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  1. Walt

    Uh huh – thats the problem with all these elctronic systems – now you see it now you don’t. Bring back physical Disney Dollars. Cash is king! And yes I had a card like this and was told its just like cash you lose it you’re screwed.

    1. Steve

      Why would anyone in their right mind take money that is good everywhere and buy a gift card that is only good at one establishment.
      Ithe whole gift card thing boggles my mind

      1. Nick

        A lot of times you can get them with specials at Sams or Costco where you can get a $100 gift card for $85.

      2. lorraine

        buying gift cards to use is fine, taking all of them and putting all the money on one card after is crazy to me. I f you lost it , you would be outa luck. Leave them on the smaller cards and if you need too , leave most of them in the safe in your room

        1. Samantha Killheffer

          um, they had to buy tickets…plus hotel… Should never “dissappear” – had a horrible 1st Disney World experience yesterday – and nobody at Disney cared a lick. They already got my $$$ – downhill Disney goes… we will NEVER EVER visit again.

      3. Jeff

        Well 2 reasons, can get gift cards sometimes for 10% off. And if they are from Canada using Disney gift cards saves you another 2.5% since there is no foreign transaction fee like there is on credit cards.

    2. Nick

      That’s why whenever we use them I always keep a few extras so if I lose one I can sign into the Disney Gift Card site and transfer the balance to another empty card I have. I also name them by the card number to make it easier to track them

      1. Is there any end in sight for the Hellscape that Disney has become? Why does anyone go there?

        1. Samantha Killheffer

          It has become AWFUL. STEALING MONEY. Closing down all outdoor rides b/c of non existent “lightning” – don’t bother with $70 extra for the lightning pass (that they don’t ever mention that you can only use every 2 frickin hours!! Rip off city USA. We will not be back.

      2. Mike

        Awesome idea

  2. SusieQ

    I have had Disney gift cards that were new and never used and cms told me they had 0 balance and threw away. I knew they had full value and requested them back and had to fight for it. Got it back and used it somewhere else. I was told by someone who works retail that this is a common scam where there “throw your car away” then retrieve it to use for themselves. It’s happened to me enough times at Disney that I no longer buy them.

    1. Carl

      That’s not the way it works although they try before they would issue another card they would deactivate the one thrown away or lost ..

      I know I do it for customer everyday

      1. SG

        Thanks for the heads up, lesson learned. Use VISA credit card.

        1. Samantha Killheffer

          Visa card holders should not get preferential treatment or discounts, period.

  3. Suzy

    Umm yeah someone who didnt go to disney go to disney university should probably write this article. Could make sure it isnt biased based on one reports experience just my opinion

    1. Shut up


      1. Tlaw

        And may sure to include Bob Chepak, CEO in that action, since he has basically screwed up everything at Disney to get more $$$. It’s payback time bobbiboy….

        1. Lorrie

          Go after them that place is only interested in making money.It is far from the Happiest place on earth

        2. Samantha Killheffer

          Yup, he had to get all up in supporting of sex and gender nonsense being taught in k-3rd grades, in another state! GROSS.

      2. Carl

        LOL no body did that, the system won’t allow the transfer if funds especially to an employee. Do you think they don’t have internal systems to prevent that ..

        Man the things people believe if it is like outs you can not transfer anything you deactivate and reissue no transfers

        1. Samantha Killheffer

          Then WHERE did the money go, genius? It’s ABSOLUTELY possible. Just because YOU don’t know how to do it, doesn’t mean it’s not possible! hahaha… Who’s the gullible one here – you! It’s called FRAUD. Disney is doing it all day long, each day of the year… Lose the Disney loyalty and become a hacker, you’ll make more money.

  4. Billy

    Next time put your savings in your bank savings account or get visa/Mastercard gift cards and register them.

  5. Charlie

    I get my Disney gift cards from Target using my Target credit card and save 5%. I only use them for big ticket items like my close out hotel balance. Works well for me.

  6. JW

    This happened to me. The cast members at the Boardwalk were wonderful in helping me…the cast members I talked to on the phone while trying to resolve this issue were not. It was eventually resolved within 24 hrs but only because I had the original email/receipt as it had been an e gift card.

    Another time I had lost a $50 gift card in Tomorrowland. I asked the cast members on the rides we’d ridden if anyone had turned one in and explained that I wasn’t sure how much remained on the gift card. They actually ended up giving me a new $50 gift card which was totally unexpected and very much appreciated. That’s part of Disney’s magic and great customer service that used to exist.

  7. Susan

    I had issues with my gift cards. The email address for help was way more helpful than the 1800 number. They were useless and a waste of 3 hours.

  8. George Reynolds


  9. Jess

    Same thing happened to me. It was because there was a fraud hold on the gift card. The balance showed $—.— on the site, but I could see the transactions where the balances were transferred to one. After three calls to the credit card service center, I finally got someone who could help me remove the fraud block.

  10. Deb

    There are hackers out there selling gift cards left and right. They sell them at 40% of their face value. Then it is a race between the original owner and the customer of the hacker. The minute you went on line and entered those numbers to be combined into one card you put the information into the hackers hands. If you do not have enough personal will power to save the money into a savings account to use for vacation this is your payback. Hackers love people just like you.

    1. Samantha Killheffer


  11. Bob

    This isn’t like Disney at all.
    Their MO is to charge you full admission price for a park that is only half open.

    1. lorraine

      yesterday was bad with closed for refurbishment rides and we had a LL given to us for later at the haunted mansion because it broke down , but never got to use it ,( dont know if it ever opened back up) but then again a couple of rides were almost just walk on because the park was so low at magic kingdom. We only bought a snack and it was just too hot to walk on their pavement all day…So many benches taken away, not many places to sit. ( and many of them in the direct sun) I noticed yesterday that some areas even had tables removed also. We left b4 the rains came around 4. we havent bought any merchandise in quite some time.

      1. Urmom

        Goodness, stop giving them money. They do not care about you. If you continue to show them you will keep giving them money for nothing they will keep giving you nothing.

        1. Samantha Killheffer

          Yes. Disney has become ALL POLITICAL – they celebrate the degenerate ppl, & NOT FAMILIES anymore, even going as far as getting rid of “gender-specific” phrases like “boys and girls” and “ladies and gentlemen”. – it’s DISGUSTING.

  12. Deb

    That gift card got hacked the minute she went on line and put them onto one card. Why people have not figured out the internet is a highway from honest people and hackers is beyond me. Let’s take gift cards that only I have had access to and let me enter those numbers onto the internet that the whole world has access to. Now let’s see if I am lucky enough that a hacker does not find me before I use the card.

    1. Hackerman

      That is not how any of that works. It’s actually extremely easy to use the internet safely if you just pay attention to what you’re doing. Don’t download sketchy programs, visit sketchy sites.. all that good stuff. You will never get hacked unless you make yourself a target.

      1. Samantha Killheffer

        most people aren’t that tech savvy, are NOT using VPNs, and know NOTHING about internet security. They’re all using Google still, and zero malware, etc… protection. They’re sitting ducks, keystroke grabbing programs are EVERYWHERE.

  13. Jon

    What advantage and Parkside for what purpose would anyone buy gift cards instead of using cash or a credit card? Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  14. Al

    Site it says not a wallet.
    So after you combine you are suppose to remove the digital card from the system.
    I have been doing this for years never had an issue.
    I buy them discounted when they are on sale.. or from Target redcard.
    My children get 20 giftcards as gifts.

  15. I'm smart

    Article ends with writer saying no 2 guess experiences are alike.

    Well, when it comes to gift cards and how they work shouldn’t every guest experience be the same????

    1. I'm smart

      Guess = guest

    2. Samantha Killheffer

      YES, yes it should. Sounds like a LOT of people are experiencing a LOT of FRAUD from Disney gift cards. Sue em.

  16. Carl

    I am supervisor for a major online retailer that is not Amazon and I deal with this every day with people throwing their gift cards away before getting their purchase. I can not wrap my head around why any would do that until you have your purchase in your possession people are just stupid.

    1. Samantha Killheffer

      Yeah Carl, you ALREADY let us know you work for Disney! hahaha… Learn the backend of hacking… You seem to be one sided with your “knowledge.”

  17. Harlie

    I have purchased/used Disney gift cards on multiple occasions and have never had any issues. Never once has a Disney cast member tried to keep the cards or tried to scam me. These stories sound like BS to me. It’s not Disney’s fault if you are an idiot. Why would u call the resort when the card itself CLEARLY states to call card services with problems? Every gift card on the planet tells you to keep your receipt in case of issues, and to treat them as cash. SMH

  18. Brenda Lumpp

    Never bought a Disney gift card but I know some cards will expire after a certain amount of time if not activated after you buy them. Just a thought. 🤔

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