Comments for Cast Members Deserve Higher Pay to Deal With Increased Violence, Fans Say

A Guest leans out of a Walt Disney World Tram, a man in a hat looks at the camera, a scared emoji.


  1. AQ

    BIG UPDATE: The kid wearing the red pants in the July 20 brawl is apparently Elijah Richardson an up and coming Disney / Marvel star and as he started the fight by throwing the first punch, he roams the parks freely and was not banned from Disney World properties while the victims and their children were issued trespass orders and kicked out of their deluxe resorts at 2:30am in the morning … with children.

    Come on Disney… you can do better than that. Nice job in covering your own and fuq..ing the victims.

    1. Ava

      You have a source for that? When you Google his name plus ‘Disney fight’ this article and the comments come up. Don’t post unverifiable claims.

  2. John

    They were from New York. I was behind them coming into the parks that day. 1 of them just happened to get searched at security. You can tell it was their first time cause they clearly didn’t like being searched. Just like all the other altercations. It involves first timers that do not know the “Disney Etiquette” and they treat it like six flags

  3. Robert

    Hood rats. Nasty ghetto types.

  4. Tarsey

    I’m pretty sure the idiots with the red pants were in front of us on Splash Mountain a couple of weeks ago. Forget about “ Disney Etiquette “ they couldn’t even figure out how to get on the ride without causing a disruption.

  5. Virginia

    As a former cast member I saw guests act terrible letting their children act out and people making messes and think it’s ok because you paid alot of money so has everyone else but the majority of guests are happy to be there so if this trip is going to stress someone out to the point of being rude and hateful don’t go there don’t ruin others vacation to me it’s magical and always will be

  6. Disney cast members need a pay increase, period. It doesn’t matter what the reason is: the new reservation system, violence in the parks, etc. The fact of the matter is that Disney grossly underpays park employees and they are the only reason that there are Disney theme parks in the first place.

    Disney employee’s are putting up with way more than they used to these days. People have forgotten what common decency, being kind to others, and manners look like and are treating other people like garbage. Unfortunately they also treat property, even when it’s not theirs, like garbage, throwing trash on the ground, vandalism, etc. These things are starting to spill into the Disney parks and it was only a matter of time because it’s already been spilled all over society in many places.

    I think if you can’t go to a Disney theme park and act like a human being that you should not go to theme parks. When you cause a disruption and are kicked out of a theme park you should be banned from all theme parks of every brand and not just the theme park that you got kicked out of. I feel like the trouble makers will just go to a different brand of theme parks like Six Flags, Busch Gardens, or Sea World, and cause trouble there.

    It’s really sad when we live in a society where people can’t even control their behavior for one day inside of a theme park. But then, look at all the shootings, murders, muggings, theft, and crime in this country today and it’s clear that it eventually would penetrate into the perfect Disney theme parks. It’s just sad that it has happened.

  7. Michelle

    I was playing at the park with friends late on a Sunday a few years back. The line for space mountain was not terribly long, about 30 minutes. The family of 7 or 8 in front of us dropped chains in the line and bypassed a large handful of us and then got back in line a head of everyone. This set off a bunch of people telling them they had cut and an argument started. Security was called and the family that had cut the line slapped one security officer and pushed another. According to a friend who worked security it took several security officers to escort them out of the park and keep them on the tram because they kept trying to get off the tram to come back to the park.

  8. Mr White

    The CMs wanted this woke culture, then this is what they get. They are going to have to learn to live with it.

  9. Steve

    Victim blaming Disney is responsible for violence.

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