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  1. Theme parks are super crowded right now, it’s summer. No matter what theme park you visit, there are going to be lines and it’s going to be hot this time of year (again it’s SUMMER). The best time to visit a theme park is early Spring (before Spring break) or late fall (when kids are back in school). Expecting short lines in summer is unrealistic.

    I do think that the ride closures at theme parks right now are insane. Whether it’s lack of maintenance or low staffing problems, it’s unfair to pay full price and have so many attractions be closed.

  2. Michelle

    Something doesn’t make sense about her story as how did she know that many rides were down after only an hour? I seen or might of misunderstood so apologies for it but I seen something that she had left and came back! Exactly where did she go? I’ve been visiting Cedar Point for over thirty something year’s and sometimes a newer ride lines are at least two hours long and Cedar Point is clean and their employees are so professional! It’s been a few years since I’ve been there but an hour and half long line is standard! I used to go after five where you get in half price and it’s not as hot because the sun is down and line’s aren’t as long as daytime! I was so upset when they got rid of the Demon Drop, Mine Ride, water ride when those were the best original ride’s that have seen there since I was a kid! I think sometimes like the person this story is about went into Cedar Point not in the best mood and sometimes when it’s hot and humid and your not feeling your best and having to deal with this unusually humid summer even more than previous summer’s your at each other! But this poor kids birthday was ruined by leaving when she could have made the best of the situation and sometimes they start rides back up! It’s better to be safe than sorry and they inspect each ride an hour before open and if they don’t operate safely they can’t have people getting hurt! Hopefully you give Cedar Point another try in the early spring and fall is when I’ve always went to the Halloween Weekend’s when my kids were younger!!

    1. Bill

      The mine ride is still there.

  3. NR

    Hey, I am a lifelong Cedar Point fan, too! I agree with basically everything you’ve said, summer is just a busy time, full stop! However, I do want to point out that the app (and the free wifi, If you sign up for marketing emails) actually tells you when rides are down, as well as wait times, so it is possible that she realized most rides were down within minutes of arriving.

  4. Jake

    My wife and I visited CP last month for the first time. We drove the four hours and booked a night at a local hotel. We woke up early, dropping the kids off with the in-laws on the way, finally making it to CP just before noon. We immediately jumped in the 50 min queue for milli; excited, we made it to the front and delayed. For the next 45 minutes in the hot humidity without water, we grew agitated with the lack of communication from staff. Already dedicating the queue wait, we chose to stay but finally able to ride. It felt great. After, the shortest wait was gatekeeper and walked over. That 25 queue line quickly turned into 90 minutes as that went down as we were next to ride. We chose to stay and wait it out again because the app showed everything else as over an hour wait. Our experience was not too thrilling on our first visit. We saw several rides go down—the wait time was terrible. After spending half a day and only riding two coaster we gave up and went to the hotel. The following day we took advantage of early admission and got to ride valravn twice, raptor, and steel vengeance before the queue time got crazy. Overall, our first visit was displeasing. Investing our weekend, several gallons of over-priced gasoline, and hundreds of dollars for hotel and upgraded passes; I didn’t see the value. I would hope with time things will improve. I would give this another try. Until then, Kings Island and Universal Orlando is the place to be.

    1. Lee

      U got CP on a weekend, crowded.I think your expectations were too high.I believe they try, always running 3 trains if possible. Remember they a rebounding from COVID too. Crowds & downtime just has to be dealt with, I’ve always enjoyed myself there knowing this

      1. Tom

        Unfortunately, weekends are the only free time available to many. Expectations are high when several hundreds of dollars are spent and valuable time is taken. CP needs to do better.

      2. C Miller

        Wrong. Never three trains always only 2 or 1. I’ve been going there for 61 years and went last week (Tuesday) 8/2. We stayed all day and experienced the same thing. Never have I seen Cedar Point run so inefficiently. Very, very disappointed.

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