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  1. If you see something – do something.
    If someone needs help- jump in.

  2. Peggy

    Stop selling alcohol at MK. That’s the kids theme park adults don’t need to drink. If they won’t do something call 911 report abuse

    1. Liz

      The only place you can get beer or wine is at 2 of the sit down restaurants, they don’t sell it anywhere else in the park

  3. J

    Having alcohol at a park that is originally made for children is a big no-no!
    They are there for the children and to be a family.
    Let’s let the kids be kids again!

    1. Shelly

      Get rid of alcohol at the park.

    2. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      Magic Kingdom was not made for children. That is just your false impression. Walt Disney World and Magic Kingdom were made for adults, even back in 1971. Look back at the advertising, it is mostly adults and children are far and few between.

  4. TinkerbellLikesbeer

    Alcohol isn’t the problem. Entitled jerks are the problem.

  5. SnowWhiteLikesBeerToo

    Some of y’all have never been to Busch Gardens and it shows. Magic Kingdom FOREVER!

  6. DisneyPolice

    All adults named Peggy, Shelly and J have been permanently banned from Walt Disney World Resorts. Do not attempt to enter our parks.
    – Walt

    1. No

      You must be an alcoholic

      1. Yes

        Takes one to know one. 😂

  7. The Mom

    That kid obviously was being a selfish little brat who probably made their mother mad. Who are you to tell them how to parent? The kid was probably tired as well as their mother and mother was fed up. The child will learn not to disrespect the parent. What happened to the old days of minding your own business? I can see if the child was being physically abused but she pulled their ear.. she didn’t rip it off and draw blood.

    1. A Mom

      Well said. As a mother I 1,000,000% agree with you. People need to mind their own business unless they see a child being actually abused. Guess the person complaining never had their mom or dad grab them by the ear when they did something wrong. Oh wait! The person must have been a perfect child that never needed to be disciplined.

    2. Childadvocate

      It’s child abuse. If you are physically harming your kid you are a really bad parent.

    3. R

      Do YOU know what happens to the inner ear, cochlea, stapies, etc. When the ear is pulled by force?
      OBVIOUSLY not.

    4. Linda Hocking

      I agree with you. It was a parent with poor skills, what did she expect the cast member to do? It was over and she did not witness it.

  8. Kev

    When I was a kid, I got a “knock- out” forget the “time-out” or the ” He is just ” Expressing himself”. There was no ” Child abuse. Don’t tell others how to raise their children!

    1. Annoyed parent

      People really need to stop complaining about every thing that bothers “them” someone is always going to twist something.
      You don’t like the name Walt Disney World then guess what DON’T GO! The name shouldn’t be changed.
      You don’t like that a mom was dealing with her child. Then guess what stay home so you don’t have to see it.
      You don’t like that a cast member working, who may be on the college program for 1 semester making no money ( the pay is less than min wage since they are getting college credit) didn’t interfere with a parent dealing with their child. Guess what , what’s the cast member supposed to do go up to the parent and say don’t discipline YOUR child.
      It’s hot out, families are tired and want to have the vacation of their life at the happiest place on earth. Well reality is life happens. It is the happiest place when you’re “on stage” rides, characters, food and drinks. But your perception isn’t reality.

      1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

        Guess what, Disney College Program castmembers make more than minimum wage. So wrong their. But you are right, it is not any of the bystanders business. As soon as it effects others, then it becomes community business.

      2. Childadvocate

        Does that apply if bad mom punches her kid in the face or kicks her in the head? Don’t like child abuse stay home?

    2. Childadvocate

      Physically assaulting your child is child abuse. If you can’t legally do it to your boss or wife, don’t do it to a kid.

      1. Linda Hocking

        I agree but still what was the cast member supposed to do? Especially when they did not witness it.

  9. Claire

    Some kids ears need a good yanking.
    No alcohol should be sold.
    Allow cannabis vaping instead.

  10. Lois

    Public displays can always be publicly discussed. IF something is out of the norm physically or verbally, anyone has a right to say something or do something about it. In this case reporting it works. Better than fanning the flames.

  11. Anne-Marie

    Pulling an ear to get the attention of your own disruptive child is not abuse.
    You can tell who got discipline n who didn’t just by the response to this scenario.
    Worry about your own, quit trying to micro manage other families. No one knows what the child had already been up to all day to get to the point mom felt the need to yank that ear. …the ear pull was a favorite my grandma. It never killed me. Never drew blood but sure as hell got my attention.

    1. Teri

      Amen to that.

    2. Childadvocate

      Physical abuse is NOT discipline. It’s child abuse. If you’re assaulting you child you’ve already failed at discipline. Any decent parent knows being at Disney is an overstimulating, exhausting, often steaming hot, out of normal schedule, experience. Bad behavior is a given for every kid at some point. If you aren’t smart enough to understand a child never deserves to be physically assaulted, you shouldn’t have kids.

      1. Linda Hocking

        Oh my gosh! Still want to know WHAT should the cast member have done?? Didn’t witness it.

  12. dana

    I would hope (unfortunately) that there would be very big folks are hired in the (unseen) background
    to restrain the people who need to be incarcerated immediately!!!!!

  13. Sal

    I’m not defending the parent here in any way, but WDW is destination for people from around the country and world. People from a vast array of places and cultures visit. What might be egregious to you might be acceptable to others.

    1. Childadvocate

      Lol. So if child abuse is “culturally acceptable” it’s ok?

      1. Sal

        No, the behavior itself is not “ok.” But based on the story (if you can even call it that) I’m inferring that the guest who was “shocked” to see it might be living in a bubble if they’ve never seen nor contemplated a parent grabbing their child by the ear.

    2. Linda Hocking

      I so agree!

  14. Teri

    Where was the child abuse? She pulled his ear, so 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Get over it and move on.

    1. Childadvocate

      “Get over” a child shrieking in pain? Seriously. What is wrong w you people defending abuse.

      Wait. I know.

      Tell me you hit/abuse your kids wo telling me you’re abusive.

      1. Linda Hocking


  15. Dawn

    When my child was little he was routinely dislocate his arm if someone was holding his hand. Would have had CPS called on me for abuse had the Dr not been holding his hand when he did it, not once but twice in a 10 minute span. Some kids need a bit more stern response. Tugging/pulling a childs ears is NOTHING, and many kids will make a huge scene out of nothing. Just go about your business, 10 to 1 a parent is not going to abuse a child in a busy place like WDW.

    1. Dawn

      *would, not was….. I wish there were an edit feature.

    2. Childadvocate

      Abusive parents abuse their kids whenever they are because like many here, they think it’s ok. Stop minimizing abuse. Maybe use a stroller to avoid excruciating pain? “My child dislocates his shoulder while holding hands, so I’m going to hold his hand.”??? Tugging and pulling an ear is NOT nothing. If a kid is shrieking in pain, it’s abuse.

  16. Debbie

    Scream for security and for her to stop! Get her arrested for god sake! Poor child!

    1. Childadvocate

      Exactly! If she does that in public, while ignoring his shrieks of pain, just imagine what she’s doing in private!

  17. R

    Do YOU know what happens to the inner ear, cochlea, stapies, etc. When the ear is pulled by force?
    OBVIOUSLY not.

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