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The new Magic Kingdom Central Plaza area between Main Street, U.S.A. and Cinderella Castle is now open to guests. The new landscaping is the first milestone of a multi-phase project that features sculpted gardens, charming fountains and winding pathways. This area is designed to be reminiscent of castle gardens and offers extraordinary viewing locations for parades and fireworks. Magic Kingdom is located at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

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  1. Summer

    Of course WDW needs more shade and seating. Disneyland has both and provides a much more comfortable experience than WDW. It feels like WDW is doing everything they can to make guests decide not to return. It’s been 4 years and no plans to return until things get a lot better for guests.

    1. Fall

      The house of mouse will be fine without your credit card. Try again.

  2. Memaw

    We would be much more likely to return with more benches and shade. As we grow older, it’s tough to bring 5 kids & grandchildren. We’ve historically stayed on site, but it’s the heat & resting spots that keep us at home now. We would love to come back, but it’s just too hot!!

    1. Are people just now figuring this out… you cannot spend money on that 3.50 soda or the 400 dollar sugar cookie if you find shade and not walking around sweating as if you are in a marathon!

  3. Disney World will likely not add more benches. If you are sitting in the shade resting you aren’t spending money in the park. I know that benches slowly started disappearing from Disneyland a few at a time. They make it that way so you are pretty much only sitting when you are eating and then there are not enough tables for the size of the crowds. Disney isn’t worried about guest comfort, they are worried about how much money the guests spend in the parks. It’s sad that is all that Disney cares about anymore.

  4. Debi

    We LOVE DisneyWorld! I broke my back a few years ago, and I need to sit every once and awhile to rest., I also have to wear a brace when I know I will be doing a lot of walking. So bench’s would be wonderful for me because I also need a back rest when I sit. Thank you for making this my Happy Place 💗

    1. Nila

      Yes they need more shade and benches. I am an AP holder and could not do the parks without my wheeled walker with a seat. I am old with chronic arthritis and I can make sure I have a seat when I need it by taking the walker. So sad that I have to do this because of the severe lack of seating provided by Disney.

      1. When we had annual passes we did the same thing, we took my rollator/walker so I always had a comfortable seat. I have a pain disorder and walking for extended periods of time is murder. Now my health is too bad to go to the parks anymore, but the way that Disney has changed, I don’t find myself missing it.

    2. Your mom

      Would it be a fair assessment that if you need shade and benches that maybe Florida isn’t for you? I hear Portland is nice…..

  5. Graff

    Indeed!! Need More Benches and shade. It is torture

  6. Tonya

    This is absurd! I mean, how many benches and shaded areas would they have to add to make guests happy?!?! You’re going to have guests complaining that other guests are crowding them on the bench or Karen has been holding down that bench for two hours, or Kevin has been laid out asleep on that bench for half the day, etc… Fact is that unless they add a seat to accommodate at least 1/4 of max capacity, people will complain and more problems will be created.

  7. R

    When the money walks the BS STOPS. Eventually, someone will create something bigger, better, safer. None of it matters anyway in 50 years all the parks will be rubble and concrete jungles more than likely a superfine sites anyway. People are just starting too wake up to the fraudsters. Want change just walk away.

  8. Don

    I remember when Central Plaza in front of castle and surrounding it we’re tree lined and a shady area to rest. Where’d it go. Put it back!

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