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  1. Ava

    Very sad for the woman and their child but I’m positive this type of interaction between them wasn’t exclusive to Disney. The heat, alcohol and the stresses of a Disney vacation (especially for first timers) I’m sure were contributing factors but this is an issue of domestic violence. Girlfriend should have decided enough was enough and pressed charges this time.

  2. Christian

    Keep allowing people to go into debt to have passes to this place and this is what you get. Go back to cash only and you clear out a good bit of the garbage that shows up.

  3. Catherine

    I think alcohol should be removed from all Disney Parks. That might help solve some of the violence going on in the parks especially in the US.

    The parks are overcrowded, it’s usually hot and super-humid, and a lot of rude and inconsiderate people in their normal sober state. Add alcohol to the mix and fights will happen.

    1. Keep allowing the “locals” to enter at a discounted price, this will keep happening…More greed from Disney and its return!

  4. ebony

    it was a fight earlier that month and charges and arrested was made and a woman get hits and a baby falls out a stroller and there isn’t any arrested and the stated didn’t pick it up I wonder why its a big difference

    1. Lulu

      He was arrested. His girlfriend didn’t press charges

  5. Barbara

    I’m not against alcohol on the whole but I think Disney and all big parks should stop serving or allowing alcohol in their parks or this is going to continue and get worse

  6. Let’s not use the word “man” to describe this guy. Any guy who will punch a woman is not a man in my book but a coward. If this guy behaves this way in a crowded place like a Disney theme park, I bet he behaves 1,000 times worse at home.

  7. R

    Hmm, 🤔 as always I keep hearing the same excuses. For three years now it’s been,

    It’s the prices
    It’s the heat and humidity
    It’s the CMs
    It’s the alcohol
    It’s the crowds
    It’s the lines
    It’s the low pay
    Its the Masks
    Its the COVID
    Its these lockdowns, etc.,

    I am positive ALL or MOST of these things existed before this year. I would like to know, when will you ACTUALLY place blame where it belongs? A certain chunk of humans in this world DO NOT BELONG in any civil society, anywhere. No excuses. Attacking or assaulting ANY ONE IS NOT OK. ANYWHERE. FOR ANY REASON. Hurting or potentially hurting a baby is unforgivable.

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