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Disney World Summer Food Offerings

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  1. I remember when Disney Park food was something to look forward to when you were on vacation. The last few times we went to Disneyland we went back to the hotel to eat in their bar area and restaurant because the food quality is so bad at the parks.

    Their soft pretzels are stale, popcorn is stale even when it’s “freshly made”, drinks are watered down, churros are soggy, pizza is inedible worse than cafeteria pizza, the list goes on and on. They even managed to ruin the legendary corn dogs the last time we were there.

  2. Seems good

    Daughter and I go to WDW often. The food hasn’t been an issue for us. Seems to be the same quality as before the shutdown.

  3. Eron H

    Disneyland getting rid of Oscar’s Potatoes was a sign of things to come. Carnation Cafe is a serious downgrade. The churros are bland despite ranging in a variety of toppings and colors, and that included the spiral rations. There is a strange loss of magic in the food. Supply chains be damned. That shouldn’t reflect on how they cook the darn stuff. Heck, just make the supposed smaller portions taste better. Y’know?

    1. Definitely! If you are going to make the food in smaller portions, definitely make it taste better like it used to. They now officially have the worst theme park food of any brand.

  4. Peggy

    I find eating at Disney springs is best . Raglan road has great menu and serving portions. I do agree the Disney theme park food has degraded. Example. Living seas restaurant the food was dry and not very tasty. The commissary food is not worth even going in for. They had great burgers and fries now tofu and veggie foods keep it.

    We even go out on rte 192 to eat at outside restaurants. Better selection.

  5. Chris

    Just another way to squeeze more money out of us. If they really cared about our waistlines, they would lower the food prices along with the portion sizes instead of us having to pay more for less.

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