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Credit: Screenshot via RandomDisneyDude/Twitter


  1. Jo


    1. Steven

      Whatever you say, Fascist Jo.

      1. Steve

        Commie traitor IDENTIFIED.

        1. Daenerys T.

          High School history class D+ student, IDENTIFIED.

          1. Angel

            Please stop posting false info. The parks are full of people daily.

    2. Mary

      Disney’s Chairwoman Susan Arnold is openly lesbian. Could she be using family-oriented Disney to groom children for LGBTQ? If so, then we’re been paying Disney a fortune to groom our children.

  2. Steve

    It won’t stay like this, but it is a bad omen for Disney’s future. This is proof that no, they can’t charge whatever they want and cut whatever they want and keep the parks packed. Disney does in fact obey the laws of physics like us mere mortals.

  3. Jeff

    Would be a shame if the post Covid mad travel rush came to an end … Upper annual pass tiers returning in 5, 4, 3, 2……..

  4. Peggy

    No annual passes. Who can pay over109.00 a ticket. Family 4 just 3 days 1790.00

    Next DVC will see the results. We are seriously consider selling after next trip if no annual pass

  5. John

    This may be the result of Disney’s misguided attempts to promote unnatural LGBTQ? Our genders are already defined by biology at birth. Trying to redefine genders against biology should not be falsely displayed to innocent children as natural or normal. LGBTQ representation is a minority’s right which must be overridden by the majority’s right of protecting kids from grooming and parents’ right to teach their kids as the parents see fit.

  6. Becky

    This is a complete lie! We were there yesterday. We are Florida residents who frequent all four of the parks. We have NEVER seen Magic Kingdom so crowded in the 25 years we have lived here. It was shoulder to shoulder and wait times were longer than they have ever been. No rides had 5-20 minute wait times. The wait times were 45-120 minutes. We visit every single year during this week and after this years experience we won’t go back until mid September when things calm down.

  7. Misty

    I agree with Becky, the parks are still extremely busy. Went on Sunday with some family visiting from NY and no wait times 5-20. I will say, however, the way money hungry Chapek treats locals and passholders is a travesty and he deserves anything negative thatay come of his actions.

  8. Charles

    Hi woke go broke!! Hahaha!! I hope they go out of business!! Florida doesn’t need the Communist!!

    1. Logan

      Ok, Charles. Or is it Steve? Go back to your home on Troll Island.

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