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Influencer Stalked At Disney


  1. Walt

    Apparently Jabba the Hutt’s sister has escaped…

    1. Jon

      Would you like to post a photo of yourself to show how attractive you are? Or are you going to just troll other people because you have nothing else to do in your life?

    2. Jesus Christ

      Hey Walt, I understand that posting this comment makes you feel better about your tiny member. I’m sorry that it’s not a grower or a shower. Better luck next time.

      1. Steve

        This is of course the typical intellect of a women believer.

  2. Influencers feel like they have to share every intimate detail of their vacation trips both before the vacation and after their vacation. The consequences could be awful like someone breaking into your home, or stalking you on vacation. It’s seems like common sense not to tell people that you are going to be gone.

  3. billnyenotascienceguy

    Price you pay for trying to be internet famous…Moron.

    1. God

      You better keep dreaming Bill. You’ll never be nearly as cool as this person. Her content brings joy to people. Your comment makes you look like a complete fool. Your mom should’ve had that abortion after all.

    2. Jessup Jones

      Bill, it sounds like your daddy didn’t touch you enough. I’m sorry you had to ask the janitor at your middle school for hugs.

  4. Can you disable the comments on this article, please? They are horrible and very mean-spirited.

    1. Liberally Apply Common Sense and The Problem Goes Away

      AWWW is someone’s feelings hurt? Grow thicker skin. You are the problem with this country. Stop being offended for other people. If you are this influencer, get a real job and help contribute to society.

    2. eric

      Man if you think this comment section is bad you obviously haven’t looked at some of the ones from when the Johnny Depp trial was going on. Those things were absolutely toxic.

  5. P.C .

    So I know most will not understand this concept but if you put your life out for the public to see, you will be recognized and taken advantage of by bad actors (and I am not talking about William Shatner). There is this concept in the military called Operation Security and Force Protection in which you keep your lips sealed and vigilant when out and about, you will stay protected or at least more protected than if you don’t put your entire life on the world’s window. You want to influence, then live with the consequence.

  6. Steve

    Attention seeking behavior and I don’t believe the story for a second.

  7. eric

    “Influencers” are a blight and cancer on society. The sooner people realize that and stop giving these bloviating idiots any attention the better off we will all be.

  8. Manny

    Hold on let me get the smallest violin to play for her. Really this is news?

    1. Steve

      Woman whines to the internet, everyone must pretend to care. Not to is muhsoggyknee.

  9. Carol

    Sometimes the attention isn’t so safe.

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