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  1. Cindy Bugg

    Just got back from Disneyland. Big disappointment. It was not the magical kingdom anymore. Be prepared to spend lots of money. If you have the $$’s you can move right up in that line. If your the pauper family, you wait. We managed to get four rids a day. Sorry Disneyland, won’t be back. Sad because we used to bring our foster children ever there/four years so they could experience the magical kingdom. (Kids come and go but we do our best to get the majority there). In short, it’s just too expensive, lines are long.

  2. Lori

    I am not in favor of the reservation system and would like it gone. However, the ability to edit is a slight improvement

  3. Jess

    Not happy at all. Not as loyal (25 yrs loyal) resident annual pass holders. One of the things about being a Passholder was the ability to go when we could or wanted to. (Don’t get me started on how APs are not “valued” anymore) We can’t just pick up and go anymore and it is infuriating bc of the price we paid for these. This isnt about Covid anymore…have you seen the crowds on a regular? We shouldn’t have to deal with it. Some of us can only make last minute plans, spur of the moment and don’t have the luxury of pre planning days at Disney. 4 out of the 5 last opportunities we had to bring the kids, we couldn’t because there were not any spots open. Want to know why we are angry? Think about what it was like for passholders In prior years compared to now and then look at the cost for a family of 4 for annual passes…then think about not being able to use those passes bc there are no available openings 🤦‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️I know we are not the only ones who feel this way. That’s OK they’ll eventually get rid of the AP program because the almighty dollar is what’s important, right?

    1. Jenn

      Agreed! Over the whole reservation system! We have left Disney and won’t be back anytime soon.

    2. Bromie

      This passholder is expressing the sentiments of all annual passholder!! Don’t expect Florida residents to support Disney much longer!!!!!

    3. Jill

      Everyone should pay for day tickets and that would solve the problem. APs crowd up the parks.

  4. Glen callus

    This is absurd, we cone every ywar from a very long distance (Europe) and it’s almost impossible to fins empty slots on the very limeted time we have there, considering also that we cannot book from lon time before since somwthing might happen to all our other holiday destinations that might have to change our visit dates ar disney. Please show these complaints to the concerned directors and have the park reservation system removed!

  5. Marissa

    This reservation system has been going on for months, not just since August. I don’t mind it since I generally go in the summertime and it really cut down on the crowds and wait times for rides. I just got back from WDW a few days ago and couldn’t believe how short the lines were for rides that usually had 90-120 min or more wait times. However, I hate the Disney Genie + system. It’s a colossal waste of money. Also, everything is more expensive now because fewer people can go into the parks. They need to add a fifth park or something.

  6. Tim

    So, I have been looking at this BS called reservation system and the BS that they claim it does. First, Since I look at WDW more I will be using that information. I can get the same info for DL but it doesn’t matter the results/conclusions are the same as to what is going on. So let’s start with the easy thing and that is numbers of guests. Disney Claims that by using the reservation system and setting the percentage of capacity that they can keep the crowds smaller. Anyone been lately? How have the crowds been at Magic Kingdom? Anyways this is why they have a limit on reservations and some people get shut out. Since Disney does not release the numbers of guests we have to use some empirical data as well as they don’t give actual capacity numbers for the parks. We can estimate that park size and other known information. Luckily there are several sites that have done this and have all come up with similar numbers and are used for other places to give out awards. So, lets dive in shall we. Pre- Pandemic Magic Kingdom had an average daily attendance of 51,000 people per day. Remember how busy it was and Crowded it was then? We will discuss more on this in a moment. However this is not Park Capacity. That is another number all unto itself. So, what is this number? I come up with somewhere around 80,000 people, it could be 100,000 people but I doubt it being that high. Disney says that they are going to do their part and a set their capacity to 25% less. So what is 25% of 80,000 that is 60,000 people what is the average daily attendance number? 51,000. Any smart person will realize that after shutting stuff down you are going to get a larger attendance for awhile. So you now have a little wiggle room to take in more people. So the reservation system can go away. The problem is that they will not be able to explain why the crowding isn’t getting worse. On top of that they can control the crowds and force people to where they want you to go. Now why does it seem more crowded that before. This is due to another issue the places that ate a lot a people have just recently started opening up or entertainment is finally starting to get back. Also, the Character Meet and greets are coming back. These eat a lot of people. I predict that by November wait time will return to pre-pandemic numbers. The standard rides that have traditionally had long wait times will continue with the long wait time however they will not be in 300 minute mark the will be in the 45 to 180 minute mark. And the rids that can either move a lot of people through or are not as popular will have lower wait times.
    So the main reason that they won’t get rid of the reservation system is actually that they don’t want to admit that they bamboozled the guest into thinking they were doing something for public safety.

    1. Jess

      Having worked at both Walt Disney World and Universal i can assure you that the guest count is everything! It was not long after they reopened that the parks were full. Oh, please keep in mind, 50,000 is for ONE PARK. There are 4 on property. On a holiday those gates can close and you know how many people are in a Disney park? 100,000in ONE Park. Epcot accommodates more (fun fact MK can fit in Epcot’s parking lot) Currently the crowds are OUTRAGEOUS and if someone is going to say it wasn’t bad, it’s because they talked themselves up to be ok with it bc it was expected. For someone to say the lines aren’t bad, are lying…as a passholder with a Special Needs son I can also assure you that our only saving grace to get on some of the rides for him is his assistance pass. If he didn’t have that then we’d probably average a few rides at the park in one visit. It’s just sad how over time WDW (I can’t speak of DL) has changed so much and catered to the complaining Karen’s and kiss the ass of every person that expects a “magical experience”. Oh, the stories I could tell, they’d make you sick! Anyway, AP’s expect an experience, we can’t even get one anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️ By the way, I loved your comment and really appreciated your breakdown!!!

  7. Mchael

    Even if money is no object, the system is broken. In order to enjoy the experience you have tickets plus reservations plus lightening lane plus virtual queues plus genie plus genie plus. The chain of events to board a ride is tortuous.

    Used to be you could buy a single ticket and show up to ride. Or even easier, show up with your annual pass in hand.

    1. Jess

      Exactly! Thank you!
      It’s infuriating not to be able to go at your own pace and enjoy it like before…

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