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Disney world 50th anniversary crowds magic kingdom

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  1. Walt

    Crowds are pent up demand after a forced govt shut down that now is proving to have been unnecessary. I am personally dissuading people from chosing this destination based on company stands/politics, crowds, expense, and other better destinations. Been very succeessful. I am a former cast member and stock holder willing to take the hit financially to right the ship. Disney is gone….

    1. Manny

      Thank you for your comment Russian bot. I am surprised you did not insert woke in your script. Keep up the good work Ivan, oops I mean Walt. Saying you are a stick holder really did give me a good laugh.

      1. Steve

        Biden lost, commie.

    2. Marie

      These crowds must be relatively new, as most of the videos I have seen from people, aren’t showing the parks to be all that crowded.

      I’m a share holder as well, and am willing to take a hit on the stocks untill Disney gets its act together and it once again becomes Mr Walt’s vision for families…..not politics….

    3. Dem

      What nonsense

  2. Dr. Manny

    Another comment which does not understand organizational behavior. Politics are a part and parcel of organizational survival. Owning two shares of Disney does not translate to business knowledge or acumen.

    1. Steve

      Manny, you have no clue how the world works. You think everyone who disagrees with you is both a Russian person named Ivan and a bot. You aren’t really a doctor of anything and if you are, it is definitely diversity studies.

  3. You have to realize that they aren’t comparing the crowds from before the pandemic to now, but from when they reopened until now. So of course the numbers are bigger. Disney has always, always been crowded!!

  4. Gj

    I don’t think adjusting hours equates to higher crowds, necessarily. It’s just business management. All the days Magic Kingdom is opening early are on Halloween Party dates. Magic Kingdom typically has lower crowds on those days because folks don’t want to waste a ticket for a park they have to leave early for, and not see fireworks. Most guests do a different park that day, then come to Magic Kingdom for the party since it’s a separate charge. From a crowd standpoint, it’s a good day to go. But Disney sees the lost revenue and hopes the added hours draw folks in. Later closure on Animal Kingdom is similar. It’s only on weekends. Probably to get more folks to go there on the weekend since Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood are more popular with the locals on weekends once kids are back in school. Especially Epcot because of food and wine. I’ve been watching the Disney app wait times this summer. And while summer crowds are higher than other times, it’s not as terrible as it has been in years past. I don’t think it’s as crowded as they’re letting on. September might be slightly elevated from times in the past, but not terrible. It seems the worst crowds were Feb-May for revenge/pent up travel vacations and spring break.

  5. Mr White

    Get rid of the blacks, minorities and Queer O sexuals who want to change Disney but still turn up with their food coupon-sponsored kids.

    1. Jill E. Bean

      You are one sick individual.

      1. Steve

        He didn’t say anything wrong, other than implying the gays have kids.

  6. Steve

    It will. It might take a year for word to get around, but it will. Getting them back will be harder than losing them was.

  7. JK

    I just finished a trip, crowds were light. Thunder Mountain showed 45 min standby time, line took 15. Meeting Mickey and Minnie at Town Square showed 50 min standby time, line took 8. All wait times for the entire week were inflated. On 8/16 most all kids rides in Fantasy Land were 5 mins or less throughout the morning.

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