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Galaxy's Edge Millennium Falcon at night

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  1. John Ilbert

    Any information on the Fuzzy Tauntaun drink at Galaxy’s Edge? I heard it’s coming back soon from one of the staff.

    1. Baby Toyoda


    2. Big D

      The Fuzzy Tauntaun is what the ladies call my package. 😉

  2. Dirk Flager

    It’s a no brainer.
    I don’t know how they will get it done with the current layout; ROR is right next to the muppet theater and there is the tunnel entrance to Batuu.

  3. donald jay trump


  4. Keil Fleischbein

    I go to Disneyland mostly for star wars and New Orleans, so this sounds not so bad to me. I just hope they expand the California version that I am local to. I go to galaxy’s edge all the time there, around once a month.

    1. Darth Serious

      Other than ROTR…what do you like there? That area was vacant for months after opening. The imagineers did great work, but they created a desolate not-quite-tatooine…nothing you really can identify with Imperil scrapyard, IMO.

      1. J

        It is a big “Yawn”

    2. Internet Avenger

      There’s physically no way to expand Galaxy’s Edge in CA. The backstage space behind the New Order shop is already committed to Mickey’s Runaway Railroad and over in ROTR’s area they would need to cut into the railroad & River’s of America, which was already done once. They crowbarred the land into the backstage area as it is, so they’re out of real estate in CA. Much more realistic in FL, as discussed, since it’s in Disney Studios, where Star Tours already exists, just to bridge the area.

  5. Darth Serious

    How about we expand the Muppet area by knocking down Buttoo? As a life-long Star Wars fan, I do everything to avoid Star Wars Land – or just beeline to ROTR and hightail it out of there. It’s so freaking boring and un-relatable to the exciting worlds from the original trilogy.

    On the other hand, I do find Star Tours far better than it used to be.

    1. Blackstar

      I like Star Tours too 🙂

      1. Susie

        I am not a muppet fan, and I wouldn’t mind them taking it out. I would l9ve it, if star tours became the “ride” into Batuu. I had this very discussion when the Land opened at HS in WDW. I don’t want the muppets at EPCOT, they can send them to MK.

    2. Tony

      Totally agree. Heck, Disney+ Star Wars content all revolves around the Original Trilogy. Big mistake going against initial designs for Galaxy’s Edge totally resolving around the Original Trilogy. Disney Trilogy is just lame and I avoid it too.

    3. BC

      It was a mistake to use the space at Disneyland for Galaxy’s Edge, at least until it proved itself at DHS. ROTR is just an orgy of effects lacking in story. A big disappointment compared to Carsland. Star Tours is all the more enjoyable now.

  6. Fran

    Move muppet vision to where launch bay is or where the little mermaid attraction was. Problem solved.

    1. Susie

      Good idea….Launch Bay, served it’s purpose, it does need to be repurposed….. 😉

  7. Michael harbuck

    Another idea is they have been thinking of getting rid of little mermaid show. Why not move the Muppet show there. It kind of fits better with the attractions there anyway. I believe there would be enough seats for the vast amount of shows they have. I also am a Muppet fan up up up chuck.

  8. Zara

    Star Wars has no place in Disney in my opinion, that along with Marvel is ruining the fantasy and magic of traditional Disney

  9. Ruben Reynoso

    Terrified? Really? This is the stuff that “terrifies” us? How much more first world can we be? Global warming? Nah, can’t be bothered. Child labor? Eh, if it happens and I don’t witness it, so be it. Muppets possibly moving at WDW? Oh dear god, no! No! NOOOOOO!

    1. Tiffany

      I think the writers need to start ginning up more controversy with food. Guest TERRIFIED by three scoop ice cream.

      1. Susie


  10. J

    Galaxy’s Edge is boring boring boring.

  11. Tiffany I’d be terrified if they went away from triple scoop

  12. CJ

    I have a feeling that the Muppets is a stronger intellectual property within the Disney Hollywood Theme Park at WDW then Star Wars (mainly due to the failure of Galaxy Edge + that Star Wars themed faux resort on a space ship) …. no I do not see that Cheapskate Bob Chapek spending any money to do anything that improves at any Walt Disney Theme Park. 😅

  13. Mike

    They can move the Muppets. I love them and want them to have a spot in hs and epcot but for sure they could add a star wars muppet movie parody.. lmao

  14. Mr messy pants

    I’m terrified also to the point of messing in my pants

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