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  1. Diznelvr

    Reach for Tylenol? No, I had to see a chiropractor for many weeks after I got home! I’m thrilled they are upgrading the track system. They use the same track system on Space Mountain at Disney World and you feel the same. Looking forward to being able to ride this in the future!!!

    1. Murph

      Every time Disneyland closes a rude they should stop prices! Always in rush to raise prices when add rides well same should go when take away rides in reverse! Money hungry company!

      1. Mike Evans

        Yes. I just spent 1 grand just to get my family in and eat. 1.5 hr lines. Too many people were in the park. No Micky, Goofie, Minnie. Shame!!

    2. Ruben Reynoso

      There is no guarantee they are replacing the tracks. The article only mentioned that many people complain of the ride’s bumpiness (I’m one of them). I would love it if the tracks were replaced, but I’m guessing this is just another “semi-major” refurbishment since they don’t give a re-opening day. A track replacement would most likely be a year or two endeavor, so we’d get some kind of “Returning Summer 2024” message, like we did when Big Thunder had a track replacement, instead of the “indefinite” time frame.

    3. Sara

      I agree! I loved the ride, even though I am not a brave roller rider, but it gave me a terrible headache.

      1. Thomas Robert Miller

        So many Karen’s, Kevin’s, Barbies, and Biffs commenting on an article that many haven’t probably ridden in a long time (if ever) I have to wonder how many are Republicans? So many snowflakes.

        1. Lenora

          Grow up and stop using names as insults.


        3. Republicans? I bet you can’t afford a Disney Vacation. Karen btw is a Conservative term for liberals! Nice try Karen!

  2. J

    I went on it on August 8th, nothing seemed wrong but how would I know.

  3. Ralph

    Slow news day

    1. Buzz

      It’s always closed. Disneyland without hearing the howl of the abominable throughout the park was not the same.

  4. Nina

    My favorite Disneyland ride! I was on it last week. Love the Matterhorn!

  5. DC

    I haven’t been to Disneyland recently, but when I do go it’s one of my favorites. I hope they bring it back soon. Disneyland would not be Disneyland without it

    1. Becky

      Once again your authors are lying or clearly do not understand what indefinitely means. The Matterhorn consistently gone down after summer every year for refurbishments. You guys claimed Monster’s Inc was closing and acted like it wasn’t coming back but it did. It was just a refurbishment. Just because there isn’t an end date on how long they’re going to be working on it just doesn’t mean the attraction is leaving. But you guys won’t clicks so you’re going to lie.

      1. Tom

        Heading to Disneyland 17-18 October and fingers crossed Matterhorn will be reopen by then. Do you know how long the usual annual summer maintenance lasts Becky? Thank you!

  6. Tracy

    Hope they make it accessible for more people.

  7. Mike

    My first time was 54 years ago. Loved it all my life. Hope it reopens soon, ready for another half a century plus. It’s an anchor of the whole Disney Parks Empire.

  8. Matt

    I keep reading these articles, and it seems like the author doesn’t know what indefinitely means.

  9. Izzy

    I’m glad because I went to Disneyland for the first time on July 30th, 2022 and it was the only ride I hated. It was just giving me back problems the entire time and I’m only 25! My girlfriend needed a Tylenol too since it was about to give her a headache. Goofy’s Sky School is more tolerable and fun than this ride..

  10. Geoff

    They really can’t get rid of the Matterhorn. First, it’s a totally unique part of Disneyland that no other park has that draws folks into the park. Second, it dates back to the beginning (or at least close I’m not sure) which makes it iconic. Third, it’s HUGE and stands out in the park (I still remember being a kid and spotting the Matterhorn from the freeway – you knew you were almost there). Update modestly the bobsleds and track, but they cannot get rid of the Matterhorn!

    1. Christopher Davidson

      I think what needs to happen is the tracks need to be replaced and the bobsleds need to be replaced. With bigger bobsleds When I went last year in October I had a cramp in my upper thigh from sitting in a position that I was not supposed to be in for that whole ride they need to make the bobsleds a little bigger for adults and for youth and kids so everyone can fit comfortably during the ride and injoy the ride

  11. Tanille

    I enjoyed it . Didn’t find that I needed any medication. The one ride that my family and I felt like we slipped some disc in our back is the Goofy Fly School. I would never ever go on that one again.

  12. Why is it closed for refurbishment again? I am so angry every it closes for a refurb they do nothing

  13. Why is it closed for refurbishment again? I am so angry every time it closes for a refurb they do nothing

  14. duhhhh

    So it is going to get new track simply because the car train came off of it

  15. Steven

    I love this ride. I was there in May and it was fine. I’m 69 years old with some bad joints and it was perfect snd so much fun. If it’s not bumpy for this 69 y.o. , then a few of you need to ride the wimp train.

    1. Bill

      I’m 38 and I’m so sick of my generation morning participation trophies and winding about everything.

  16. Devin kaschak

    I worked for Disneyland for over a year and a half and the Matterhorn by far is my families favorite ride and my family and I never had an issue with that ride and I have been riding it for years so for anyone trying to say it gives you headaches or whatever my friends who still work for Disney go talk to them and myself to know there is media attention but Matterhorn will stay it doesn’t stir me wrong its my favorite and keeps everyone coming it’s part of disney

    1. Georgina

      I love this ride but cannot ride it due to back issues. Can’t wait until it returns. I will give it a go.

  17. Erica

    My daughter almost flew out of this ride. She met the height requirements. I almost broke Mt arm trying to save her. My arms were so bruised. I have pics of them.

  18. Texdave

    We visited Disneyland in 2016 and rode Matterhorn Bobsleds. It was very cool but as others have said it tweaked my back. Fortunately I had pain pills with me. We’re returning next year and I knew my son will want to ride this so this is good news. Either it’s closed still OR it’s smoothed out. Either way is fine with me although I hope it’s opened but for this project I doubt it.

  19. Laura

    The original Matterhorn was NOT hard on backs….. even for geriatric riders ( who I am now joining). Walt rode it and wouldn’t let it run as rough as it has been

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