Comments for Disney Fans Bid Farewell to Splash Mountain, Having a “Hard Time Letting Go”

Br'er Rabbit Splash Mountain

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  1. Steve

    It will be back… when the company is under new, sane management.

    1. Walt

      please please please I hope so!

      1. Nancy McAvoy

        To me, to change it would be like taking away The Disney princesses like Cinderella or Snow White. Now mind you I do understand adding things, but why do you have to take it away? Why not just build Tiana somewhere else in the park. I haven’t been to Disney since my children were young, but my husband hasn’t been. How can you take away what I would be expecting to see next time I visit?

  2. Ava

    Sad times for Disney. Splash Mountain was my absolute favorite childhood ride… could shut down for necessary maintenance but the theme change is nothing more than woke pandering. The ride tells the story of Brer Rabbit outsmarting Brer Fox and nothing more… if I knew the last time I went on the ride was my last, I would have stood in line again.

    1. Shonda

      Me too my first time at Disney was when I was 13 I made the mistake of sitting in the back. I’m 24 now and I don’t see me going again anytime soon 😔

      1. T

        I wish I could ride it again, brrabbit another sad time trying to erase old classics, it’s a fun ride. We need to keep somethings instead of destroying it, not everyone can do higher, faster rides.

  3. Victoria Tolivar

    Team Splash Mountain!! Viva La Splash Mountain!! Long Live Splash Mountain!! Long Live Song of the South!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that movie. The time period of Song of the South takes place during the Reconstruction AKA when we won the Civil War and freed the slaves. Not to mention James Baskett, who played the wonderful Uncle Remus, received an honorary Academy Award. He was the first African-American male actor to receive one!! Not to mention the only reason why it has bad criticism around it, is because the reviewer for the NAACP did not attend the movie on opening night to review it. Instead he went by what his friends thought about it. That’s so unfair. That would be like a teacher failing a student, only because he heard from other teachers that the student does poorly, and never giving that student a chance. I promise if Disney does go through with getting rid of Splash Mountain… then I will no longer look at the Disney company has magical and friendly. I will refer to it as the Diss-ney company!!! And I will never partake of their movies, parks, or merchandise ever again!!

    1. YourDad

      So you think song of the South is more relevant and recognizable to the public especially the youth, than a literal Disney princess…

      1. KV

        It should be. Most Disney princess movies are painfully boring. Princess and the Frog was a rare exception, I’ll give it that. But they should be shown Song of the South too. By the way, it takes place after the emancipation so all of the “racism” takes are void.

      2. Nia

        Nope , that will never happened

      3. WDWfan

        To me, the irrelevance of song of the south is what makes splash mountain feel so special. The fact that most people never even realized that splash mountain was based off of a movie makes the ride feel more like an original attraction, along with thunder mountain and space mountain. Now, it will just feel like yet another IP-driven ride that shamelessly throws a movie into a land that it doesn’t belong in.

    2. Momuniverse

      James Baskett literally wasn’t allowed to the premiere of the movie because Atlanta was still segregated at the time.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Splash Mountain but they’re making a huge mistake on this one. A very huge mistake. They’re just erasing the existence of a ride that concerns certain characters from a movie they refuse to release cause people have deemed it too offensive. I’ve seen Song Of The South and I don’t think it’s racist towards African Americans. A pretty harmless Disney movie that takes place in a different time gets a bad rap. So they’re replacing it in favor of a lame ride they’ve created. Now don’t get me wrong about The Princess And The Frog. I found it to be a well done put together movie. But replacing a ride that the whole family enjoyed with a mediocre ride because people got offended by a rabbit, a fox, and a bear. Ridiculous! There are far more important things to be offended about than a ride with these classic characters from a movie. Come on, now.

    1. Mark L Sheldon

      Its one movie that made me like African-American s before id met one

    2. Skeet Jackman

      I don’t think Aunt Jemima puts darkies in a bad light. They should be happy making food for the man.

      1. Steve

        They canceled Uncle Ben for reasons. No one is sure why. I am starting to think the Jews that own these companies are racist.

        1. JJ

          Team Splash Mountian for sure! Love that ride and growing up in the south just makes me love it more. These childhood stories are not racist but just the opposite.

        2. Kay

          I hated the old Splash Mountain. This new idea is great. It needed an update and I can’t wait to see the refurbished ride. Out with the old, in with the new

    3. Cynthia J Burkhamer

      Absolutely correct thank you for saying

    4. YourDad

      So you think song of the South is more relevant and recognizable to the public especially the youth, than a literal Disney princess…

  5. Mark L Sheldon

    Sorry but Tiana is a tocken carictore at best ..trying to be inclusive is stupidity maje new dont try and destroy..song of the south is one of the best classic movies get a clue

    1. Your dad

      So you think song of the South is more relevant and recognizable to the public especially the youth, than a literal Disney princess…

  6. Mark L Sheldon

    Tianna’s bayou is so racist 🤣

  7. Mason

    This may sound far fetched but what if Disney is purposely making the logs on Splash Mountain sink? So there would be a retheme that most fans didn’t ask for? Besides was Princess and the Frog that popular?

    1. Steve

      It isn’t far fetched at all. They have essentially cancels all maintenance not immediately necessary to keep the ride operating. Most if the animatronics are broken.

    2. Buzz

      What a bad move. Splash Mountain is great, I remember seeing it as it was built and the excitement when it opened. How sad.

    3. Greg

      Mason, I can absolutely see Disney purposely sabotaging Splash Mountain to make way for Tiana’s Woke Adventure. They are hellbent on annihilating themselves. Keep up the good work you effing idiots. And no, The Princess and the Frog is about as relevant in Disney history as the Great Mouse Detective and Rocket Rods. It checks the token box and I’m sure we’ll soon tons of new animatronics of Ru Paul Drag Race contestants.

      1. Mike

        And here we go. It doesn’t take long for The Dumptards to start attacking gay people in articles completely unrelated. But what do I expect from this site, and from miser@bIe @ttick dwellers like you.

      2. YourDad

        So you think song of the South is more relevant and recognizable to the public especially the youth, than a literal Disney princess… Calm down son, look at yourself, it’s a Disney ride

  8. Asia Disney parks are not changing Splash Mountain. If you need to get your Song of the South fix, book a trip there. I tire of Disney’s woke nonsense too. If they continue on this path, there will be nothing left. You can’t please everyone, and you certain cannot please the small group that complains about everything and has no sense of nostalgia or history.

    1. Skeet Jackman

      Yeah, we need to preserve the nostalgia and history of blackface and lynching. Back when minorities new there place. You know, all that good history from white people.

      1. Steve

        Which Disney ride did you go on? I bet that line was more than an hour wait.

      2. Vince

        And here it is. What every other white Karen is thinking in these comments but not outright saying. THIS is probably why they’re changing the ride. But you all pretend “not to be racist”. Unbelievable

      3. lol

        *knew their

        I recommend you take an English class if you want to sound intelligent in a conversation.

  9. Esmerelda M.

    Team Tiana!!

    1. Talia

      Same, I’m really excited about it. She deserves a ride!

      1. Elijah

        You two are being ass! You’re on the woke side!

        1. Mike

          And you’re a miser@ble ancient relic that will thankfully die off soon.

        2. YourDad

          So you think song of the South is more relevant and recognizable to the public especially the youth, than a literal Disney princess…

  10. So you are the knower of all?? You are the voice of everyone??
    Not me,tiger, you sound like a racist idiot.

  11. Ann

    Team Splash Mountain.

    It has been my favorite ride since I was 6. The theme is part of the draw. The music is spectacular.

    Getting rid of it in general is a terrible idea, but adding insult to injury… turning it into a Tiana ride!? Tiana is a brat. I don’t even let my kids watch that movie because I hate how rude she is.

    There are better examples of strong Disney women. You can be strong and kind at the same time.

    When I first heard they were thinking about a re-theme, I was upset, but had a lot of fun with my family thinking about what they could do. Emperor’s New Groove was the consensus for the best theme. They go over a huge waterfall in that movie. That could have been the drop.

    Change isn’t necessarily the problem. The new theme is.

  12. Neil

    Political correctness gone beserk.

  13. lola

    People need to get a grip and move on, it’s good that the parks are evolving and changing, exactly what Walt would have wanted, so many racist Disney freaks out there

    1. Elijah

      Women are woke!

      1. Vince

        You’re a moron.

  14. Steve

    I am not any of the other S names, or even all the Steves, if that is what you were implying.

    That aide, you can call me evil all you want, I am comfortable knowing I am on the right side of history.

    1. Skeet Jackman

      Yeah, white is right!

    2. Vince

      So just curious.. are you bedridden? Paraplegic? There’s gotta be an explanation as to how you literally have nothing else going on in your life than to be on lTM and YouTube all day, every day, putting your white racism into every comment you can. Apparently you don’t have a loved one.. so you must be alone and not able to leave your house. Is this really how you want to spend the last of your days?? “Defending” white racism on lTM? Really?? Wow. Downright sad.

    3. Your disapointed father

      Who decides what is right and wrong? Your suggestion proves not only your arrogance, but iggnorance as well. Let me guess… Skydaddy?

  15. Byron

    The sad part of this situation is that if they chose to build a separate tiana attraction everyone would be for it. The Disney executives wanted to make it a replacement for splash mountain so they could force their radical liberal agenda on others. The current executives at Disney hate Walt Disney and his fans because he stood for family values and patriotism.

    1. Skeet Jackman

      Nothing more patriotic then taking a family’s money.

    2. John Niehaus

      You are exactly right! I have no problem with Tiana having a ride, what I have a problem with is that it’s a huge WOKE/Political Correctness move because a small group was angry and yelled and screamed about it. Splash Mt is nothing but a bunch of singing animals and if that’s racist I think it’s racist that a cartoon white duck named Donald thinks he’s better than everyone else including a cartoon black mouse named Mickey. Like where does this end?! They are cartoons for crying out loud! Stop trying to make everything offensive and political because some things aren’t meant to be.

      Further more you are EXACTLY right about the executives hating Walt Disney and his values. No Walt was a sinner like everyone else and wasn’t a perfect man but he deserves respect for his vision and the characters that he created. Walt was a man who believed in family appropriate films and in patriotism and pride in our history. The only reason the company who calls themselves Disney now will even be associated with the man is to get any $$$$ they can…. because that’s what it’s all about to them is dirty, filthy $$$$ and more $$$$. To Walt it was about making kids and adults dreams a reality while the current leadership over the company will do anything for a buck including firing actors who they don’t like, locking away movies they don’t like in the vault, and canceling characters who 1% of the populace thought were racist….and seeing as the movie in question has been locked away in the vault for so long who can question the ALL POWERFUL Disney executives who want everyone to believe it was racist.

      End of story, I always enjoyed song of the south and James Baskeett is one of the finest actors I’ve ever seen in anything. He is the true hero who was breaking boundaries back when that movie came out. I feel privileged to have seen that film and to have ridden that ride and I’ll have the stories to tell my children of the America where we actually had freedoms and people has enough brains to decide for themselves what was right and wrong instead of letting Disney, the Democrats, the Republicans, Dr. Fauci, or whoever else make all their decisions for them.

  16. Old Professor

    Just one of the many ridiculous social justice warriors intrusions that rational people have to put up with. This and countless other uncessary changes that have been made when the world kowtows to emotionally weak, Perpetually outraged, wokel-yokel, halfwits. Disney cannot oust their current moronic progressive management fast enough.

    1. Skeet Jackman

      I’m pretty sure that changing management is technically progressive

  17. Diane

    Team Splash Mountain!!! Morons strike again!! 🤬

  18. Donna

    We were just there 2 days ago..4 days in the park.. spent alot of time in that area, the line is always long on splash mountain….born and raised in cali, been taking my own family there for more than 20years for family vacay. Heard many guest saying the same thing as us..why are these rides shutting down for 30 to and hour at a time..couple of times a day..splash mountain, matterhorn, gold rush, rockets, very strange. Had people running back and forth for other rides, hanging around to get back in line first. I didn’t appreciate that game on my kids. Tiana is one of my granddaughter favorite princesses..happy to see them pay tribute to her. That area could use a face lift. But this mean..the actual splash mountain ride is coming down.? I’m too old for it anymore but the kids liked it a lot. 🤷‍♀️ …new Ara new memories.

  19. TjValion

    Let’s get rid of the spineless, sniveling, narcissistic, woke pieces of worthless excrement that find everything offensive and get “triggered” instead. Worthless tools.

    1. Your disapointed father

      Interesting you chose the word narcissistic,

      So you think song of the South is more relevant and recognizable to the public especially the youth, than a literal Disney princess… Or could it be your own emotional fuzzy clinging to the past, kinda like how you peaked in highschool.

  20. KesselRun

    I gotta stop coming into these comment sections. Y’all are freaking gross.

    Why don’t you rightards open up your own theme park, with an Amistad boat ride, Klan hall of fame, Proud Boys hit-a-protestor bumper cars, and the Trump ass-kissing booth, and leave the rest of us decent people alone?

    1. Steve

      I mean, that is what Disney was, along with most of America, before your type started.

    2. Who,me?

      Don’t you have some cities to burn, TV sets and Sneakers to loot??

    3. Your disapointed father

      You can’t even afford a ticket lol broke mf

    4. lol

      Your kind are the reason I gave conservative voices a chance. And you know what? They still make more sense than liberals. Wokeness is retarded. And speaking of which, the more words you decide to pretend are “slurs”, the more frequently you are going to hear “slurs”. Get a hobby besides complaining.

  21. Ronnie

    What the heck is this crap? You can’t just get rid of Splash Mountain because it’s getting old or it needs new parts. Just repair it and keep it going, simple as that. People need to learn not believe everything they see on the internet. This is highly stupid and I don’t believe thier actually transforming the ride into something else that might be boring and uninteresting. Splash Mountain is a great ride and they can’t get rid of it when it’s so popular

    1. Your disapointed father

      Dude this has been in the works since late 2019, concept art came out early 2020, its happening and the fact you didnt know should be telling how vested you actually are in it, your opinion isnt needed, move along

  22. Amazone

    They don’t have to change the name… it’s Splash Mountain because it’s a flume ride. Splash Mountain doesn’t have anything to suggest a movie. Change the decor if you want but save a few bucks and keep the signs. And I love both Song of the South and The Princess and the Frog…the ride itself terrifies me…

  23. Michael

    You’re going from one racist ride to another racist ride The way they treated her in the beginning of the movie , because of her color

    1. VacaDad

      Guess I will book my trip to Disney Tokyo now to get my Brer Rabbit fix…there they don’t have this woke BS and from what I can tell on youtube, the people are friendlier and the park is still magical unlike here

  24. Wcjeep

    As a kid I enjoyed Splash Mountain. As an adult knowing the history it can’t go away fast enough.

    1. Jack Sparrow

      Poor little fragile snowflake.

    2. Marie

      Guess you don’t know the history. Those stories were all based on African folk tales…. Guess how we got them here? But hey, let’s just let misinformation wipe out everything that the slaves brought to this country. Let’s just forget their heritage. Right????

      1. Elizabeth

        I’ m glad someone knows the true history of these folk history .The slaves told these stories that were handed down by their ancestors and adapted to reflect their new environment of the south . Uncle Remus was a folk hero .

  25. Erwim

    My favorite part is when my husband and I rock the boat , and everyone turns around and looks at us!

  26. Jack Sparrow

    Nobody was clamoring for Token and the Frog.

    1. Walt

      love that title – I am going to plagarize! LOL

  27. Dan

    There is no reason it should be removed. The real racists are the ones who believe these characters should be memory holed.

  28. Shonda

    If they keep the most beloved splash at the of the new ride I think most people would accept the change, if not you’d probably see MUCH shorter lines in the summer.

  29. Walt

    This was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Classic ride designed by classic guys from Imagineering Tony Baxter and John Stone. This and other radical woke crap happening is the reason I am done with Disney. They do not repersent the value (monetarily), values or respect for traditions they have in the past. “Token and the Frog” is a crap movie hastily and half assedly made to pander to certain groups. Just one in a long line of pandering movies. A grreat story line is no longer relevant – just ticking off boxes of different ethnicities to make sure we cover them all. And people don’t understand that pushing this promotes division when we all have more in common with one another than not. Disney is dead to me it is a company promoting much evil. Yes EVIL.

    1. Disney always sucked

      Another person complaining about how every single movie isn’t made for them anymore… who cares what Disney does with their children’s theme park, you are an adult…

      1. Mike G

        Disneyland is for people of all ages. Clearly you know nothing about Walt Disney

    2. YourDisapointedFather

      Define evil, not what Disney is doing, define the word evil

  30. Marie

    So….do the geniuses at Disney care or even know that Uncle Remus stories are all based on African folk tales???

    1. Mike G

      And that the stories originated on a plantation. But hey, they are “racist” right?

  31. phil holland

    If this was planned before the 2020 announcement a lot more work would have been complete. It was a knee jerk reaction to the petition and the race riots that were occurring at the time. Disney was afraid Splash Mountain would make them a target. No work has been done on it since except for a few conceptual art drawings.

  32. J

    Tiana deserves her own restaurant or attraction (considering the arc of the story, a restaurant would be perfect), but don’t destroy something that already exists that is beloved by so many. Create something completely new for her.

    1. Jim


  33. Jim

    “Convert Splash Mountain into a more appropriate attraction”. Those who feel the need to determine what is appropriate need to get a life. If you don’t like something don’t do it.

  34. Deborah

    I think this generation has nothing better to do but to complain about everything! Walt must be turning in his grave! No one makes you go to Disneyland. If you don’t like it then don’t go but done ruin it for everyone else and take away their memories. People need to put their big boy and girl pants on and stop seeing things that aren’t there, and we’re never there, and allow the children to just enjoy it.

  35. Disney always sucked

    Sure are a lot of adults complaining about a children’s theme park… Perhaps consider going to Busch Gardens, its cheaper, has better rides and has free beer (well 2 free beers)

    1. Mike G

      As Walt said, Disneyland is a place for people of all ages. Not sure why you think it’s only for kids

  36. Tina

    Team Splash Mountain all the way! Song of the South was a beautiful movie. Isn’t it interesting how “they” want to erase everything that is connected to black history? From pancake syrup to rice. Doesn’t that community see what “they” are doing? The black community should be outraged that they are being erased from history. Why don’t they see it?
    I will miss the music from that ride sooo much! Big mistake Disney. Big.

  37. Mike G

    The “lovely” woke, cancel culture Disney corporation. Bowing down to appease the few. Splash Mountain doesn’t need to change as the ride is great the way it is. Just as is the movie it is based on. Thanks to the Disney corporation for ruining what was a fantastic and beloved attraction yet again

  38. Michelle Evans

    Team Splash Mountain all the Way!!!!!!!!!
    This is Ridiculous that they are changing it now. Nothing Wrong with Splash Mountain. Big Babies, if you don’t like the theme, then don’t ride it.
    Why should the rest of us except the fact that one person complaining can change a favorite ride. So wrong and going to miss this ride. Very sad. Changing all of the good rides because a few are unhappy. Just don’t ride them then!!!

  39. Michelle Evans

    Has anyone actually seen Song of the South besides me and my Family and what this movie is about?
    It’s about Friendship no matter what color, Race or where you come from. It’s about a little who feels alone and makes friends with Uncle Remus and a couple of kids from the Plantation and who lives close by.
    FRIENDSHIP is what the movie is about. Wake up people and know what you’re talking about.
    The Princess and the Frog is a good movie but don’t change what is good and wholesome. All you see on Splash Mountain are Critters, just Critters. No people just Critters.
    Learn the movie and Love the ride

  40. Fancy Pantz

    Team Splash Mountain all the way! I like Princess and the Frog and I think Tiana deserves her own thing- a restaurant makes perfect sense. Leave Splash Mountain alone!

  41. Your disapointed father

    Ya, ya, kid, now give me my fries

  42. When is Enough Enough?

    This is sad. This is an iconic ride that has animals as the characters on it. I didn’t know animals could be racist. Plus the main character wasn’t depicted in a bad light. He was kind and pleasant. That is just how society was at that point in history. It is shocking and appalling that people have become so entitled that they expect for scientific and historical FACTS to be changed to appease a small group of delusional people. You can’t change facts and things that have already happened. It is important to preserve history to LEARN from it. But if you don’t scramble to try to come up with a solution to an impossible problem, the same group tries to destroy you, your family, career, and reputation. You are no longer free to have your own beliefs and practice your own religion. You have to agree with the “correct” opinions and beliefs. Pretty soon people will be “offended” that the sky is blue because they wore blue uniforms in the Civil War or it is a masculine color, and demand that it be changed to a more “inclusive” shade of purple. If millions of tax dollars aren’t spent researching how to go about this impossible change, then everyone is racist and homophobic. I personally hate the Princess and the Frog. It is my least favorite Disney movie. It has nothing to do with race or the cast. It is a cartoon. I just don’t like the movie. Just because I didn’t like the movie, which there is no right or wrong answer to and is a personal preference I will be labeled as a racist. It is sad to see that we are slowly losing all freedoms that this country was founded on.

  43. Elizabeth

    If the new rendition has amazing animatronics , backgrounds and a sound tract that fluently follows a great story line I will then believe that Disney had plans to change the ride before all the controversy. If the ride is done on the cheap then I believe Disney changed the ride just to appease and to appear politically correct.

  44. Elizabeth

    I’ m glad someone knows the true history of these folk history .The slaves told these stories that were handed down by their ancestors and adapted to reflect their new environment of the south . Uncle Remus was a folk hero .

  45. CT

    Not interested in Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. This is a clumsy attempt by Disney to try to increase sales for a movie that was not that popular. The theming is all wrong for Frontierland in Disney World, plus the movie takes place in the 1920s in Louisiana (not exactly PC). What a waste of money on Disney’s part. If they want to promote Princess Frog, they should just add a new attraction for the IP and not replace one of the greatest attractions Disney has ever done.

  46. The ride is not based on Song of the South. It is based on A Laughing Place” which is a traditional African folk tale. The characters are traditional African folk characters. There is nothing racist about the characters or ride. People are Sheep. LOOK IT UP. They are literally tearing down a ride based on African lore.

  47. Maria

    Here’s the thing. Song of the South came out in 1946. It’s been banned for decades. I’d wager that 90% of the people riding Splash Mountain have no flippin’ idea what Song of the South even is. The characters are cute, the music is fun (who doesn’t like Zippity Doo Dah?). There’s no need to complain that a theme park ride isn’t politically correct. If Splash is getting a little worn at the edges, fix it up, but there’s no need to erase it completely.

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