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  1. Sleepy

    Tried to watch a couple time, could not stay awake.

  2. Kurt

    A very pretty movie but the story has been done over and over. Very overrated movie.

    1. JJ

      Kurt, most movies have recycled plot-lines. At least the film was “very pretty” as you said. Which is more than I can say about End Game.

      1. Kurt

        True story JJ.

    2. James

      I don’t understand what you mean. It was a direct play on a reimagined Ferngully. Not sure where all this nonsense came from of it being done over and over but it was literally a direct play on Ferngully just in space. That’s like saying the Alien movies suck because alien movies have been done again and again lmao. Avatar was and always will be a safe version of Ferngully. Most people who say “Avatar sucks because it’s not origional” are idiots because that same line can be said about literally any form of media ever produced. If that’s the case you may want to avoid libraries at all costs and avoid any cinema because most of it is taken from books or other movies and therefore has been done over and over. Your point makes no sense and if you really feel that way you must hate all forms of media even poetry because everything pays homage to something. Welcome to the storytelling industry.

      1. James


      2. Patrick

        I’m not saying this was a bad movie. I was entertained while watching it and isn’t that what movies are supposed to do?
        However, while watching it I could not help but think “I’m watching Dances with Wolves”.

  3. Dr. Manny

    It’s a very good movie with a very simple message about capitalism and greed. A replay of how governments allow companies to use their military to displace indigenous peoples. It should have actually filled in more of the backstory of how we as a people allowed companies to kill the earth.

    Moreover, the reason to “knock it” for its critique of our own personal history is a hard pill to swallow for some who see no problem with our status quo.

    1. Mason

      What are you talking about? I have never seen Titanic but I know the movie is about a fictional romance that was on the Titanic.

    2. Jack Sparrow

      Stop reading BkueAnon blogs.
      They do yo no favors.

  4. James

    I’m sorry did you just try to insinuate that Hollywood has gone downhill because of Joe Biden? Lmfao 🤣 I can’t. You do know the president has nothing to do with the movie industry right? That’s like blaming Trump for gas prices being high lol it literally has no connection 😅 that’s the same as blaming the surgeon general for cigarettes existing lmfao

    1. Paul

      Gone in Canada too.

  5. Bill H

    Avatar wasn’t great story telling but it was visually appealing. I’ve seen the movie maybe twice, once in the theater and as a movie rental. I can’t for life of me remember the plot of the movie. I have zero interest in the sequels right now. Part of the reason is that I don’t want yo invest in the time to rewatch the first movie.

  6. Glen Roberts

    My family ran theaters when I was growing up, my dad dealt with Buena Vista studios (Disney) for a long time. The practice of re-releasing older movies by Disney goes all the way back through their history. They do this for the sole purpose of increasing the bottom line. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Way Of Water makes even more money than the first movie.

    Trivia: Buena Vista studios [used to] take 90% of the ticket price charged to customers. If that still holds today, if a [Disney] movie ticket costs you $10, the studio gets $9 of that, leaving $1 for the theater. There were some movies where they charged even more!

    1. Bob

      I think they take 100% for the first week or two now.
      It’s disgusting.

  7. Just got a D23 email announcing Avatar in theaters 9/23.

    1. Correction: on Twitter

  8. Sunthara

    Disney is killing all movies that has male dominated theme.Disney is slowly removing “male toxic”kind of movies.Men directors are used to redirect old theme movies to more feminist kind of plots and theme.WKe up guys, Disney is killing you slowly.If you can’t see it ,too bad American males are being targeted.Feminist are removing any kind of alpha based mindset from growing boys!

  9. Daniel

    Because it’s going back to theaters.

  10. NotAmused

    This strange far right explanation for why the film was removed from the D+ platform is what’s wrong with this world. The LGBTQ stuff being pushed in your face is simply representation for those who deserve to enjoy entertainment that’s relatable. Now here’s the biggest secret of the gay agenda… there isn’t one! And if you’re arguing that somehow seeing gay people show one another affection will influence people to be gay I challenge that by stating I never saw gay people on television or in movies unless I actively sought out such content in all 36 years I’ve lived in this planet. Take your fear mongering and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Have a nice day!

  11. Doggie

    it’s not about politics or the LGBTQ+.
    they’re just rereleasing the movie in theaters to celebrate the second movie and make more money.

    you actually sound deranged trying to insert your conservative, far right views into every little thing possible. i hope you’re doing okay, man.

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