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  1. jared

    It sucks

    They should book sections of the park at a time frame and it would go more smoothly

  2. Steve


  3. Tony

    Spending all day trying to get on a ride destroys any magic that is left. Gone are the days of exploring and wonder while grasping my ticket book of A through E attractions no thankyou disney my life is scheduled i dont want a scheduled vacation

  4. Jorge M.

    I think a lot of people are miss informed on how everything works, not to mention the lack of information YouTubers share. I just spent the last two days using Genie plus and even paid for the top attractions, is not so bad. I did see what time was my next available booking but still not that good. People are and will be on their phones cause they just can’t get off from it !!! So what’s the complaint ????The only thing I wish they had was an actual alert method sent to your phone with a reminder that your booking is available.
    The other thing that would be great is that after 10 hours from your first booking, that your genie resets and let’s you book again the same ride !!!!!!!!!

    1. Pete

      “People are and will be on their phones cause they just can’t get off from it !!!”

      There’s your bad assumption. Alot of people of course will be on their phones, but now they are all forced to be on for everything even if they don’t want to be and can’t get away from it. The late fast pass ticket and early Magic Band “era” was a good balance between having to plan everything vs just being able to be spontaneous. Then as data collection technology was viewed as the ultimate cost margin manipulation tool, things moved further down hill from the Disney legendary guest experience into pure operating cost margins, Genie and high use of mobile ordering and other electronic services just kept eroding the guest experience. Now they may never be able to get back to what they once had as the erosion becomes self sustaining.

  5. Justin

    We used the app for the first time in June. Full disclaimer, we had our 16 year old work the Genie+ from her phone. Other than the fact that we needed a teenager to operate the darn thing for us, and that she needed to get up early every morning to start booking our attractions, it was fantastic. We were able to get everything in that we wanted every day.

    Yes, it is expensive. But, it isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

  6. Carol

    Does Disney realize that some average people do not have that kind of extra money to pay for a ride? That just makes stand by longer than ever. Disney is pricing out the fixed income average person that loves to go to Disney. Maybe they should give seniors perks to do Genie+ at no additional charge on the annual. We could then enjoy all rides.

  7. DP

    We don’t like nor use the genie+. Like so many have said, it ruins the spontaneity of the park. Also, we paid nearly $2,000 each for our magic key and still have to use the standby lane waiting an hour or more while others in LL add to the wait time. We cannot afford to add to the cost and complication of having a fun relaxing day at Disneyland

  8. Tim

    The Best improvement would be to scrap the whole thing and get rid of the whole Disney App thing. Get everyone’s noses out of the phones and have them enjoy the Parks and the families. If they want to offer something for guests to get a shorter wait on a ride then bring back the Paper Fast Pass System and make people get there to get them. It is funny I have seen a lot from people that hated the Fast Pass system and thought it was the worse thing that Disney could do. I think Disney has outdone it self in making something worse.

    1. Jayne1955

      Often when you say, “What could be worse?” Disney basically says, “Hold my beer” and does something worse.

    2. Thank you Tim! I couldn’t agree more!!!

    3. Joe S.

      Pretty much agree with everything you said. I will NEVER use Genie+, it is one of the worst systems/ideas Disney has ever come up with. I liked the old paper fast pass system, that was the best option in regards to skipping the line that they ever offered. I’d be perfectly fine going back to just having the standard queue, no skips at all other than single rider, as that just makes sense to fill empty seats.

      Only part I disagree with you on is completely doing away with the app. It has its uses, mostly seeing wait times and if a ride is down or not. And also being able to see what restaurants are open, and booking reservations for them. Outside of that though, I don’t want/need the app for anything else. It can be a useful tool but not REQUIRED and shouldn’t impact your ability to have fun the park. Genie+ 100% impacts everyone else’s ability to have fun since if you are in the standby queue and a huge group of LL purchasers show up, the standby queue grinds to a halt and your stuck there for an extra hour or two beyond the regular standby wait time.

  9. Jayne1955

    It sucks and it needs to be scrapped. No one wants to spend their vacation on their phone.

  10. Roy

    When they introduced this nonsense we finally gave up on WDW and started heading to DLR and Universal (Orlando and Hollywood). When they brought it DLR we haven’t been back to a Disney park in years. No spontaneity at all, just spending your day hoping you can ride some rides and having to pay for the privilege of riding new rides.

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