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guests fight at disneyland


  1. While most adults who drink at the Disney parks conduct themselves appropriately there are a few guests who are going to ruin it for everyone. If Disney keeps having these fights, disagreements, and people blowing up because they are drunk, Disney could choose not to serve alcohol at all (they probably won’t because it’s a big money maker, but they could).

    At the very least Disney should limit the number of drinks a person can order per day based on their park ticket, pass, or Magic Band. That limit should be enforced across the board to cut down on the drunken behavior of those who cannot conduct themselves like adults.

  2. AKath Pal

    This video is months old.

  3. Leeann Jacket

    That’s exactly why Walt Disney banned alcohol at his parks. It’s meant to be a family friendly place. But as always; Disney puts money before Walt’s vision.

  4. MAC

    Disneyland turning into Knott’s these days

  5. Jim

    I would hope that the person was removed from the Park and given a lifetime ban to all Disney parks.

  6. Teddy Gingerich

    Quite simply, any person or persons who engage in physical fights at the parks should be permanently banned. I dgaf if you’re a Club 33 member; if you engage in (or start) a fight, your Club 33 membership should be revoked and you should be banned.
    The appalling uptick in physical confrontations at Disney parks has to stop. This isn’t a Six Flags park.


    To the person saying it’s months old, it doesn’t matter. This crap needs to stop. Bunch of no-good idiots!

  8. Manny

    He is a club 33 member and entitled to do as he desires to the peasants around him.

  9. Fernando Ramirez

    That’s my video! Lol so excited it made it!

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