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  1. First of all, as much as I love Disney, I would never spend $35,000 to go to Disney World. But, it’s this person’s money and if they have that kind of money to spend, all the power to them.

    That being said however, if you are going to spend that much on a trip to Disney World, you should do research before you leave. Research would have showed that summer is the busy season at Disney World and that the lines are ridiculous in the Florida sunshine. Some people don’t mind waiting in long lines, but if you do, you don’t go to Disney World in the middle of Summer.

    Research also would have showed that they are prioritizing Genie+ riders at the parks right now and that the parks are short staffed and nowhere near up to the speed they were before the pandemic.

    I think this person is making a fuss to try and get a partial refund on such an expensive trip. It sounds like they didn’t get on as many rides as they had hoped, and now they want reimbursed some of the money from Disney. I can’t blame them if they feel that way as that’s a lot of money to spend, but they shouldn’t have visited in the summer.

    1. John M

      Agree a person who is an Idiot and now crying foul!

    2. lola

      She doesn’t deserve Zilch!

      1. Deonna

        Another example of people posting negatively thinking it will warrant big refund. I’ve experienced a negative event st Magic Kingdom I contacted customer service via email. They respond and called to personally speak to me. They were apologetic and did make a effort to correct the wrong. I didn’t demand anything from them or try to embarrass them. Just informed them of a event that I couldn’t let slide by. Moral is treat others as you wish to be treated.

      2. Sam

        Do you mean she does deserve something? Or that she does not deserve anything? Choose you’re words wisely!! You are confusing 😕

    3. Booker

      How many people did she have with her for it to cost $35K. Fifteen!
      Did she have a 3BR villa at the Grand Floridian for a week? Tickets to all 4 parks & The water park. Dinner for Everyone at Victoria & Albert’s. She should be mad LoL.

      1. Ziva G

        Right!? She doesn’t specify how many people were in her group, but $35,000! That’s a lot of money! I mean, she can get VIP treatment and skip all the lines for that much if it was just a family of 4!

        1. Laurie

          I am a travel agent and just have a group of 27 go to Disney World for 8 days and only spent $32,000. She must have been doing the most expensive of everything.

    4. S.E. C-R

      Research would have shown???
      COMMON SENSE would have showed that summer is the busy season at Disney World and that the lines are ridiculous in the Florida sunshine!!

      1. Saskabush

        after going to Disney World twice a year for
        Ten years.
        We. Followed word of Mouth
        Never in our
        Life did we stay more than 4 days
        And paid normal FLDA
        Prices for 2.
        She was a bloody idiot

        1. Aimee

          This woman is a Karen by the looks of her SM. She tagged Vacation Club which makes her supposed price tag all the more disturbing. It’s possible there were more people attending but it looks like it was a family of 4 to 6. I definitely could spend that kind of money at WDW but i would sure as heck have a LOT to show for it!

    5. Chris Sieraczynski

      It’s not that hard for a large family to have spent 35000 I spent 1800 for 2 tickets alone
      And the high cost of food and transportation tops and a few souvenianers I spent about give grand and never rode a ride !

    6. Floridian

      She should of just paid for VIP for the day. It’s only $4,000 per family and she would of walked on every ride

    7. William

      Agreed, I believe we have a Karen Alert here. We should not be expected to feel anything because someone neglected to do proper research before spending hideous amounts of money on a vacation.
      If it doesn’t come across clearly through text, my disdain for such idiocy is palpable.

  2. Steve

    My resident pass renewal would cost 2 fewer zeros and I am letting that lapse. Disney is a horrible corporation and their parks are barely worth the walk through the parking lot. Oversold and underwhelming. Good place to get assaulted and banned by Disney for being a victim.

    1. Paula

      Sadly this is true. It feels more and more like the business it is. Hasn’t been magical for quite awhile.

    2. Well said. We haven’t been back and won’t be. Company has lost its way

      1. Max

        When we went this summer it just felt like everything was costing extra. We stayed at the Contemporary. Since the remodel, the thermostat doesn’t go below 68 and they don’t have mini fridges – only “beverage coolers” that stay above 41 degrees. You can’t store food in 41 degrees. So instead of buying yogurt and breakfast sausage to be delivered, we had to get breakfast each day at the contempo cafe. Sneaky move…..

        1. Telissa

          We went a few yrs. ago and it was horrible we got there when it open and only got to rid 3 rides and we stayed until close it cost way too much for 3 people and our grand son had a horrible time.he had more fun at sea world than Disney. Will never ever go again

          1. Richard

            How can you only get on three rides. I have never even got close to only riding three. I have been over 200 times and gotten on every ride I wanted. Even multiple times on rides. Sounds like poor planning.

            1. Tim

              Since there is no time frame, which park, or any other details it is hard to determine why only three rides. But when you 5 hour waits for rides I can see it as very possible. I have only waited longer than a half hour for a ride and that was because I was there for only that ride.
              You shouldn’t have to plan out your entire day while on vacation. You should be able to enjoy the day and not worry about a schedule but going to Disney now feels like a job and not a vacation. Just saying.

            2. Steve

              I can very easily see it with few rides being below an hour wait, several over 3 hours, and most suffering regular technical failures.

        2. Kat

          I like how everyone complains about price increases….great don’t go…but wait you still do. Everything is rising in cost it is in no way exclusive to Disney. Prices will rise it’s normal.

        3. Al

          We had a new fridges at pop and the datn thing would not get cold, I think they were made that way.
          We bought a foam cooler and ice from Walmart delivery

      2. Dan Benthall

        I was at Disney World opening day it was promoted that it was going to be overcrowded but to the contrary only around 15 to 20,000 people showed up, characters were not very well educated at that time as they are now I remember Donald Duck sounded like a little short man with a cigar with a real raspy voice grab a hold of me and my brothers telling us to turn around look at the camera small boys I remember being frightened at about 5 years old that Donald Duck was talking like a cigar smoking man LOL now they just make hand gestures and waddle around

    3. Richard

      First I would never spend 35K for any kind of trip. I guess it is true that Disney is going for the rich people. Their first mistake was dishing out 35K. Their second mistake was thinking that everything was going to be perfect.

    4. lola

      Don’t go then, more room for everyone else

  3. John M

    What an idiot to pay $35k as definitely had no clue what to do! If has that much MK ey should have used a travel guide!

    We love DisneyWorld and been going since 2003 and still haven’t spent that much!

    Side note is why didn’t person who published this story even ask this person how they could have spent so much.

    1. It can get expensive. We got back at the end of April ( daughter’s a school teacher) and stood at the yacht club for 9 days it was about 20k for food flight and all the add on. Tickets alone was just shy of 3 k

  4. Charolette

    Please, I want a dollar for dollar account of this 35000. I don’t believe it!

    1. Sheryl

      same she did not spend that much. and is just complaining. I go several times a year for a week each time and spend around 2.5k

      1. Tim

        Lets see we will go with a 6 night 7 day trip 2 adult and 2 children 10 and 12.
        Coronado Springs Tower 1 bedroom Suite- $8150.63
        Total price with 6 day ticket 1 park per day $10666.18
        Park Hopper 362.08
        Grand Total for tickets and lodging $11028.26
        Memory maker brings total to $11,197.26
        Genie+-$60 per day $360
        Lightening Lane at lets go with 2 a day at $15 per person per ride. $120 per day- $720
        Food (no dining plan Avail):
        Breakfast 5 days for four people $90- $450
        2 Character Breakfasts $160 each- $320
        Lunch for 6 days $100 per day- $500
        1 Character Lunch- $300
        Dinner $350 each – $2120
        Daily Snacks at $30 per person per day- $720
        Airfare and rental care 3657
        Grand Total $20,344.26. This is rough estimate for a November trip starting in Madison WI returning
        before Thanksgiving.
        It is not 35,000 but we didn’t add in any souvenirs or extra costs. Also this is at Coronado Springs. I couldn’t get pricing for a Polynesian, Contemporary, or any of the other Deluxe Resorts which are more expensive. But at Over 20,000 I would expect more from a vacation. Now we don’t know any details it is just a rant that was gleaned off of Tik Tok but in answer to your assumption that a trip to WDW couldn’t cost that much I beg to differ.

  5. Lauren

    What’s the point of this “article “? It’s so incomplete to say the least and if someone spent that kinda money for a DW trip you are nuts. To stand in line for 8 hours for a ride is on you not the park, YOU wasted the day. Don’t expect any sympathy or refund for your choices. Been going to Disney since 2000 and lived in Orlando and has season passes never spent that kind of money.
    That being said… WDW is not the place is once was…

    1. I agree with your statements completely. We had annual passes to Disneyland for 5 years and in total did not spend $35,000. Unless this person has a super huge family or is from a foreign country I cannot fathom a $35,000 trip.

      1. Jimmy

        Spend 2 weeks in a Poly bungalow like we did and you’ll be well over $50k

    2. Patrick Cox

      It’s a virtual queue. No one is standing in line for 8 hours. You go and do other things and then when it’s time for your boarding group then come back to the ride.

    3. lorraine

      very incomplete article, if the one ride was the only problem, ( at least thats what was in the article I read) then they shouldnt complain

    4. Karey

      Very incomplete story. Just mentioned the one ride as a let down. What else about the $35k vacation was terrible?

    5. Dee

      So true. This article is so poorly written.

  6. American Patriot

    Disney cast members are paid slightly above minimum wage, and are forced to Crazy Glue a smile while wearing those heavy costumes or sack of potato uniforms to work in 98 degree 100% humidity Florida sun. Since Disney exploits the vulnerable, don’t expect much assistance or responsibility… or even care from them. Add to that millions upon millions of fat, rude, cheap and entitled fat American and European or Chinese tourists and then you’ll understand them a little better. Beavis and Butthead were right; Customers Suck.

    1. Mike

      No one is forcing them to work there. Quit acting as if they are a victim

    2. Steve

      Sounds like you are someone with zero job prospects other then burger flipping.

  7. American Patriot

    $35K? Did they at least get a timeshare for that amount spent there ?

  8. Liz

    Did y’all really turn a tweet into a whole article? With nothing additional to add?!? Good grief.

    1. eric

      The writer actually turned a deleted tweet into an article which is why they had to link to the wayback machine to show it.

      And then adding “Since archiving the Tweet, Traficante hasn’t commented publicly about her Walt Disney World vacation, and no Disney-operated Twitter account has responded to her complaint.”

      Well of course they haven’t replied since the tweet was deleted.

  9. Terra

    I can’t get past $35k. I’m a teacher and that’s my yearly salary.
    We do the payment plan APs (my 2 sons and I) and that is expensive enough for me.

  10. Ricky Abraham Jr

    All of you that say spending $35,000 on a Disney trip is impossible must live near the park. We stayed at WDW so called budget resort for 7 days plus park admission, park hopper passes, memory maker photo, lighting lanes, and we booked and payed for this back in 2021 and we went just this May we dropped an easy $10,000 that does not include food and souvenirs. We are a family of 4 nothing huge and I agree with the original post it was a nightmare 2 to 3 hour line times for rides, trying to deal with their lightning lanes reservations. To me it was a waist of money and it’s not the Disney I remember before the pandemic and this new sh*tbag running the company.

    1. Mike

      100%. We (family of 5) went to Orlando for a week. Did a day at each park and one day at the beach…stayed in a cheaper Airbnb and dropped almost 10k.

    2. Jose

      Well said

    3. Telissa


  11. $10k is cheap. If you stay deluxe, have 4 kids and go for 7 nights, when you add food, tickets, transportation, merch, etc it’s closer to $20k

  12. Paul W

    For that kind of money why didn’t they get a VIP tour? Meals provided and no lines at all.

  13. Pat

    My latest visit to WDW was a BIG letdown, dissappointment, expensive, nightmare.
    The cost has skyrocketed. Food is very poor quality and quantity. Very few cast members, that is why so many attractions are closed. Lines are extremely long because of all the closures, management needs to be educated on family entertainment. The complaints can go on and on. But the bottom line is, the Disney Corp. is going down the tubes. As more people experience the Genie, the lines, the prices, the limitations, and the poor quality, the word will spread and the WDW vacation that we once knew will be a thing of the past. A trip to the beach or the mountains will be far more reasonable and enjoyable. The restrictions would be minimal as well. Less frustrating and more family fun. Less stress and more relaxing.

    1. Chris

      Having been going almost yearly since WDW first opened, I can agree that there are many things that have changed which I don’t care for… BUT the magic is still there with planning and using good sense with purchases and deciding what it is one exactly wants to get out of a trip there. I’ve gone from it just being my wife and I on our honeymoon to going last month with our three children and six grandchildren and it was still a great experience. A trip is what you make it.

  14. Disney is nothing like it use to be. Been there 10 times. I will never return. Very sad

  15. Minnie

    IF (I wouldn’t) I were going to spend that much money on a Disney vacation, I would have done VIP tours. This sounds like bad planning to me…

  16. Alvin

    35K…dang! I would go someplace else if i were spending that much.

  17. Mike brown

    My Disney nightmare only cost about $9,000 for two. I guess I should feel lucky! Worst customer service EVER. Has gone down hill quickly.

  18. Mary

    WDW pre-pandemic and post-pandemic are two completely different experiences. Even my friends who worked there pre-pandemic have quit since the post-pandemic, because it’s a different place to work. The worst of humanity has shown up in the parks, the corporation has become more money hungry, and the park employs people who are almost desperate to afford housing. The employees, or in their vernacular cast members, live farther away from the parks than ever before, sometime adding hours to their day because of commute time. And the advertising for the parks is leading to high expectations from potential guests. These things are all impacting all guest’s experiences in a less than optimal way. The only thing that’s going to make this better is lo-capping the numbers of people allowed in the parks each day, raising the pay for cast members, investing in housing for cast members, cutting back on corporate executive salaries, and paying less dividends to investors. None of that is going to happen though. It just won’t until the corporation starts to loose significant money because of their behavior. My advice: if you don’t like this current setup for the WDW and other Disney parks, don’t go. It would be a boycott of a proportion that might get the CEO’s attention.

  19. Goofyque'

    Just got back with family of 12, all Disney adults, 8 days. Had a great time and no where near $35,000. A little research goes a long way.

  20. Wayne L Trapp

    Yup, up until the Pandemic, my family would travel 2 or sometimes 3 times a year as we were a Disney Family. After our last trip this past June, which was our first back, we are now going to spend our mkney elsewhere. It is a business, and yes, Disney is all about a profit for their shareholders, but things are just NOT the same. I could go on and on, but they are charging far more while at the same time offering less despite the increases in costs. No Magical Express, no nighttime parade, no more fastpass service that used to be complimentary, no complimentary magic bands, forever delaying opening popular venues and restaurants…It is what it is, but my family is resigned to spend elsewhere. I didn’t even touch on the lack of good customer service that was Disney’s hallmark.

  21. GetReal

    The reason this person had a bad experience is because he was standing in the line for TRON.

  22. sam

    $35,000 for a 7 day Disney vacation is not believable. certainly not without paying for the VIP treatment, in which case they’d not be complaining about an 8 hour wait.

    1. Jimmy

      We spent 2 weeks in the Poly bungalows…trip was over $50k all in

  23. Jan

    First of all “What”, How?
    I’m sure that total is “inflated”, to spend that much money, add all the bells and whistles and then complain and cry to try to recoup money because you over spent.
    I call stupid and scammer.

  24. S.E. C-R

    This is the most ridiculous story I’ve ever read… why on earth would you attempt to write a story with absolutely zero context based only on one tweet?! There is nothing to read here!

  25. Mart

    Good God.
    You could have spent it traveling around the world….instead you spent it ok this. Lol.

  26. Rico

    WOW I call total BS, if she spent $35k she could of afforded the $15 Lightening Lane charge. I was there last week and did exactly that and got on no problems. Virtual que is for suckers that want to waste their valuable vacation time. It’s one ride you can pay to skip the line, in the grand scheme of your trip it’s nothing. This lady is full of crap and didn’t spent $35k, attention wanting idiot. People like this who complain and think they deserve special treatment because they throw a hissie fit should GTFO. Lying for attention, classic entitled American tourist

  27. Alicia

    The entitlement is outrageous. Allowing 1 ride to ruin your entire vacation is astounding. It was a virtual que, no where near a stand in line, waste your time/day thing. Does this person not know how mechanics work or. . . Because things break down beyond our control sometimes. She didn’t pay 35 grand for that 1 ride. Being disappointed, okay. Sad, sure. . . To say it made your vacation a nightmare is disgusting, childish behavior. No one, not even the park, owes you a thing.

  28. Celeste

    Imagine being stupid enough to spend 35k at disney and not spend the extra money for a tour guide .. sorry I don’t feel bad for your stupidity ..

  29. Lou

    I truly wonder if the people defending Disney here are Disney upper management using fake names. That would not surprise me because, well I used to be pleased to just write Disney a polite note after a bad experience, to which they would respond reasonably, that also seems to be a thing of the past. I share the same feelings of disappointment and discussed at what Disney has done the last few years. But then again, this is a completely new Disney management than what was here 10, 20, and 30 years ago. In my opinion, the current Disney management is totally incompetent, in both skill and character, to be managing Walt’s crowning achievement. In fact, I don’t even think Walt Disney would keep these people working for him if he were alive today.

  30. Odojoe

    If you follow Disney, you would know that the experience has deteriorated and this visitors experience was not out of the norm. Increased prices, more up charges in the parks, smaller food portions fewer staff, less maintenance. Walt would clean house of these money grubers.

  31. Edward russo

    There is to many people that have moved to florida.mostly rude new Yorkers that have made the Disney experience terrible me and my grand kids just spent a week there and it’s nothing like it use to be.I’ve been a pass holder for twenty years and we are canceling them

  32. Ricky

    I went for a week in September 2020. Yes, at the height of the pandemic in the US. Best time I ever had there. Lines were so short I was walking onto the ride, go for the ride, walk out and got right back in the line and did it again. I rode Flights of Passage 5 times and Expedition Everest 3 times plus every other ride in that park at least once in one day and I left the park at 4pm. I know this will never happen again, at Disney, in my life.

  33. John Wilson

    Not to worry, Disney was great full for the money.

  34. Rachel

    I love in brevard county. Been going since I was a baby. I cannot remember over the thousands of visits I’ve taken, not one bas time or memory…

    1. Rachel

      *Live in brevard

  35. Dawn

    I’m confused. You couldn’t try for another virtual drop another day or at 1? I mean if it’s that important. and 2 – are you saying you deserve to ride it more than anyone else in line because you paid $35k?

    Here’s a news flash. Rides break down. All The Time.
    Don’t come in August. It is one of the busiest months. You are going to wait and hour for almost everything. Do some research before dropping that kind of bank.

    Disney magic is what you make it. There isn’t a Club Member extra perk to guarantee that.

    First world problems…………….

  36. Jimmy

    You can easily spend $35k on a Disney vacation…we spent 2 weeks in the Poly bungalows and the total trip was over $50k

  37. Linds

    Honestly, I didn’t bother even reading the article after seeing “spending $35,000”. I visited Disney early this year on around $1k. Even as someone new to Disney craziness and scheduling events, I did everything I wanted to do with little wait times. I suppose one could spend a small fortune and have a terrible time if they do absolutely no preplanning and give it no effort.

  38. Paul Lanphear

    I have a hard time believing they spent $5k/day. I think it’s fake. However I’m afraid to post this since the person is a mob boss.

  39. Al

    She added the whole cost of the DVC

  40. AH

    When I have a problem with WDW, I always sit down and write a snail mail letter and mail a copy to WDW. I point out the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have always gotten either an email back or a snail mail letter in return.

  41. pattimarie

    Pat has it right. I would add that those saying it’s easy if you research. plan ahead or pay even more money, just don’t realize the way it used to be and how awful it is now in comparison. It’s much harder to see the parks go so downhill and still enjoy it than it is to never have experienced it, and think it’s ok to have to do all this extra stuff and pay so much more for the lesser experience. You don’t even realize how ripped off you are!

    I also agree that there are bots on here. We had a load of Disney apologists on another site, and when they started removing bots, the apologist posts were the ones that got removed. They were fake. I talk to too many real people who have bad experiences, and definitely don’t want to do as much work to make the trip workout as they do at their jobs. Jobs pay you, and Disney makes you pay more for the extra work you have to do to go there now.

    I also think if you add airfare o the list of things the person here deliniated–you get to 35,000. But it does sound higher than you would have to pay if yu tried to budget. And by the way,–to the person who said get used to rides breaking down, it’s normal–rides did not break down all the time in the past. It was a once every 2 or 3 year event. I feel sad for people who will never see the potential of the parks, and just accept the mediocrity it has become.

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