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guest yelling at disney cast member


  1. I hate it when cast members are treated poorly. They are underpaid and overworked because of the Disney company. They don’t deserve the treatment that they receive from some park guests. If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. And if you have to complain, go to Guest Services and complain, that’s what it is there for. It seems that people have less and less respect for each other these days, and that is evident at any theme park you visit these days.

  2. Cindy a.

    It’s terrible how people are treating other people but could we please have some good news about the parks !! It seems to many articles are about what’s going wrong !!!

  3. TiredCM

    I appreciate this exposé of disrespectful guests, and I have a favor for any and all Disney Tiktokers. Can you please make some content about the alcohol policy at Disneyland/DCA? I’m a CM and the alcohol policy can be pretty strict and people get very angry when they don’t have the right kind of ID (which is posted only online) or that they’re only allowed to carry up to 2 alcoholic drinks each, or that they can’t let their CHILDREN hold their alcohol, etc.

  4. Peggy

    Stop selling liquor during the heat of the summer. Seems since Disney started selling liquor at stands people just keep getting rude and out of hand

    1. Bill

      Or stop selling alcohol completely? Might get rid of some of the riffraff.

  5. Entitledfolks

    This happened on a cruise we were on. Guy screaming at the poor employee, insulting and being condescending to him. Until my husband stepped in! He’s a big, burly guy with a substantial beard. Know Tormund from Game of Thrones? Like that, lol! Pretty sure the guy peed himself before meekly apologizing to the employee. More people need to stand up to these bullies. They’re usually all bravado until a bigger guy comes along and puts them in their place 😂

  6. CoreyinFl

    Well said Sara!

  7. Deb

    All I can say is even the little kid was gob smacked that the cast member was being shouted at, terrible behaviour so many people seem to have lost their manners

  8. Polly

    So help me, if I ever see this kind of behavior, I will jump in & stop these shenanigans. So ridiculous and unnecessary. The person yelling thinks they are so above the rules.

  9. Lisa Coleman

    My daughter and I were treated terribly by a cast member got into a line to get a pretzel at 10:50 and after standing there a minute was told they were closed. The person behind us said it’s only 10:50 pm and the cast member said you can stay. I thanked her and said that I was diabetic and with all the heat and walking my sugar is low. She smiled then whispered to another cast member who said this is my cart and I decide when we close and walked away. I followed her asked for her name and she just stared at me. I looked at her name tag said Kiera what is your last name. She refused to give it to me. I was so mad and said you really ruined my day. She shrugged her shoulders. I told my daughter to get out of line. I complained to the first cast member I saw but got no reaction. I was so frustrated, hot, and low sugar I burst into tears. My kids said she is diabetic they called a manager who asked what I needed and came back with three pretzels. I filed a formal complaint the next day but heard nothing back from Disney…. so disappointed been going there since I was a kid.

    1. Aaron

      I don’t understand how you were treated badly?

    2. TacoCat

      If you are diabetic, you need to carry your own snacks and not expect others to give you special treatment.

    3. Vicky

      OK you are a diabetic and you wait until 10:50 PM and and realize you needed something to eat beat being a diabetic you should probably carry your own Snacks. I’m sorry but it is not up to Disney to take care of your diabetic needs you know what they are and you should take care of that yourself. Just another one of those trying to blame someone else for your mistakes!

      1. Vicky

        Sorry for the auto correct 😅

    4. Trump 2020

      Boo Hoo. Probably overweight and ate all the snacks you should of had for this situation earlier, but Disney’s fault because you wait until the last minute. SMH

      1. Kacy

        You can be underweight and diabetic. There’s many forms of diabetes. You are only using weight at an insult. Until you know why they are diabetic (which is rude to ask) then being overweight has nothing to do with being diabetic. Research using credible sources before posting.

  10. Steve

    Sounds like we got the story of an observer who didn’t want it know what was going on, but still posted the video for clout. Makes me think more was going on here than shown.

    People pay a lot to go to these parks and the customer isn’t always wrong.

    1. Aaron

      It doesn’t matter the situation, this customer was definitely wrong. Yelling and screaming is childish. If you’re an adult you should be able to talk to sort out your issues. You are ridiculous.

      1. Steve

        It sounded like a reasonable response to any number of situations given the supposedly premium status (price) of a Disney vacation. You’re being hysterical.

      2. Dorinda P.

        Yelling and screaming? Hardly. She seems frustrated that CMs aren’t all on the same page with the rules. Getting yelled at doesn’t bother me, the pseudo celeb tik tokers and bloggers are the real annoyance.

  11. Simplejack

    Did anyone watch the video before commenting? Sure this woman was obviously expressing frustration over something, but she wasnt over the top. She wasnt screaming and she wasnt being disrespectful. People need to grow thicker skins. And whats with all these people filming the parks for social media? I take plenty of family videos at the parks, but i keep them with the family. I feel sorry for the children of these social media bubbleheads who cant enjoy family without sharing everything with a bunch of strangers, or waste time making how to videos. Their kids would be much better off if mom made them the center of her attention instead of their social media followers.

  12. Aaron

    There’s nothing wrong with making videos for social media. Plus you can’t tell anything about how much they spend with their kids just by watching a video, so stop acting like you know everything about someone’s parenting skills

  13. Claire

    The bee-yatch was uptight and complaining about the $5.00 apiece they be charging for Kotex in the ladies restroom.

    1. Spiritual Warfare

      Not fair!! The Kotex are free in the Men’s restroom!

  14. Dorinda P.

    Yelling and screaming? Hardly. She seems frustrated that CMs aren’t all on the same page with the rules. Getting yelled at doesn’t bother me, the pseudo celeb tik tokers and bloggers are the real annoyance.

  15. Kat

    Not sure if I saw the same video as some of you. There was NO yelling and screaming. A customer was asking a cast member for clarification. I think the tik tokers posting videos with these false claims are part of the problem these days.

  16. Barb

    I agree one should not yell or insult cast members. However, I have been to DisneyWorld 4 times the past 14 months and can say that the customer service level there is not even close to pre-pandemic. Indifferent, often rude CM’s don’t seem to care that guests are frustrated with long, slow lines, often due to tech/mobile system down or slow. After many years of being annual passholder and DVC member, I am truly saddened by what is happening there.

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