Comments for Disney Rumored to Be Closing Brand-New Ride After Negative Reception

Guest and Iron Man outside Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

Credit: Disney


  1. M

    They should of had the track replaced and re-profiled by Vekoma. As rockin’ still uses the old arrow style track.

    1. Grammar Professor


      1. Jack Sparrow

        Captain Pedantic to the rescue!
        Have you ever considered getting a life?

      2. JJH

        Grammar Prof my butt! Contractions “should” only be used when speaking (if at all.) When typing, should have would be the proper wording.

        1. JJH

          So, what you are saying is…an overlay of an old ride, is not getting the same pop as a new ride, crazy! So when Spalsg Mountain gets its overlay in DL and WDW, do you expect a new ride pop there too?!?

          1. JJH

            *Splash Mountain (damn the no edit option)

  2. Pocho Villa

    The French people didn’t want to see terrorist Carol Danvers next to an amazing and intelligent Jewish Superhero Iron-Man. Chapek needs to stop Kevin Fiege’s M-She-U financial disaster.

    1. Mr White

      Iron Man isn’t no jew, he doesn’t horde wealth and support BLM against other white races.

  3. V

    Wow, sexism and anti-Semitism in one comment? What are you, the box standard bigot?

    Screw off and go back to living under a rock where you belong. Meanwhile, the actual adults will have their fun.

    1. Shadup

      Triggering intensifies!

    2. JJH

      Woke Alert… Woke Alert!

  4. StrawmanPoet

    Made the mistake of not keeping the randomised element, either a number of different soundtracks or different show scenes should have been included.

    1. James

      People can tell when Disney goes cheap. It is always a disaster.

  5. Croissant Pizza

    Lots of people want classic Disney and fairytales, not more Marvel

  6. It must be a really-disappointing ride if its wait-times are so-short. I wonder what the “Aerosmith” wait times were? This is what happens when ‘bean counters’ take over from ‘creative people’ at any-company.

    1. Mike

      The last time we waited for the “Rock and Roll Roller Coaster, ” albeit a few years ago, we were in line just north of an hour…

    2. Mike

      …I also agree 100% with your assessment of interference with creativity. Disney should get back to being the “escape place” for it’s patrons. Get back to being where we go to get away from the every day hassles. Stay out of politics, controversy, and all the daily crap we want to put aside for our 4-5 figure investment.

  7. I think it’s a difference in culture. This ride is in Paris and that may have to do with it. Not French enough maybe, don’t know

  8. ZombieGoUrgh

    I just came back from DLP and Flight Force was my favourite ride. One reason the queues may not be so short is the sheer speed of the ride and the multiple cars. I only went ‘single rider’ (several times) but there were maybe 30 minute queues for groups. I was hugely disappointed by the WEB experience. I queued 50 minutes on single rider and it wasn’t a ride it was more like an Xbox kinect game. A major difference here is that small kids won’t want neck breaking speeds but would love a go an doing Spidey hands at a screen. Also with the WEB ride they upsell blasters, etc which can ‘interact’ with the ride for more points. These are just my opinions, you may have others. Whatever happens I still love DLP

  9. Starfrog

    Man..disney are really going hard to r*pe the hell out of the mcu and star wars since buying it! Too bad EVERYTHING they’ve made misses all the majick the original brands had.. both being shells of their former self.. now Amazon’s doing the same with Tolkien..when will they learn? The fans don’t want their cheap (looking) knock offs!

  10. AMS

    DLP in itself is an entire disappointment… Don’t get me started on everything being in French doesn’t make it accessible to the majority of audiences. The weather is Paris isn’t always the greatest (went over Christmas once and it was freezing AND rainy) and there culturally, the French wouldn’t know Disney Magic if it hit them in the face like a delayed RER train. So many other locations in Europe would have made this park and absolute gold mine.

  11. Jeremy

    It sounds like a cheap redo of a classic (albeit time to change ride). Plus, they featured Captain Marvel, which wasn’t a massive success here in the US and I’m sure even less so in France. I have never once heard a person say, “Captain Marvel is my favorite Marvel Character”. So if the character isn’t a favorite of the masses, why then feature the character in a new version of ride?
    Captain Marvel is just too unloved of a character right now. It doesn’t have the same following and reception as the Gaurdians of the Galaxy, Spiderman, or even Antman or Thor. So maybe they should’ve waited until after Captain Marvel 2 comes out to see if the reception improves before basing a ride on the character.

    And then on a side note – Change the track around. Do something a little different. Or go crazy different and unexpected. But don’t just throw a new coat of paint on it and say, “look at the characters of this ride”. Come on!

  12. Donna

    I went on the ride yesterday and the wait was 60 mins at 11am. I enjoyed it.

  13. JJH

    *Splash Mountain (damn the no edit option)

  14. Diana

    Bring back Aerosmith you nutcases!

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