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  1. John

    We have been going since 1996 so we know how to get around. When friends ask abut going and planning for first time visits. I tell them it is not easy, you will get frustrated and spend $$$. Don’t bother. This is where it may come back to bite Disney, attracting new customers to parks!

    1. Aaron

      It’s pretty easy if you have a brain

  2. A.Cain

    I agreed with John. Been going to Disney since 2004 and my last visit this year will be my last. The amount of aggravation involved is mind boggling. Can’t even imagine how anyone would be able to figure it out as a first time guest. Very disappointing!!

    1. Aaron

      Agree you mean

  3. Jodie

    If you can read and have access to the internet to go to WDW’s website, then it should be easy for even first-timers to know what is required before entering the parks. There is literally a section called “Know Before You Go.”

    1. Carol

      People should do their research especially when spending this amount of money. What I really got from this video is how horrible this man acts in front of his children.

  4. The entitlement is what kills me.

  5. Michael

    Started in 1975. Spent summers at Fort Wilderness campground, birthdays, grad night, and all that jazz. Last time we went was 10yrs ago and I was fed up THEN! I read stories about people today and no way I’d spend that kind of cabbage to deal with all you rude and ungrateful adult-children that ruin it for everyone. Not even gonna start in on the park itself. Sad to see where it’s gone…

  6. Kellie

    Disneyland is not the same, it has become extremely disappointing. If you travel from far away and don’t know this policy when your whole trip is centered around going to Disneyland… it isn’t right! All those adds with kids reacting excited when they find out that they are going are real and to get to the main gate only to be turned away, the Disney Brand is not only going to disappoint the children, it is going to leave a sour taste in the mouth’s of the whole family for generations to come when that story of the worst vacation ever comes up. It is all about money now, they have stomped on Walt’s vision to make a buck. It is no longer about family. Plus they are using Covid to thin out the AP’s during holidays.

  7. BJ

    Personally we hate the reservation system we had bought tickets and had 2 days free well we lost a day because we couldn’t get a reservation at any park plus we use to decide the day we wake up and go to the park we know the pandemic changed things and people but the parks are so uncomfortably crowded so I don’t think this reservation system is ridiculous and the genie hate it do we still go to Disney yes only because we are DVC members would have we bought in if we knew about the changes probably not but we are not ready to throw in the towel yet

  8. K

    Why do people have to take their phones out and record everything? Ridiculous that everything revolves around phones these days. I bet the person recording has been upset before and wonder how they would feel being taped for everyone see.

    1. Dan

      If the whole issue is crowding then Disney needs to get rid of the monthly payment option which will thin out crowds real fast. Yes it would be a pain but Disney doesn’t seem to want to rip that band-aid off.

  9. Eric Trott

    The person messed up by not adding their kid. Oopsie.

    The new system, and having to wake up at 7am (day of) to book your rides is a pain. I work nights, so mornings are not my cup of tea. But, I adjust when on vacation. Because I have to, not because I want to.

  10. Noel

    My 5 year old son got bit so hard by another kid at Legoland, to the point where he was bleeding, and I didn’t even yell this loud. If he has a pass, then more likely he lives in the vicinity where he could probably come back. The reservation system has been in place for a while now, especially passholders should be used to it.

  11. Jason

    I’m an annual pass holder and passes are about to expire. No more Disneyland for me unless a miracle price drop. Disney is not the happiest place on earth no more. All about money and Walt is turning in his grave right now. Disney is suppose to be about family, kids, fun, and happiness. Don’t waste your money.

  12. While Disney has some good points the bad far out way the good. Nobody wants to go on broken down rides or spend more money on less food etc and with all the drama and fights do I really want to expose my kids to that after spending that kinda money. I would be just fine never stepping foot in Disney again

  13. Cincolo

    I was just there early August. I liked the reservation system just because the park was not as crowded. That to me is enough reason to keep it going and prevent the longer lines. What sounds odd is that this person had made the reservations for everybody else but forgot the kid. Whoever made them should have double checked and made sure he was doing all of them. On the other hand, the cast member should have walked him through getting on the phone and doing the reservation. If the park was totally booked, then I think the cast member should have the authority to let one person in if such an odd situation like this happens.

    1. umopapisdn

      For all we know, this happens regularly and we’re just seeing it because someone decided to record it and post it and it got noticed

  14. Christina Demello

    I don’t like the reservation system at all but I was so happy to return to Disneyland that I dealt with it and I was so grateful to the cast members who helped us out when our reservations were not completed for our entire trip. I have to say it had always been a dream to be there for my birthday and it was an easier and by far a better experience there than it was at our motel which was a huge disappointment. I honestly can’t wait to go back again.

  15. Sharon

    I have been going regularly since the mid 80s and have seen the parks attendance rise to the point that it’s not enjoyable. I live in Northern California and manage several trips annually. We have annual passes and LOVE the reservation system. I have never had an issue with reservations or getting in the park. Stop thinking you are entitled and plan your visits ahead of time. The reservation system prevents pass holders from thinking they can attend daily. The best thing Disney could have done was to do away with the passes. A better system would be to sell passes with a limited number of visits PERIOD. It would still cost less than purchasing multi day passes and better control attendance by still requiring the reservation system. We renewed our passes and would still go to parks if the passes were obsoleted. If people don’t like the passes or reservation system, DON’T GO.

  16. We have been going to Disney World since ’96 and DVC members since ’98. First Fast Pass, which was free. Now Genie for $15 pp. No scheduling. No scheduling EVERYTHING. It’s not easy for first timers. We do not have the same experience as before. It all boils down to control. Disney makes more money without having to give that Disney Experience. We are prepared to sell our DVC membership.

  17. Byron

    If he had a pass for the park for everyone in his party but his kid, sounds like he knows the rules and he made the mistake. So it is his problem not Disney’s.
    He was way out of control for someone that made his own mistake.

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