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brer bear brer rabbit splash mountain

Credit: Disney


  1. Don S

    I got yelled at for pulling my mask down on the Haunted Mansion.

    1. Mike G


      1. Steve

        Insane masker.

    2. Jayne1955

      Glad to hear it.

      1. Steve

        Stay in Commiefornia.

        1. william

          And please stay out. We already have enough freaks and weirdos here without needing visitors like that coming to the state as well.

  2. Idontcare

    Pictures or it didn’t happen.

    1. Zoso

      I mean it’s called splash mountain…… at least snow cap the mountains

  3. DisneyWorldGayDays

    This isn’t something new or a unique “Disney” problem. It’s happened the world over for all of humanity’s history and it will continue in the future as long as humans are still on this planet. It’s not big news

  4. Notimeformorons

    some folks can’t wait even 5 minutes before making idiotic comments!

  5. bob

    he got a happy ending

  6. Mickeymouse3

    Spit, or do not. Two choices only, there are.

  7. Inkmahm

    Seriously? Mr. White, I guess that comment explains your name.

    Just by virture of population makeup, I’m sure there are more white male/female couples making magic on the rides than any other group.

    No matter WHICH group it is, adults should remember there are many kids around. Have your fun where you won’t be seen by youngsters! (or cast members)

  8. william

    Sounds like gobble gobble isn’t just a noise that a turkey makes. How can I get in on these special kinds of rides at Disney too?

  9. Scotty

    Not a unknown story as videos of Splash mountain topless females have their own site in the Net for almost 20+ years!! So it’s been happening probably since Day 1 – topless first and then the next daring steps!

  10. Steve-O

    More like “Sploosh Mountain”! Amirite???

    1. Ava


  11. Jayne1955

    Okay, spitting out into the flume is sick.

  12. Jayne1955

    And you decided that how? Because it’s sure as heck not in the article.

  13. Chris

    Everything’s fine ’till they start spitting, then it winds up in the tabloid.

    1. Ava

      Should have just swallowed like a real lady

  14. Dave Snapper

    The article says it was a woman attempting to spit bodily fluids into the flume so it is safe to say there was also a man involved therefore a hetero couple.

  15. Steve

    If it was one of them, they would have been allowed to continue and given a second ride.

  16. Steve

    Splash Mountain? Must be furries.

  17. David

    Moral of the story is if she would have swallowed it wouldn’t be news

  18. Phil

    Daddy we been standing here for a hour.

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