Disneyland Employee Baited In Child “Predator Catch,” Police Are Investigating

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YouTube personality Black_ Biden83 has made it his mission as of late to rid the world of child predators. His YouTube channel contains videos of many instances in which he’s posed as a minor in an effort to bait those who would act unlawfully, before confronting them and handing their information over to law enforcement.

Warning: This article contains sensitive topics that may not be suitable for all audiences.

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His most recent video confrontation titled “Predator Catch #20” is a 17-minute-long accusation involving Disneyland employee “Greg.” The YouTuber alleges that he had been chatting with Greg for more than a week via an internet dating application under the guise of “Anthony,” a 16-year-old boy.

The end of the video contains screenshots of their conversations, which are incredibly disturbing in nature and prove that whoever the YouTuber was chatting with was fully aware that “Anthony” was a child under the age of 18. As a result, the plans they discussed were illegal and potentially felonious.

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Whoever was responding to the YouTuber acknowledged their employment at Disneyland on more than one occasion, even offering to bring “Anthony” to work at some point in the future. After a series of missed connections and a mountain of proof of the chatter’s intentions, the YouTuber decided it was time to loop in Disneyland officials.

Around five minutes into the “Predator Catch #20” video, the YouTuber faces the camera towards the ground as he discusses the incident with who he captions is Disneyland’s head of security. The employee assured the YouTuber that incidents like these are something that Disney does not stand for, but stated that he was limited in the information he was able to provide as the situation would require a thorough investigation.

The YouTuber appeared unhappy with the response, alleging that it seemed as though they were prioritizing the protection of their employees over confronting a potential predator in their midst. “If they don’t want to do it, I’m going to do it,” the YouTuber said before heading to keep his plans with the man in the chat.

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The YouTuber made his way to the chatter’s house only to find a Disneyland-uniformed Greg making his way towards the door. He confronted Greg with evidence for another 8 minutes of video footage, breaking only to call the police.

Throughout the footage, Greg denies ever speaking to a minor before eventually proposing that he could have been set up. Again, the YouTuber appeared displeased with this response, asking how it would have been possible to know so much of Greg’s information had it not been for Greg’s own participation in the chat.

The YouTuber ends the video with screenshot evidence of the information that he provided to law enforcement.

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As the video was just posted on August 10, the situation is currently ongoing. The specific status of the investigation is unknown, but the YouTuber posted the following update in the video’s comment section:

Orange police department is taking this serious and has actually called me numerous times today for more and more evidence. I am pretty sure this guy may no longer be employed there, I will keep everyone updated!

Inside The Magic will continue to provide updates should they become available. To view the full YouTube video, click here, but please be warned that the content is disturbing and viewer discretion is advised.

If you or anyone you know has information pertaining to this case, please contact law enforcement immediately.


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