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  1. Sharon

    Disney+ subscriber from Day One in Canada – and perhaps my issue is a Canadian one. When Disney+ was first introduced, it was supposed to be the full contents of the DIsney Vault. So far haven’t seen that happen — at least not in Canada. Lots of Disney stuff from 50s to 70s has never appeared here. Would love to see the Disney TV stuff from that period, and more of the movies.

  2. Marc

    I like(d) Disney+ because it is ad free, if you have to pay extra for a service, there should be no ads at all. Like premium channels. I’m just going to go back to watching my blu-ray and dvd collection. I have all the Disney movies anyway.

  3. HarshReality

    I’d love to live in a world where ads were illegal. Idiots need to stop buying things because of ads and they would go away.

    1. Kyle Hill

      Sadly that’s called a communist world and you do what the government says or assigns you since we are all ‘equal’. Equally poor!!!

  4. Marie

    The Disney Greed knows no bounds. There is making money and then there’s gouging. And Disney seems to be taking gouging to new levels in the last few years. And they wonder why attendence is down and people are dropping their services….

  5. RJ

    This change sucks big time.
    There it is. Plain and simple.

  6. Ryan

    Everyone was so excited when Disney announced that their streaming service would only be $6.99 a month. I’ve been saying from day one that they would keep increasing the price significantly until they were on par with other services such as Netflix. Let them keep raising the price. If it gets much higher, they’ll learn real quick how much people don’t need their services.

    It makes better since for them, from a business standpoint, to undercut the competition. But Disney just can’t seem to do that. If they see others are making more money from their products, they just have to have some of that cash too. I mean, they should look at what’s happening to Netflix, where subscribers are leaving by the millions. That could be Disney’s future if they don’t get a handle on their price gouging nonsense.

    We’ll see where Disney+ is 5 years from now.

  7. Teresa

    So, Chapek thinks that people who didn’t buy Disney+ when it was ad free for $7.99 will now buy it WITH ads for $7.99?

  8. Pamela

    I got in before it started with a 3 year prepaid subscription. I think when it runs out; I’m out.

  9. Linda H ALVARADO

    where is Disney+ and Hulu with no ads? we don’t care for ESPN

  10. Kyle Hill

    They are ran by the cable minded people. They play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

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