Comments for Beloved ‘Indiana Jones’-Themed Attraction Scheduled to Close Soon at Disney Park

indiana jones bridge

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Jennifer

    My family was at Disneyland 3 weeks ago and we had a long talk with one of the cast members while there. We were voicing our frustration over Indian Jones and how often it broke down while we were there. We were told that the ride is very old and it breaks down on a daily basis because of this. They also told us that starting in January 2023 it would be closed for an extended period of time to replace everything.

    1. DINA

      Ugh, what else is broken and being shut down
      That treehouse is taking forever to reopen
      Indiana does break down a lot. You only enter in the center door. What happened to the other 2? The rock ball never rolls at you.

      1. Dennis

        Only the center door has a track. When it was built there were 5 panels above the doors, but you would only see 3 At a time. The panels above the doors would move in such a way that the 3 choices would always be visible and the choice you got would be in the middle. During an upgrade the effect was replaced by projected images.

    2. Vandi

      There seems to be some misunderstanding about which park? Disneyland in Ca of Disney Paris? We live in Cali and it does constantly break down and only the center door opens.. yes it’s bumpy and jerky but it’s realistic and exciting! Some days your up to it others is a NO!

    3. Teresa

      To be honest don’t waste your time on it it’s a waste of space I was so disappointed when it first opened up they could’ve did so much more on the inside and that ride really is rough so don’t go on it if you have a bad back not worth the wait just my opinion

      1. VoiceofReason

        Maybe they should’ve brought you on to design it.

    4. Payton

      It’s a park things get old get over it.

  2. MuzzyFush

    They should close the ride permanently. It’s the most uncomfortable ride I’ve ever been on. The restraints are poor and with no support for your head and neck. It rattles your body around and I had neck and back problems for weeks after riding.
    Disney could do much better.

    1. Shawn

      Stop whining, Karen.

      1. Maureen

        If you dont like someones comments keep scrolling. No need to name call or age shame. Yikes. Get over yourselves.

        1. Richard

          Get over yourself comment police

        2. VoiceofReason

          Lol, isn’t that the purpose of the comment section. For know it all people to say there 2sense that no one cares about.

      2. Leslie

        Yeah, stop whining Karen!

      3. Steadyb89

        We were at Disneyland on July 31st & Indiana Jones was our last ride of the night (11:30 ish). While in line it was announced ride was broken down. They let us wait about 20-30 minutes & then called it for the night. We were looking forward to the ride. Didn’t realize how old the ride is & next visit we hope to get it in early. Hopefully by then, it will be refurbished.

        1. Teresa

          Dont be a jerk Brandon 🤣

      4. B Bearss

        Maybe Disney should make some moral changes and they wouldn’t be falling apart so badly. Walt would have been so disappointed.

    2. Abby

      I believe that’s the point of the ride. Yes, safer restraints are better, but at the california disneyland, the harsh movements makes it so much better. That’s why they give warnings on signs, in the queue and on the app.

      1. Anonymous

        I disagree completely

        1. Emam

          Stfu and go ride Peter Pan then

    3. Noel

      No, stop.Indiana Jones is one of the best rides in Disneyland. If you don’t like it just don’t ride it. If you are having that many issues weeks later it sounds like a you problem. If you are old and crotchety you should be grown enough to know your limits instead of finding reasons to complain about Disney.

      1. Eric Watson

        I agree completely.
        Indiana Jones was my favorite ride. The last time I went there I went on it first and it was the last ride I went on before I left the park.
        I have enough wisdom not to get on a ride my body can’t handle.

    4. Dana

      Then don’t go on the ride. I am old and over weight and I love it.

    5. Kate

      The ride is supposed to be an off road adventure. And obviously your adventurous spirit died long ago because the jeeps in the ride simulate an actual jeep ride well especially for the older technology. Also the restraints are also also the same as would be in an actual jeep and head rests would cause more injuries

    6. Mary

      Joe, they are referring to the Indians Jones ride at Disneyland. Spectacular! The one at Disneyworld is a sit in the audience attraction

    7. Mike

      You’re top fragile and should stick to its a small world.

      1. Tech

        What is happening at Disney is what is happening everywhere. Supply demands are being met by manufactures for parts and they have to get by with what they can the techs can only do so much with no parts to replace them with. The Indiana ride in Disneyland is basicly the same ride at dinosaur at Walt Disney world Florida. And with so mamy companies that made those part now gone due to closed down they are having to scramble to find new parts and companies to make parts that are exclusive to there rides. Be patient it’s a whole new world out there.

    8. Anthony Spottsville

      Just get on the carousel. Leave the grown up rides to the grownups.

    9. Ken

      The ride track is totally smooth, the bumps are programmed in. I think it would be better to smooth it out a little but others like it. But it’s just a simple matter of programming

    10. Jeff R

      I rode Indiana Jones before it was officially opened. It was bumpy from the very beginning, but that’s the whole point of the ride! The car itself was innovative because it simulated the bumpiness. However, because of that it had a lot of moving parts so it was bound to breakdown a lot. I hope they keep the ride and just refresh it with newer technology. The ride is a classic.

    11. VoiceofReason

      Maybe you should get in better shape, Indiana Jones is meant to feel like that, have you not seen any of the movies ? He’s in a jungle.

    12. Dan

      At the same time, the ride is not just about you and it has several warnings about the “roughness” which most people, myself included, enjoy how it is even after they tamed it down.

  3. lorraine

    this show, after a 2 plus year closing, i s the same boring show that it was b4 covid……….there needs to be some new things added, dont know what, but maybe new scenes either added or changed

    1. SCOTT lee-ross

      Did you even read the article? Or did you just jump to commenting. BTW the subject was the Indy coaster in Paris, nothing to do with the Stunt Show at Hollywood Studios.

    2. Jayne1955

      They are talking about the ride in Paris, which is amazing. I like it much better than the show.

    3. Shawn

      Close the doors, on you soft ass people.

  4. Jayne1955

    I love this ride. My daughter and I rode it and had a great time. We much prefer it as a ride than a show.

  5. MuzzyFush

    To all those who decided to be hateful because I dared to criticise the ride – check your facts. This is the coaster at Disneyland Paris. I ride plenty of coasters with no problems except for this one. I have ridden it a few times over the years in case I just had a one off bad experience but each time it has been the same so, no, I don’t ride it anymore and I still think it should be replaced with a better ride/coaster.
    I’m sure I’m not the only person to have had issues with this ride.

  6. Lindsay

    If you read the article they are talking about the one at Disneyland Paris not Anaheim

  7. Stacy

    This ride is way over-due for a refurbishment. My boyfriend had never been on this ride and I was happy that he was going to experience it. All four times that we went (a few months apart and up to last year) the majority of the the lighting and best special effects were not working.

  8. CJ

    This is a unique roller coaster at Disneyland Paris themed around Indiana Jones Adventures …. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril …. if it’s going to be down for routine maintenance / extended rehab? then good on Team Disney Paris for taking care of their Rides and Attractions (you can learn something from that Bob Chapek!)

  9. Michey

    They wrote this whole article for a temporary closure 🤦‍♀️ Y’all, it’s the Indiana Jones attraction in Paris and it’s going to be down for a month.

  10. Kate

    I was there on Thursday (the 25th) and it wasn’t as magic as usual. The lights were out for half of the ride, and the boulder didn’t chase us. It was really disappointing because it was my sisters first time on the ride and she didn’t get the hype because of all the problems. It was really sad

  11. Pena

    Don’t you dare close this ride indefinitely! It’s a classic .. Kids love the animation special effects. Awesome !! Maybe update it a bit . But do not move it out !

  12. Laurel

    I worry about fire danger in there !

    1. Candy

      Worry worry worry. Wonder what political party you belong with. Lol

  13. WHY ??


  14. LoveDisneylandAnaheim

    Our group went to Disneyland,Anaheim this last week (record heat) and it contained 4 adults and 2 children. One of the adults and 2 of the children had never ridden. It was kind of embarrassing at how we hyped them up on how great it was, only to find the boulder not rolling, Indiana himself was lit up once and 90% of the ride was in pure darkness. We got stuck in the pitch dark, for as long as five minutes on a bump that continued to lift our car up and down for the duration of the breakdown. We couldn’t stop laughing because we were in fear that a car would come behind any moment and hit us in our dead stop. We really didn’t think so, but it was fun to say it might to add a thrill to a broken ride. The track continued to lift and drop us causing us to keep laughing. 😂Thank goodness a car didn’t really come behind and we made it out safely. The poor people in our car that we didn’t know, didn’t find it funny at all. Whaddayagonnado? Lemons give you lemonade. 😂 The employees said they will close it this winter 22/23 and rebuild it. Something to look forward to next time. Hey, what about that Star Wars ride? Soooo coool!

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