Comments for Should Disney World Store Childrens’ Heights on MagicBands?

family riding seven dwarfs mine train in Shanghai Disney

Credit: Shanghai Disney


  1. Chris

    And what stops kids from swapping magic bands? It’s the same problem they had when they tried wrist bands and stamps, people found ways around the system.

  2. Putting a child’s height in a Magic Band is not a good idea. The biggest reason is because Magic Bands are meant to be removable. So let’s say you come to the park with two kids, one who is tall enough to ride the rides and one who isn’t. The taller child switches their Magic Band with the shorter child and then all of a sudden the shorter child can ride all of the rides.

    They need a universal system of measuring that is official, instead of being done by individual cast members, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. I do think kids should be measured when you get in line, and then if they are tall enough they should be allowed on. No child should have to wait in line because they were measured as being tall enough only to get to the front of the line and be turned away.

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