Guests Stuck Hundreds of Feet In the Air After Terrifying Malfunction

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Credit: Cedar Point

A group of Guests were recently stuck hundreds of feet in the air after a popular attraction malfunctioned, causing a terrifying stop.

When visiting a theme park, the first thing most Guests think of is experiencing the different attractions the Park offers, whether that be a family attraction or the most thrilling roller coaster. While seeing themselves involved in an accident is the last thing going through their minds, there is always a possibility that something unexpected could happen, especially when riding a high-speed roller coaster.

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Redditor u/Environmental-Dot931 posted about an unfortunate group of Guests stuck after an unfortunate malfunction on Millenium Force at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. In the photo posted, we can see the cart stuck hundreds of feet in the air with several Guests waiting for the situation to be sorted out by Park personnel.

People stuck on top of millennium today from cedarpoint

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Fellow Redditor u/Namsoaloha said they had been in touch with one of the Guests riding the attraction during the malfunction and commented the following:

Talked to a guy on twitter who was on the ride when it stopped. He said “They have something under the car that drags it up the hill and somehow it became disengaged. The roll back protection activated so we didn’t roll backwards but they had to get it aligned again under the train then we moved very slowly click by click over the hill.” Also said view was beautiful and mechanic was cool. So that’s good!!

Credit: Cedar Point

While rides breaking down and malfunctioning seem to be a growing issue in the theme park industry, especially since the Parks were forced to close their gates due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most theme parks are constantly working hard to ensure the proper operation of their attractions to provide Guests with the best experience during their visit.

More on Millennium Force at Cedar Point

Millennium Force is one of the most popular thrilling attractions at Cedar Point. Reaching a top speed of 93 miles per hour and a maximum height of 310 feet, this massive coaster is a must-do for thrill-seekers visiting the Sandusky Park.

Credit: Cedar Point

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The Park’s official website describes the attraction as follows:

The Future Is Riding On It.

A looming giant amongst a park full of them, Millennium Force was designed for the purpose of proving bigger is better. What better way to ring in the new Millennium than with a brand new record-breaking coaster that would change coaster history forever. In fact, Millennium Force’s creation demanded an all-new category just to classify its one of a kind nature – thus was born the giga-coaster. Being the tallest roller coaster and the first to top 300 feet wasn’t the only records broken when it opened in 2000. It debuted having the longest drop and the fastest speed topping out at 93 m.p.h. Ranking as one of the world’s best steel coasters year after year since its opening, this behemoth shoots riders over hills, past lagoons and through tunnels, all at unthinkable speeds. With its silhouette illuminated in the night sky, it’s hard miss the iconic coaster on the Cedar Point skyline. 

More on Cedar Point

Cedar Point is a must-do destination for every thrill-seeker visiting Ohio. With 70 amazing rides, from the family-friendly Snake River Expedition to the adrenaline-pumping roller coasters like Steel Vengeance and Millennium Force, live shows, immersive dining, and signature summer events, Cedar Point has a little bit of something for every Guest. In addition, Cedar Point Shores Waterpark is right next door and is home to multiple water gadgets, pools for younger Guests, and slides for the whole family!

Windseeker at Cedar Point in sandusky ohio
Credit: Cedar Point

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