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  1. Rianna

    Yes!!!! This year I’ve seen them everywhere!!! All between the rides and in the bushes. They are everywhere. I think the year they closed cause those rats to bread in the millions. It’s bad there this year. Never in the 15 years I’ve been visiting have I ever seen a rat. 2022 I’ve seen 100s in the bushes inside the park.

  2. Ladyblueyes

    Many years ago I saw a rat on the island of Pirate of the Caribbean. That is the one with the pastor and the map as you walk into PotC and as you end your ride.

    I was on the ride right before we were getting ready to dock and I saw the rat behind the map. I notified the ride operator who was helping me off the ride. As it was easy access to the Blue Bayou restaurant, it was no surprise to me that it was closed for a few days after that when we went back (we were annual passholders for years).

    I’m glad they now have many cats about the park.

    1. Ladyblueyes

      Parrot, not pastor. I hate auto correct …

  3. If there are rats in one Disneyland shop or restaurant, I guarantee there are rats in others. Rats don’t discriminate and only pick one area to infest. Disney needs to review their cleanliness policies and find out why the rats are everywhere. It seems to have gotten worse after they re-opened for Covid. Maybe they have cut down on pest control with all of their other cutbacks, but only Disney knows for sure.

    1. Cat

      They’ve been there forever! I worked there over 30 years ago. One day I looked down and a mouse was on my shoe. I quietly kicked it off and went to tell the lead. Soon an animal control person came in to investigate. Luckily, there was no sign of an infestation. We were closed for a few days. Never saw a mouse again…except for mickey and minnie!

  4. Kira

    Oof. Just got back from Disneyland and saw a rat climbing up a wall while on Jungle Cruise. Shouldn’t be shocking given the amount of food everywhere, but it still caught me off guard. Yuck.

  5. American Patriot

    Sounds to me like the extreme right of the GOP – you know, the “Orange-tards”, suddenly all decided to visit the park as guests of the corporation.

    1. Real patriot

      The “orange tards” as you call them won’t visit Disney because of their woke ideologies and agenda to push deviant and sinful lifestyles into the mainstream. The man hasn’t been president for 2 years and he still lives rent free in your head. List all of the good things your pedophile child sniffing geriatric dementia ridden leader has done.

      1. Tia

        Pedos are running rampant in your head rent free. You should concern yourself with the downfall of democracy thanx to your autocratic idiots.

    2. silkyrlf

      Just another idiot with TDS.. FJB

  6. Matt

    There cats are getting very lazy send in Jack Russells to get them out

  7. Leilani

    I was there recently and in line for Dole Whip when I noticed a huge rat above the wall walking across a ledge behind these surf board looking decorations. I was grossed out at the size of this rat!

    1. Sooz24

      EPA and other over protective agencies probably won’t let Theme Parks use rodent control nuggets, etc anymore! Chemical protection but OK for Feces exposure!

  8. DLand

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha🤣🤣🤣🤣 It’s about Stinkn time that they DID SOMETHING like that 🤣🤣🤣🤣 They need to check out ALLLLLLLLL of the Restaurants 🤣🤣🤣🥲 I “USE TO” work for Disneyland/California Adventure in the Food Department and the things I’ve see are Ridiculous. The story myself and other Disney Cast Memebers could tell you about All the Different little Critter things that visits these Restaurants 🤣🤣🤣 Have fun EATING THERE EVERYBODY 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Janelle

    Saw rats in the ivy by Alice and in the bushes by It’s a small world. For the amount of money we pay, I’m sure they can hire more exterminators.

  10. Noel Garcia

    No one has identified the restaurant yet.

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