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  1. Brian

    That’s amazing! I mean they are offering a discount for annual passes when they aren’t selling annual passes. The small amount of people who can actually use that 1 month discount must be so happy. If they happen to be there at that small time. This is an absolute joke

  2. Alex

    Is this also for DVC? I ask because they typically will offer the same discount to both guest types at the same time.

  3. GJ

    It’s great to offer discounts to customers of Disney products (annual pass holders, Disney visa, Disney+ etc…) But have you noticed that’s the ONLY discounts anymore? Not everyone wants credit card debt. Not everyone lives close enough (or has the ability to travel often) to justify having annual passes. In our case, we can’t have Disney+ because we live so rural, we can’t stream anything. We’re going in September, and they’re having discounts for Disney+ at that time. But we’re paying full price since we can’t have Disney+

    Remember when discounts were offered in general? Free dining in the fall? Discounted rooms in the spring? Now, only those completely invested in a Disney product can get any kind of break. Disney is expensive enough, even with those breaks. And really, due to their price increases, even those “breaks” don’t save you too much. I remember just ten years ago when value resorts were $79 a night off season. Now, I never see them under $150. 20% off sales still make it $120 a night. So even with the perks, guests are still paying more for their resort. Not to mention, some discounts don’t even include value resorts! Only deluxe. If you always stay deluxe, it might be worth it. But a family that usually stays value might not be willing to upgrade to deluxe just to pay less for deluxe, but more for their vacation overall. This is going to be our last trip, it’s just getting too expensive to justify for a common “middle of the line” family such as ours.

  4. Christian

    Really stretching the definition of “huge” here, are we?

  5. Steve

    Wow a whole 10% on cheap garbage 3x its actual price.

  6. Sue

    And they raised the price of the merchandise by 50%. So your not saving anything just to to the Disney outlet store or Walmart and buy your items. All the stuff at Disney is made in China and marked up 75% and it’s not worth anything unless you are a Disney fanatic which there r plenty of them around. Save your money and buy something useful .

    1. Htk

      Actually the mark-up is 400-700%… You can buy many of the same Disney products at the Chinese Disney Parks for 1/4-1/3rd the price at US and Euro Disney.

  7. Its like when china Joe says the price of gasoline is coming down 60 cents YET under his watch it rose over $2 per gallon….what a savings!!!

  8. Christine

    Annual passes, are they still a thing?

  9. Lydia Reed

    Thank you so much for the extra 10% off. I will be buying some more Disney stuff. I celebrated 50 years at Disney. Moved down here from Indiana in 2016 because of Disney.

  10. Jan

    That’s great news as we are visiting with family starting on Sept. 18th! Will make a small reward for not being able to get on many rides!

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