Comments for “The Gays Have Won”: Fans React To ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Winner Joining ‘Ironheart’


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  1. Trump 2020

    Crash and Burn!

  2. working man

    Ugh enough of this LGBwhatever nonsense, why does a show need a drag queer on it? looks like we will be skipping this one, I dont feel like explaining why a man feels the need to pretend to be a woman to my kids. Theres enough wrong in the world they dont need this in their lives too. Disney needs to stop this nonsense and go back to normal programming and family entertainment, not the smut they want to try and peddle.

    1. WDWSLR

      Finding oneself and expression as a Drag performer helps people heal from being raised by people like you

    2. Deebs

      Looks like “working man” has a lot more work to do on himself, his heart, and his ability to remember simple acronyms.

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