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The simpsons ride, a poster from 2012 in the queue.


  1. Gus

    Leave to Disney to ruin everything they can…Lets go Disney anyone?

    1. Steve

      You realize Disney isn’t the one neglecting this attraction right? Universal studios is. I guarantee the simpsons will have their own attraction at Disney with blackjack and hookers.

      1. Mike

        So universal is neglecting a ride b/c they are losing their rights to it in 2025, but they started neglecting it in 2012, 5 years before the deal went into negotiations?

      2. You know what forget the blackjack…..

    2. Logic101

      Did read the article? Universal!

    3. Jake

      Dude, you don’t even know the difference between Disney and Universal. 🙄sit down


  2. Will

    Now universal? …Bring back Back to the Future 2025!

    1. DUDE


      1. Why Not Dude

        Because, what other IP can Universal leverage? Say what you want, but to some it’s considered a classic Universal IP. They re-imagined a King Kong experience, as well as, the Jurassic Park (World) experience…

        1. LoL

          Just rode The Simpsons yesterday. I don’t mind the ride staying. I enjoyed Back to The Future a lot more. It would be an improvement if they could brighten the screen. Now “The Slow and The Curious”. Need to do something about that hot garbage.

    2. rob

      Hear hear. I second that.

  3. Sandy

    Universal studios and Islands of adventure need to update alot of things. They took out stuff like jaws, twister, disaster, back to the future to name a few. My generation is not left with much that interests us. The Harry Potter castle was just there and needs updating. The holograms need updating. Plastic plants are horrible looking. Come on the price of park tickets Universal needs to appeal to all ages. Not everyone is into Minions.

    1. Brandon

      Everything in the main parks will probably take a backseat until Epic Universe (new park) opens in 2025. It’s still a million times better than Disney, IMO. My wife and I love the Harry Potter sections and Haggrids and Velosicoaster are insanely good!

  4. Brandon

    I remember reading a story that said the rights expire soo. To Simpsons and Disney probably wants to hold it for themselves. The Marvel Island at Islands of Adventure had an amazing contract that allows Universal to keep the rights to Marvel superheros but also keeps Disney from using them in Florida. But Simpsons has no stipulations. So who knows, maybe they’ll knock it down and ET and create a big new world. But that probably won’t happen till the new park (Epic Universe) is done in 2025.

    1. Brandon

      Marvel in the 90s was broke and sold their left nut to keep afloat. That’s how Sony got Spiderman and Universal got Marvel Island. It’s still hard to believe that Disney owns Fox and Simpsons, Marvel, Star Wars, Hulu (mostly). If that’s not a monopoly of power I don’t know what is?

  5. billnyenotascienceguy

    Why does the article say “guests”? It was literally one guy.

  6. Lizette

    I thought it was cool I love it I want to go see it again

  7. Darrin

    Umm.. so what? That part of the park plays classic clips from Simpsons episodes as well, with many of the classic episodes coming from the 90s. Are we going to say they shouldn’t show those classic clips because they are too old as well? The Simpsons portion of the park shows all kinds of Simpsons materials and not all of it can be brand new material. What a pointless complaint. Its supposed to be a celebration of all things Simpsons, both older and newer.

  8. Frank

    This article says 2025; the other article says 2028. Which one is correct?

    1. Frank II


  9. Cameron McElroy

    My Dad likes The Simpsons, Dilbert and ALF sometimes too!

  10. Maybe journey of the dragon warrior boat ride from China within land of awesomeness will replace it in both Florida and Hollywood just like minion mayhem replacing a crate adventure with minion land part of the expansion of resorts world Sentosa Singapore not Nintendo and the Simpsons will debu at Disney parks across the globe to Mickey and his friends as Disney parks mascots and 20th century’s stars will also debu at Disney parks too to join the other Disney stars and have a new land at Disney parks called Disney 20th century land

  11. Maybe journey of the dragon warrior boat ride from China within land of awesomeness will replace it at both Florida and Hollywood and the Simpsons will debu at Disney parks across the globe to join Mickey and his friends as Disney parks mascots and 20th century’s stars will join the other Disney stars too and Disney parks will have a new land called Disney 20th century land

  12. CJ

    An article based upon an opinion from a tik tok video? 😂

    I enjoy the Springfield section of Universal Studios Hollywood (Duff Beer n’ Lard Lad Donuts n’ Buzz Cola from the Kwik E Mart), I enjoy The Simpsons The Ride 3-D.

    There’s nothing to speculate, because Universal utilizes what they have access to intellectual property wise to promote the area and entertain Park Guests.

    Let’s wait for Universal’s Epic Universe to be completed at Universal Studios Orlando, the Nintendo themed area to be completed at Universal Studios Hollywood …. and then see what Universal Studios announces.

  13. Marko

    You also have to realise the deal was between matt groening and universal, not with fox and universal. It has nothing to do with Disney.

  14. Diane

    Disney beats Universal Anyday !

  15. fhffg

    i wish they would just bulldoze this piece of crap

  16. Mikey Ceballos

    Then if Universal Studios Hollywood is neglecting the Simpsons ride then we must go on strike!

  17. Jake

    No surprises here…
    Regardless of who actually owns the ride, it’s just a real lame reskin of Back to the Future. The ride sucked and I’m glad they’re getting rid of it. They should bring back the original Back to the Future. It wouldn’t even take much work to fix the place up for it.

  18. Allan sharman

    Let’s not forgot that there is a very small percentage of people who actually go to theme parks, most of them American, and at least 85% of the world doesn’t care? It’s not the 50s anymore, ferris wheels and theme park rides are not nearly as popular as before. The reasons the Simpsons failed, is the same reason MOST theme parks fail. There’s only really 3 companies on the planet that actually keep them alive.

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