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  1. Sandra

    A few years back during the evening my service dog and I were having a problem.I wasn’t sure where to take her so she could go potty.
    I asked Peter Pan for help,he broke his autograph line just to take us.I love Peter Pan

  2. I LOVE seeing and hearing about positive cast members in the parks and positive guest experiences. There is so much negativity in the parks these days, it’s nice to see that there are still cast members willing to make Disney magic for guests.

    1. Blackstar


  3. Debbie Spina

    This is quite a long time ago when my girls were young, maybe 5 or 6. We spent time meeting princesses and other characters, putting their autographs in the book we bought for the trip. The most special for us was Mulan who spent a few minutes with the girls and had them walk with her. My oldest is Asian and this was one autograph we really wanted for her.
    Later we realized the book was gone. She was so upset. We went to lost and found but they didn’t find it. We explained about Mulan and the rep asked us to wait a few minutes to find her.
    About 10 minutes later he brought back a book filled with autographs of characters including Mulan. She was beaming and we were so touched.
    Nobody does it better than Disney!

  4. Lisabeth

    Years ago I was watching the parade in AK and Pluto pushed the interpreter off the box and started signing the lyrics to the song being done. Another time Mickey saw me signing to my husband and started signing to me at dinner

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