a HUGE mistake. There is no replacement for Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

    1. Another Disney flop without Depp . Disney deserves a flop again and it will be a huge box office failure guaranteed!

  3. If Depp comes back I will go and see Fantastic Beasts! He brought that role to life!!! Pirates with Margot Robbie will be Disney’s biggest flop ever !




    I rather see Capt. Jack return. Johnny deserves to have both roles returned to him. But I am a Pirate at heart and will love to see the Black Pearl under the Command of Capt. Jack [Johnny] Sparrow.

    1. Minnie

      I TOTALLY agree!!!!!!!

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