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  1. Dale

    “Hack”? Guidebooks have been recommending this for decades! Big secret… not!

  2. Jack Jones

    Go to hell, this isn’t news, this isn’t true, and this is why writers like you make minimum wage. Hack.

  3. Dave B

    Is it time to change the advice?
    Epcot: Frozen and Guardians on the left.
    Animal Kingdom: Pandora on the left
    Disney Studios: Galaxy’s Edge on the left
    Magic Kingdom: Pirates, Splash Mountain and Haunted Mansion all on the left. Tron Lightcycles will be on the right next to Space Mountain.

    Most of the big draws are already on the left, turn left you will be following the crowds!

    1. DK

      You are right

    2. Cori

      Completely agree. I was a previous cast member and honestly, the BEST hack, is to go during the super slow times of the year. Because there simply won’t be a lot of people in the park period. January, February, most of October, and the beginning of November. Trust me, youll walk on 90% of the rides. This works for Universal Studios as well. You’re welcome.

    3. Brandon

      Came here to say the same thing. Animal kingdom you want to just get to the park an hour before opening and rope drop FoP. Same with Hollywood studios. Now MK going left at rope drop does work. I got jungle cruise, pirates, splash mountain and thunder road done an hour after park opened. Most go to space mountain, mine train or Peter pan first.

  4. Robin Davis

    This was the advice of “Tour Guide Mike” 10-15 years ago. It works somewhat in admission gates and queueing areas but was never intended as the way to get through rides faster. It won’t work in Magic Kingdom because they open only the right side of the park first and then the left side 30 minutes to an hour later.


    Go left and go to the single rider lane.

  6. E.Chambers

    Lol it truly depends on: days,weeks, months, and season also. Yet you do get some perks if you stay on Disney property (am/pm hrs).
    We have always used them more than anything. I personally am not going to wait in a line for 2hrs. Maybe we I was younger too much more things to look at.
    One thing I agree with is go “OPPOSITE” of crowd… You see people go right go left. You see the craziness go left then go right.
    Heck take your time be kind to others.

    1. KDC

      That should have been the article… 😊 I’ve heard of starting further back in park since most people start from entrance and go outward. We tried doing that and it seemed less crowded…

  7. Mickeymouse3

    How does “going left” work better than Genie+ after gates open. As soon as gates open, lines start forming. Within 30 minutes, wait times are already near their peak.
    This guy got his 15 minutes of tiktok fame, and for what? Rewriting what most already knew about.
    Can I get the few minutes back that I wasted reading this drivel?

  8. Mr White

    This is a very limited tip, most queues don’t have a left and right, and if you start the park on the left you will still have queues after about 2 rides.

  9. Brandon

    The true hack is rope dropping. That’s the key to success at Disney

  10. Xtina Graffiti

    Go on the rides that usually have crazy lines during the firework display or other large park wide entertainment such as a parade etc. Plan your meals when other ppl are not having meals also means that at lunch, dinner etc all the good stuff is wide open. I used to have a Disneyland CA annual pass. We would arrive during dinnertime and spend a couple hours 3 times a week and I never once waited more than 10 mins for any ride with the exception of haunted mansion just after they first decorated for halloween/Christmas season where we waited 28 mins. If you’ve seen the fireworks fantasia thing once you’ve seen it enough imo I’d rather enjoy the cooler Temps and no lines to walk straight onto Pirates or Splash Mountain as if the park were deserted.

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