Comments for Guests Instructed to “Activate Windows” During Rare Disney Ride Error


Credit: u/gone_coding


  1. If they are seeing the activate Windows sign it means that Disney is not paying for Windows but is using various free trials until they run out. That’s what it appears like at least. I can imagine how that would ruin the ride experience.

    1. Chris

      Or one of Microsoft’s MANY activation bugs hit.

      I never understand why Disney and other companies continue to insist on using Windows for these things. Use Linux, it will be more stable and you can fully customize it the way you want without all this activation nonsense.

    2. Kiba

      The are probably utilizing Windows Enterprise edition. If the computer for some reason was unable to communicate with the enterprise server for 30 days it would trigger the activation window as the license would become inactive. They would need to point it back to the enterprise server and rejoin it to their domain in order to properly license it again.

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