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  1. We have been visiting yearly for 18 years. Last year’s visit will be our last for awhile. I miss the spontaneity. I am a planner but WDW requires to much planning. What park what day, Lightening Lane decision at 7 a.m. , ordering food several hours in advance, definitely lost some of the magic, 😔.

    1. Mel

      We have given up our annual passes. I have been a lifelong fan, annual
      pass holder for decades. It’s just not the same and certainly not magical. Everything has to be planned well in advance and is too pricey.

      1. Suzanne

        I agree for all the same reasons. We have been coming to Disney since it opened, first with our children, then our grandchildren and have had Annual Passes for years. Our first decision not to renew started with the cancellation of Fast Passes. Terrible decision. They are out pricing the average family who cannot afford LL or Genie +. We waited so long for any ride or just walked around the park. I am not paying for a one ride. The food has gone downhill. The rides keep breaking down. Used to stay at value resorts , no longer affordable. I could go on. Used to love Disney but not the same. 😢

        1. Virginia

          Too much planning and paying for lighting lines, its just getting so expensive Im a hard core Disney Fan but maybe one more year of annual pass then I’m done just too much money to much planning ahead , can’t change your mind until after 2 for exploring the other parks , lines are ridiculously long , I used to love staying at their hotels now you really can’t get a deal on any of the hotels , I do go for the memories as my kids then my grandkids but their changing so much ,

        2. Gloria

          My first time and as first time, we couldn’t figure out the system. Genie+ is a terrible app propping up a terrible policy. Won’t be back.

          1. Jim

            I have been a hardcore Disney fan for 37 years. And it’s getting expensive. Annual passes costs, hotel, rental car, food, and gasoline. Reservations for lunch and dinner. Planning months in advance, to get there and get disappointed with long lines and walking around. I don’t want to be a Disney fan anymore. I have to cancel my vacation for September 18-25!

        3. Ken

          First time going to Disney, never again. We paid so much for the parks and all it does us get you in, everything else is extra. The App is the must user unfriendly app I’ve ever used. I know people that have gone year after year and 8 just don’t understand the appeal. Whatever about living in the US but travelling all the way from Ireland with 3 kids just added to the let down.

      2. Lee Ann

        We used to go to Disney World when it first opened and for years and years there after. Prices increased exponentially to the point where our family of four couldn’t afford it any longer. I think Walt Disney would roll over in his grave if he knew what has happened to his dream. He wanted this magical place to be affordable for all families. It’s not anymore. I won’t ever be going back. Sad but true.

        1. Cheri

          I have often said the same thing that Walt would rollover in his grave if he new what was happening to his dream. He created it out of love and for fun and families. The pricing is such that normal income families cant afford it. The spontaneity is gone with all the planning measures in place. This was my happy place on earth that I couldn’t wait to share with grandchildren but now I don’t think we can afford it any more. So so sad. Are the powers that be at Disney even listening? Or do all they care about is the almighty dollar.

        2. Debra

          You are so right. I’m 63 and have loved Disney all my life. My Mom worked at Disneyland when I was a kid and therefore that made me a Disney lover. Things are just not same and it breaks my heart. Walt is literally turning in his grave…

      3. Gerald W

        My family didn’t renew our Annual Passes this year…for the first time in more than 20 years, and we’re selling our DVC Membership as well. The company has become less about Walt Disney’s vision of “magical” experiences and memories for families, and too much about cultural/social engineering and politics. It’s certainly not “Walt’s” Disney anymore.

      4. Brenda

        I agree
        100% with this article. We will not be renewing our passes next year. Disney has lost its magic.

    2. LeoGuru2000

      Jennifer, use this opportunity to try out other parks in FL if you aren’t doing so already. Disney is only going to get worse as long as people keep paying so you have to vote with your money not only by saying no to Disney but by giving money you have been giving to Disney to one of its competitors. Believe me when I say that even though they are doing well right now, Disney closely monitors its competition and if enough families start taking their business elsewhere the Disney board and shareholders will eventually demand Chapek stop it with his cheapskate methods

      1. Be Nice

        I would also like to try other parks in the area however I need some advice and help, and no one has been able or willing to answer my questions, maybe you can. We need a park that offers Wheelchair accessible transportation to the parks, rides that are similar to Disney’s Rollercoasters are great but cannot do one’s like Rock n Roller coaster or Flight of Passage (no upside down and nothing that have ‘motorcycle’ type ride vehicles) Able to transfer loves Slinky dog, Seven dwarves, Mine train… Not a fan of wet rides.

        1. Laurie

          Sounds like Disney has exactly what you nee to accommodate your families needs. You won’t find that at any other Florida park so I’m not sure why you are so upset with Disney when they seem to be exactly what you need. Believe me when I say in comparison to other resorts and parks, Disney is on the cheaper side. Compare prices at Universal Studios….They are much higher and is great if you are seeking a lot of thrill rides but not if you are looking for “family type rides”

          1. Be Nice

            Not upset just looking for other options Missing the “Magic” tired of the politics we used to go to escape the ‘outside’ world as much as possible, the fantasy is fading no longer can you just pretend and imagine. In the Disney I remember the young man in the wheelchair could fly and be a pirate. The young girl struggling to fit in could be a princess with talking animals as friends it wasn’t real and that was the point. You could be whoever you wanted to be even if it wasn’t physically possible, now imagination is not allowed as you may ‘insult’ someone else’s reality.

          2. Joe

            You’re kidding right? Just to start you pay for the ability to go to the park, add parking, add fast pass, add premium events that are extra. All so Disney can drain for every dime you have. Plenty of theme parks in the world. Especially those that don’t force their plans down your throat.

          3. Be Nice

            Okay so give me some suggestions that work for our situation? Look above for details. This is why we end up going back. Yes, I am tired of losing the Magic we used to get and paying more for less. Looking for some help, if people can’t come up with other options and give solutions then they have no business “yelling” on comment sections of articles. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem sorry. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

      2. Barry Grupp

        Other parks? Went to Universal Islands of Adventure. More expensive that Walt Disney World, their genie + type systems starts at $79 per person and unlimited lightning line option runs $267 per person. Parking was $2 more at $27 per car. Average wait time on August 5 was about an hour per attraction. The main Harry Potter Castle ride was 180 minutes

    3. Jade

      Couldn’t agree more! Me and my husband said these exact words…there was something missing, definitely a bit of Magic has gone 😔

    4. Mindy

      Especially when you’re paying more but lost the DDP, the Magical Express, and the TWO extra magic hours. 30 min is a slap to the face.

      1. Mindy

        Oh, and they longer include the photopass.

      2. Joanne

        Been coming just about every year since opening…I’m happy to say this trip will be our last… the magic is gone and I’m trading in my Mickey ears…

      3. AH

        30min is just not enough. Before when early entry was an hour before opening, we could do 2-3 rides and then position for another. Now 1 ride at most. Not enough to justify the very high cost of staying on property. There is no extra magic time (the after hours time) if you are not paying the big money to stay at a deluxe resort.

    5. Jason

      Yep. Had season passes for 18 years. Let them lapse this year for all of the reasons listed in the article and the other comments here. It has gotten ridiculous.

    6. Bon

      I miss the days of the book advisory on restaurants, rides, hotels and transportation. The unofficial planning guide was my fav. I’d read it over and over. Now probably worthless with Genie plus, crowds, and prices.

    7. Wayne Rohrer

      TOTALLY AGREE!!! Our annual passes expire in November and will not be renewed. WDW is just not the same. The magic is gone. The beginning of the end came with the end of the fast passes and the escalating prices for everything. It’s just not worth it anymore. They have priced us out. It’s not that we can’t afford it, it’s just not a good value anymore. We own lots of Disney stock and have been annual pass holders for at least 27 years but all that ends now. We are very disappointed in Disney and strongly feel Chapek needs to go.

  2. Disney sucks now

    Giving up our passes this year as well. We went on a trip this past weekend (most likely our last), and we tried the genie service. $75 for our family of 5 to skip 2 lines on star tours (which is only ever a 30 min wait) and swirling saucers (another already short line) because I clicked on an 1130 am reservation, and purchased it only to be shown the new reservation time is 8 pm (after we were leaving the parks). I immediately tried to get it refunded- waited an hour and a half on their chat and another 30 mins on the phone to be told they don’t refund Genie+. Total false advertising in terms of clicking on a reservation time to purchase! So we are done and over it. We are so frustrated they removed the fast passes and ability for pass holders to just show up. I agree magic is gone. And I’m sure I’m gonna here about this but the fact that they don’t greet my kids with hello prince and princess is beyond annoying too! My girls especially used to love this!

    1. Virginia

      I too am thinking about no more annual but , still love Disney, the magic is slowly slipping away just too much money

    2. I see real problems for Disney in the future. To many price increases. Cutting services. Having to stay on your phone all the time. No spontaneous. Having to have everything planned in advance. Disney lost the magic for most families. We never took our phones in the park. Vacation means fun. Disney is not fun anymore with all the have too of staying on phone for meal orders which are way to expensive for what you get. To Genie. Disney needs go back to fast pass and drop park reservation! And get rid of BOB! And according to wait times on the app, the parks are not crowded as you try make us believe!

      1. Carmen

        It’s beyond sad that we locals have spent billions throughout the years and got squeezed out to cater to the out -of-towners. We let our Florida resident passes go a few yrs ago. Too much nickel and dime-ing like the airlines. How do the new CEO and management sleep are night? Shame on them!

    3. Went Wednesday, August 3rd to the Magic Kingdom. Bought the genie + for family of 4. I was able to book 6 attractions with genie + ( ThunderMt, Space Mt, Small World, Pirates, Haunted Mansion and Mad Tea Party. Unable to book both PetervPan and Seven Dwarfs mine train . ( disappointing but expected) Both had over 90 minute waits in standby. Overall a good day and worth the $60 for the genie +.

  3. Lesley Pearce

    Yes. I agree with all the comments. We can afford it but don’t like being ripped off! It’s no longer the most magical place on earth 😢

    1. Laurie

      Magic is what you make it. You and your family can make your magic and memories and have them forever. If you are looking for “free” you are not going to find that at Disney or anywhere else for that matter.

      1. Be Nice

        Magic may not be made if you are afraid to step on someone’s feelings. Not looking for Free just looking for the benefits of staying on property? You are paying premium prices and getting nothing in return?


    Don’t renew my passes either, for all the reasons previously listed. The thing is – I will be able to afford to pay for their insanity in the near future, but I don’t want to because even when paying for all the extra access, the experience. Still. Sucks

    They are charging a premium price for a non-premium experience.

    Universal and Sea World are my fun places now. Better experience, better prices, way more fun

  5. Brian

    I was a cast member for about 6 years, thanks to lgbtq xyz oh so sensitive feelings, the whole world should bow done, and cave in to our sexual perversion, and if you look at someone the wrong way. You can get fired. Disney has never been racist! You can be whatever, nobody cares and everyone got along just fine. It was great to see families, and it’s No longer No longer About sexual orientation, It’s about sexual perversion. What’s next Beastiality ? Try and destroy a Children’s Is childhood sic!

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      Brian, your comment is just plain wrong. There is nothing about sexual perversion or beastiality. That is just a slippery slope fallacy. Keep up your babbling about nothing.

      1. LeoGuru2000

        BS! The its a slippery slope fallacy is itself a fallacy sometimes, when it’s used to dismiss dangerous patterns either out of ignorance or from a desire to combat an argument. We are on a slope downwards when it comes to sexuality. It’s no longer about accepting if someone is homosexua but we’re now being told with the threat of government violence that we have to recognize others insanity and even some people’s sexual perversions. We have naked people parading on public streets under the guise of gay pride
        We’ve got drag queens, some dressed very sexual, interacting with children, sometimes funded by our tax money. We’ve got corporations who should be solely focused on customer satisfaction and profits now focusing on supporting the sexual perversion movement. Only a fool ( or a liar ) pretends that thete is no downward slope occurring in our society with regards to sexual perversions.

        And to be very clear, any form of homosexuality is not the norm among any species that sexually reproduces. Because American is founded on inalienable rights a gay person has every right to exist in America without harassment just as any heterosexual but we are no longer dealing with just that.

        1. Bob

          “It’s no longer about accepting if someone is homosexua but we’re now being told with the threat of government violence that we have to recognize others insanity and even some people’s sexual perversions. ”

          No, psycho, we are being told we can not discriminate against people’s identities, even if we don’t agree with them. It’s what makes America Great!!

        2. Mindy

          Give me a freaking break. Provide proof that tax payers fund drag queens. What a moronic statement. Not everyone is straight or white. Deal with it.

        3. Bert

          Attacking Drag Queens is just another diversionary topic that the right uses to not address far more important issues, like gun control, climate change and having the wealthy pay their fair share. The right seems to have nothing but fear and hate.

      2. Dave v

        Actually Brian is spot on. Since when is it Disney’s job to promote anyone’s sexual preferences? I have never heard them promoting heterosexuals. Nothing against gays or whatever floats your boat but Disney needs to stay out of everyone’s bedrooms. And the the alternative lifestyles need to stop demanding Disney promote them. Come to the parks but keep your bedroom practices private like everyone else does!

      3. Kirky

        Disney will keep raising prices until you people with mickey shaped “magical” glasses take the hint and quit coming to make room for the big spenders

        1. rooftop voter

          Disney is creating parks just for the 1% crowd who don’t gaf about prices. Disney then will jack them up even higher.

    2. Darrell

      ABSOLUTELY agree!!! We’ve been Annual Pass holders for 14 years. NO MORE!

    3. Bob

      Pipe down, snowflake.

  6. working man

    This person is right, all this nonsense since the pandemic and even before is what has ruined Disney World. Genie is a disaster and the non-stop extra fees and charges is disgusting. The Value resorts should never have gotten to the point of $180-200 a night. They are glorified motels and we have stayed at nicer hotels for far less. They have you over a barrel for the Disney Bubble experience. Until things change we won’t be visiting for a long time.

    1. ColeenD

      Agree Genie is a rip off and being on your phone all the time, heck no! This is the first year since 2002 I haven’t taken my grandchildren. Too much $$ and planning, not fun anymore.

  7. Jan

    i agree with most of the above statements. We had annual passes for years, but did not renew. The one with no blackout dates went up like $500 and when they first came out there were no DVC discounts. We usually come at Christmas for a few days then go to Vero Beach for Christmas itself and then back to Disney. We just got back from Disney and had a great time. DID NOT do any parks, did not have to be anywhere at a particular time unless we had dinner reservations. It was fantastic and we may do it again!!

  8. Sherry Taylor

    I have had an annual pass for 20 years and I am DONE!!!

  9. Philly

    We already renewed our annual passes for this year. However, we know this will be the last year for them. There’s just no spontaneity going to Disney anymore.

  10. Michael Faussett

    I started going to Disney World when the aunnal passes was at $300. but no at $1,300 a year now so that just knocked me out so I can’t afford it. I wish they could fired Bob C. he’s has ruined Disney World and all the other Disney parks too so he needs go now.

    1. Darrell

      Agree,ABSOLUTELY!!! fire him!!! He has single handedly ruined Disneyland too!!!

      1. Brad

        Gas prices have doubled the last 2 years too, will you be boycotting your car? Fire Biden? As long as there are crowds the price will continue to go up. Disney is a business not a public playground. Everyone will have to cut back to make it more affordable for their situation which is unfortunate but that’s how supply/demand works and Disney is not exempt. Crowds have ruined Disneyland, Bob is just figuring out how to manage that.

        1. DeLaunhardt

          So much for the voice of an OBVIOUS “Disney Adult”……

  11. We also will not be renewing our Annual Passes for much the same reasons. We have been annual pass holders since 2008, in recent years the Pirate pass. We are also DVC members since 1998. We may continue to come and stay without buying park ticket. Disney has virtually ignored their long time supporters.

  12. Colleen Passardi

    After many years as Florida residents, Annual Pass holders and DVC members, we gave up our annual passes also. We love Disney, but we have do not love the prices and all the hoops we need to jump through just to get into a park. Walt Disney was a business man, but he created Disney for families- and those families cannot afford these prices or all the red tape just to get into a park, plus pay extra for rides to get on. Just very sad.

  13. Aimee

    I am so sad to say we are also not renewing our Annual Passes that (I) we have had since I was a child. I now have my own children and no longer feel the Disney magic. The price does not equate with the quality any longer. It has been a very hard decision for me but what I anticipate our experience being in our mind never lives up to the reality even though it exceeded in the past. Every year, the quality has gone down and I just can’t justify the cost any longer.

    1. VacaDad

      you can still go to DL/WDW without an annual pass, single day tickets are only $100 just need to cut back on how often you go. Mind blower lol

      1. Mindy

        Yeah, $100? Lolololol. Nope.

        1. rooftop voter

          +25 bucks a day for general parking.

  14. rae

    All these comments sadden me. What has happened is not even close to Walt’s vision for the parks. It’s become ‘greedflation’ and much too complicated to remain enjoyable. I’m done until things change but fear they won’t if the parks remain as packed as they have been. Personally I don’t want to spend my day with my face in my phone.

    1. Steve K

      We had Fl. Resident annual passes since our daughter was 3 (31 now). We stayed in resorts and many weeks in the campground. Between the exorbitant price increases and “woke mentality” of Chapek, we’re done with Disney permanantly

      So Sad

  15. J

    Crowds and mask polices have been keeping me away for years except for 2 special occasions for a family member. Don’t miss it at all really even though we had nationwide passes for a decade.

  16. Brad

    I think Disney is doing the best the can to manage the crowds…it’s just the way the world is going with reservations and food orders etc Everything takes a bit of planning…I recently had to make an appointment to go car shopping! lol
    I wish capacity could be reduced further but that would likely take more price hikes and cancellation of any annual pass program so enjoy it while you can…it will likely get worse, just how supply/demand works.

    1. 1bzteacher

      I respectfully have to disagree, Brad. I was a resident passholder for many years, and then the pandemic hit, Prices going through the roof, confusing changes to the fast pass system, etc. Walt Disney created to sea world for families and for spontaneous magic, which is no more. It’s not an issue of supply/demand, it’s an issue of the corporation running its self into the ground. It is really sad, because I was a hard-core diehard Disney girl, but not so much anymore. They have truly killed the magic.

      1. Brad

        Prices everywhere have gone through the roof since the pandemic. Many companies still have supply chain issues and many are trying to make up for lost revenue thanks to covid. Attendance is naturally higher right now as many missed vacations during the shutdown or restrictions prevented people from going so we currently have a HUGE DEMAND for Disney. The reservation system helps keep crowds from being worse, so Supply is limited. Disney could easily fill their reservations if they charged $200-300 per day but they haven’t increased prices as much as they could have thankfully. I don’t see this as running itself into the ground, the parks have never been so popular. Karens, Disney Adults, and streamers are killing the magic in my opinion.

    2. Be Nice

      Then how are all the other parks in the area able to manage without making guests plan so far in advance and make ‘park reservations’?

      1. Laurie

        They don’t manage. The crowds are ridiculous. Lines are extremely long unless you pay an exuberant amount of money (Universal charges between $79 and $280 per person per day for their “Express pass” depending on the date and the time of day. Go to some other parks and make some comparisons like I have. While Disney has gone up in price, so has everything else, and compared to others Disney is still a good value for what you get.

        1. Be Nice

          But they are still in business and I’m not talking about prices. They are not resorting to micromanaging their guests.

  17. Kelly

    Disney has most certainly priced themselves out of the middle class. I would love to go every year but at this point we can’t go at all and that’s really sad because I think what they have is pretty special. It’s just not accessible financially for many many people.

    1. rooftop voter

      Exactly. Playground for the rich as soon as they weed out the ‘peasants’ from the crowds.

  18. LeoGuru2000

    All – one of the tactics Disney , as well as other corporations, uses to hide increases is by switching up product choices frequently. This makes it difficult to do a one to one comparison over the years to see the increases. Unlike with a stable product like a gallon of gas, Disney will change plan offerings every fee years not to try and provide a better experience but to squeeze as much as they can from you without it being obvious and to make it impossible to track the price increase of something fir more than a few years. They just say it’s about improving guest experience as the excuse for constant changes.

    Sadly in today’s world when dealing with a business that’s not a small independently owned business you pretty much have to assume everything the business says is a lie or at best half truth.

  19. scott shepard

    We (wife and 4 kids) have been going the last 14 years in a row, sometimes twice a year. (From NY) The magic is gone with Disney. Doing away with the Magical Express and the old Fast Pass system was a huge mistake. No more incentive to stay on Disney property. No more waking up and deciding what park you want to go to. People end up spending way more time on their cell phones than they should have to. My mom who also went every year sold her DVC points as she has had enough also. Reservations for Universal Studios this Oct… can’t wait. #$%&* Chapek.

    1. William

      After 14-28 visits the magic is gone?!!!

    2. Roy

      I took my family of 6 back in 2002, 2003, and 2095 from Texas. 3 of the greatest vacations we ever took. I’m so glad we were able to go back in 2018 before covid. With all of the changes since we will never go again. The only way it will ever change is for Disney to be hit hard in the pocketbook. Unfortunately they don’t care about the middle class as just like sports, it’s all geared to the corporate rich. So I doubt anything will change. Walt Disney is certainly rolling in his grave. So sad..

      1. Roy

        2005 not 95..LOL

    3. Ame

      My first WDW trip was 1990 , I was almost 21 and it was Magical. So Magical that for 25 years it was my only vacation spot. I became a single mom of two sons who I brought before their first birthdays and brought them yearly, sometimes twice yearly from NJ if I found a great deal. Value or Moderate resorts, back when length of stay passes were the norm, meal plan no meal plan. Didn’t matter. Then it was an your meals 6 MO ths ahead. Plan your rides 2 months ahead. Value cost more in value season than moderate used to at peak. Holiday party tickets doubled, tripled, quadrupled, perks for on property drifted away. Tickets were base and add on for everything. Services got worse. Prices kept doubling. Last Disney trip was 6 years ago and yes I miss the old WDW but still enjoy trips to Universal any chance we get

  20. J hardy

    Sad, always dreamed of going to Disneyland/World. Costs too much and from what I hear the crowds are overwhelming. Sad

  21. Mark in Texas

    I was a 25 year Florida resident (Orlando area + South Florida… all the way back to the “ticket to ride” days).
    The idea of having to set a tight itinerary & spend extra $$ to get the rides you want is crazy.
    Add in the high cost of food + drinks & this is no longer a possibility for the middle class. It seems a family of 4 that maybe drives to the area, 3 hotel nights + 2 Disney days, food & lodging then drives away is $ 2,000 or more & that’s ludicrous.

  22. Susan

    I agree Disney has definitely changed and I’m a Dream pass holder for many many years! I hate using my phone for everything and I hate having to ask for hotel services that should be done daily! Having to make reservations for everything so far out has definitely ruined my experience! My grandkids live in LA but they play sports and there are tournaments etc that come up and I can’t get them in on my reservations because I need to make changes 2-3 weeks out! It just isn’t working for us anymore. So very sad.

  23. William

    People are such babies. Seriously whining about planning ahead? Who cares? For most Americans we are planning our trip to Disney months, if not years, in advance. Sorry, not sorry, that your nearby playground occasionally requires you to plan in advance that you want to attend.

    1. 1bzteacher

      If you haven’t been to Disney World several times, then you wouldn’t know what it is we are talking about.
      Why can’t people like you just be kind and respect other‘s opinions?

    2. Be Nice

      I am a ‘planner’ and I find this new system annoying! Even though I plan where I want to go, I wasn’t ‘locked’ into it and the extra price I pay for park hopper made it worth it as if I started out in the park I planned and then for some reason felt the need to change I could, now I have to wait till 2p tell me how that is worth it?

    3. Freedomrocksusa

      There’s a vast difference between a little planning and having to micromanage every last minute of your day. It’s exhausting and takes away from enjoying the moment.

  24. Denise M Jorgens

    Growing up in Southern CA, meant growing up on Disney. I then shared it with my kids and have continued even though it is a 7-hour drive. Today’s Disney is nowhere close to Walt’s dream. It to be inclusive for all so that families could share the magic and create wonderful memories together.
    Now it is all about GREED(CHOPEK), being political, etc. The cast members are sloppy looking, selfish, and rude. You have to schedule every moment of your trip from start to finish, and dining in between. It is impossible for anyone who does not have or use a cell phone.

    I get things change over time (Star Wars, Marvel, LGBT days and who knows what’s next) It is just a heartbreak that they have such a short coming in the management’s vision. Creativity, customer service, and overall magic are all gone, far, far, away. It has all been replaced by the what’s best for me attitude instead of Walt’s vision of what’s best for all. That was the true magic. It was the hope and love, caring and sharing that brought folks in. My anger has dissipated into pure sadness

  25. Kate

    I refuse to take my family to Disneyland or Disney World ever again. Too crowded, too expensive, lines too long and often way too hot. We’ll go somewhere more relaxed. It’s not a vacation if it’s exhausting!

  26. Todd

    WDW has lost the magic. We have been passholders for 9 years and we’re done. The reservation system, Genie+, extra for photopass, the lack of character experiences, lack of staffing, no courtesy shuttles at EPCOT and DHS, the extra blackout dates with the new passes and of course those extraordinarily price increases. It’s enough to make me cancel the pass and feel disgust for all things Disney. All because of the focus on returns to shareholders by Chapek vs. guest experience.

  27. jay

    Author: you said genie is $20 per HOUR in California. I think that’s a typo – $20 per DAY?

  28. Chris

    Why do people announce their boycott? Just go.

  29. Martha

    I have been going to WDW yearly since 1993( except for covid year 2020) . We had AP and would go three to 4
    four times a year. Those days are over . The magic has disappeared. We did not renew our AP since 2020 . Disney has greatly reduced the perks for being an AP holder and / or staying on property . They have reduced extra magic hours . They discontinued Magic Express. Costs have soared . We still have visited a day or two and found the parks and resorts to be dirty . Their standards have lowered . Gone are the days when fast passes were free . I hate having to make reservations for the park I want to go to . With our AP we would hop when we wanted to . Glad I have great memories from years gone by .

  30. D

    Disney will no longer be affordable for the middle class. Only the rich . What a shame , it was built on being “happy place on earth”. Doesn’t sound like people are happy anymore. Greed and profit again.

  31. Marie Morgan

    Grew up in OC California. We’d go to Disneyland a couple times a year, at least.

    The curtain has been pushed back to reveal the greed that is now Disney.

    We’re done! No Disneyland, no Disney Channel, no future plans to visit any Disney park, resort, or store.

  32. Chris Cardona

    I was disappointed by the revamped Annual Pass system. I was an Annual Passholder from 2016 to 2018. Gold and then Platinum Plus. I loved it. I do not like the way it is now. Reservation system, so no more spontaneous visits, but I understand why it was put in. Fast Passes are gone, long lines, altercations inside the parks, re-themeing of a classic ride. It’s getting too PC.

    I believe that the magic will bounce back, when leadership changes, but right now I won’t visit for a while. I am still a DVC Member so that still saves me on the cost of a hotel when I go.

    1. rooftop voter

      Ah, family fights, always setting good examples for the children. All over cutting in line. Beautiful.

  33. Jgemberton

    We’ve been vacation club members for 10 years and made a point to go at least once, sometimes twice a year. But now, with the park reservation system, Genie+ and lightning lane, constant construction, loss of the magic express service, and the crazy prices, it just doesn’t feel as magical. Unless something major happens, I don’t see us spending much, if any, time in the parks going forward. Probably skip the Orlando area all together and just do cruises or Aulani until our points allotment no longer cover those experiences.

  34. Jose

    We are a family of 12 year pass holder. We even have time shares in the area. We all stop our year pass for multiple valid reasons. Families cut in line and they don’t care that we have kids and handy cap members. We did go e wry holidays and birthdays. Now we visit water parks and it works for us. Sorry but Disney is for rich families and not for kids dreams.

  35. Don

    Took my kids to Disney stayed off site, Animal Kingdom, Wilderness Lodge and did the Western Adventure trip over the years. Hate crowds and manufactured theme parks but Disney made the theme and expense work better than any place I have ever been. Fast Pass was genius the door portions were to large but fit the price paid. Crowds were orderly. The kids got to be in the Indians Jones show and play with Jack Sparrow. I thought I would start taking the grandkids but the fights, the confusion turning it into an expense only elites can afford. And turning their backs on the core fan base to pander to others. We will just go to the national Parks, lakes and rivers. They had such a pleasant business model and made money by giving over the top experience that while it was never cheap seemed worth it. Not anymore.

    1. Mom

      I agree with you! We are a regular ole family with a mom, dad and kiddos. Disney doesn’t care about us anymore. If you’re traditional, conservative or whatever else you want to call it you’re not welcome anymore. Disney has really changed.

      1. Rosemarie Kury

        I am so glad my dad took us to Disneyland when it opened in 57(yes I’m old) it was pricey then but worth it. Visited Disney world in 86 when it was still magical. So sad that its unaffordable now. Think though there are several others in that area just as fun

  36. Joyce Mack-Ashmus

    The last time I went to Disneyland in CA. Was 9 yrs
    ago. It was a magical time. But when I see the news, photos & videos of fights. No thankyou. I am 66 yrs old & refuse to be in a mob like environment. This is no longer considered the happiest place on earth 😔

  37. Amy

    We are going on the trips we paid for and then taking a break. I agree with so many commenters – we can’t be spontaneous, I’m in my phone all day long and up before the sun. Fights are breaking out in the parks daily!
    Chapek has ruined so much magic.
    And I’m sorry but when Disney went woke it lost even more magic. My little girl misses being called Princess.

    Disney isn’t the same. It’s heartbreaking. We have also reached our breaking point.

  38. Tim Bollinger

    We raised our children at WDW over a period of 40 years (we had our last when we were 40). We camped at Fort Wilderness with our oldest three and stayed in the hotels with our youngest. Annual passes were renewed annually through the years and being only 70 minutes from WDW we spent many weekends enjoying the rides and shows at the parks. Over the last years we went to the parks Disney began to tinker with the fast pass system to the point only resort guests were getting passes on the best rides since they could reserve 90 days ahead of arrival. The last straw for us was when they jacked the annual passes 300.00 just before the Star Wars expansion opened… not to mention Dodd price increases as the quality was falling. 2018 ended our lifelong love of Disney visits but we have adjusted and moved on.

    1. Tim Bollinger

      That was food prices not Dodd…

      1. Freedomrocksusa

        I visited Hersheypark on a hot, sunny, crowded day this summer. I didn’t need to make park reservations. Tickets go for $76.95 for 1-day tickets and $112 for 2-day tickets, unless you have a special discount. With your ticket, you get a preview the night before after a certain hour. I upgraded to their “Fast Track Unlimited” option for an additional $99, only because I knew I wouldn’t be returning in the near future. I didn’t have to reserve any rides, got on everything I wanted, & even got to ride some twice. I didn’t need to use my phone except for directions. The park was clean, and I had a minimal wait for food during the early afternoon, although the line for pizza at dinner time was unacceptable.

        Cost wise, the price was comparable to what I’d pay at Disney for a day pass with Genie+ and several lightning lanes, only I didn’t have the frustration of booking and major wait times that I had at Disney, and I didn’t have to miss out on anything. Overall, the rides were more thrilling too.

        Disney should look into what other parks are doing, or they need more rides & attractions.

        1. VacaDad

          Agreed. There are better options out there for thrill seekers, that is not the model Disney invented though. DL/WDW are family locations where the rides are catered to little kids. My kids do not meet the height requirement for much of Six Flags or Universal so those don’t make sense for our family. Each should do what’s right for their family that fits in their budget. I don’t think Disney needs to attract the thrill demographic, they can’t keep up with their current demand as is.

  39. Rita Teixeira

    You should try camping there, $155.00 a night and you bring your own room. Sites shouldn’t be that high and even higher on holidays.

    1. rooftop voter

      Oh Dear Rita,

      Disney knows how to stick it to you in all areas and the camp sites are no exception. Disney is just a retail store in disguise. So glad I did all my Disney stuff years ago when prices were better.

  40. AH

    In Oct the wife and I are going for three days to use up five tickets we have so we will buy a single day. We are staying off property cause its much cheaper than on even with having to pay $25 per day to park. We went last year for a week, and it was just ok. If its the same or worse, I do not know if we will ever be, back and I’ve been 12 times since 2006 while my wife has been almost 40 times since 1975.

  41. Former California passholder

    Sounds like how the Government in some states keeps increasing taxes until residents can’t stand it any longer. Seems like no coincidence that the company is headquartered in California!

    1. Former California passholder

      Chapek will continue to suck the magic out of Disney to generate short-term profits (and big bonuses) even though long-term value is being destroyed. By the time a turnaround is needed, he and his cronies will be long gone.

      1. rooftop voter

        Rest assured, he and his cronies have a well packed ”golden parachute” and will walk away unscathed. Like Eisner did years ago.

  42. Logan's

    Agree 100%. This is no longer Walt’s Disney World.

    We have been Disneyholics since 1986. DVC owners, weddings at the pavilion, marriage proposals and honeymoons at the resorts /
    numerous family trips bringing 8-14 people down from Minnesota and Wisconsin once a year. Our kids and grandkids fully expect, and do get to go at least once per year

    No more! Have started selling our DVC points and will not be renewing our annual passes.

    Very sad, but the corporate emphasis on $$$$ and social activism speaks loud and clear that we are no longer appreciated.

    BTW, we’ve fallen in love with SeaWorld!

  43. DeLaunhardt

    Say it with me: “EPIC Universe”!!

    As MANY MANY MANY time high end Florida resident passholders (since the 80’s!!) WE ARE DONE with Disney!!

    So much more VALUE and just plain better parks elsewhere! Better rides, BETTER STAFF, better all around!!

    Disney stock price is still close to HALF of what it used to be! BTW-their woke-ness is another reason we are keeping our $$ away from the mouse!!

    When all these people see what a convoluted mess a “vacation” at Disney World really is, they will NOT be returning!! (as i have seen a TON of on this tread!)

  44. Lisa Santoni Cromar

    We made the sad decision to stop renewing our annual passes pre-Covid when it became clear that WDW no longer values FL residents. Everything I’ve read has confirmed that this has only gotten worse (more expensive/less accessible). 😞

    1. JLD

      Disney has chopped off the hand that has fed them through the years. Florida residents were the best advertising they had, now not so much.

  45. Ree

    We did not renew our annual passes. At first we were so disappointed but now we have found other things to do as a family in Florida. We found living without Disney is so much easier on our pockets.

  46. Denniz

    So it’s too expensive and too crowded… Seems like Disney is doing something right. If they decrease the prices it will get even more crowded or (if I were Disney) they should increase the prices to make it less crowded…

    Complaining about this is silly because either way it’s not going to bring you a satisfying solution.

    1. VacaDad

      Glad someone here understands this! got my popcorn tho…

  47. Johnn

    Went to WDW at the beginning of June. Rides were fun, after waiting hours. I remember my sis and cousin waiting up and setting an elaborate plan to get lightning passes the next day, like it was a major life decision. The food you had to buy in advance for fast service and fair at best in quality/flavor. Went to a nice restaurant at Disney Yacht and Beach Club for breakfast, got a bagel with locks. It was a Lenders bagel, just ended up scooping off the salmon and eating that and drinking the $5 “fresh squeezed” orange juice in a martini glass that was from Minute Maid in the citrus state. Lived in FL awhile and another citrus state, I know fresh squeezed and a bagel made a few weeks ago. Disney is a mess and just wants the money.

  48. K

    Been going there for 50 years wow have we seen all the changes no more passes for us to crowded to expensive very few places have decent food and it’s over priced we live in Florida not saying we won’t be back to see the Christmas decorations in the hotels but no more parks for us

  49. Josh

    You all sound like such whiney babies. Yes, Disney has become far more corporate and expensive. As has everything else in society in this day and age. Money will always be the end all be all for any corporation/business etc.
    All the complaints about genie+? They are just being made by old bitter people who have not evolved with the times. My last WDW vacation in April was amazing. Waited a combined less time than any trip of my life and I’ve been there over 25 times. $15 a day? Money grab, sure. But well worth it. Separate price to walk right on the best rides with 3 hour waits? No problem. Not having to wait hours on those agonizing lines for a 2 min ride is priceless. If you know what you’re doing and use genie+ to your advantage, you can get a lot more done. I went on every big ride multiple times without ever having to wait in standby. My family would bring us twice a year in the 90s and the crowds and lines were no better. And worse, you didn’t have any alternative to waiting in long lines. And saying go to other parks? Lol. If you are done and frustrated with Disney, do yourself a favor and not visit any theme parks whatsoever because the others are far worse in managing crowds and generally just as expensive if not more. Not to mention the type of customers that are usually attracted to those lesser theme parks. No thanks.
    I will admit though, the restaurants in WDW do suck. Better off saving time and money by just picking up quick bites throughout your trip and avoid the sit down meals.

    1. Melody singer

      Well aren’t you special. By the way you’ll be a bitter old person one day so shut the hell up.

      1. Wary Walt

        Notice all the “I” and “my” in the post. Obviously he has no family he would have to pay for. Prob goes with a couple of friends who also pay their own way and have no families. They prob still live at home with their parents. I don’t know how else they can afford it while talking as if spending that amount of money is no big deal.

        1. VacaDad

          I am a family man and tend to agree with Josh here on most points. The costs are unfortunate and not given out like chump change but when you only go to the parks every 1-2 years, you want to make sure you get on all the rides with minimal wait so the costs are worth it. I don’t fly across the country to miss out on stuff by standing in lines, already got thousands invested in a good vacation so worth a little more at the parks. Whereas if I was local, I might skip some rides to save $ and just get it next time. So really depends on whether you are planning an out of state getaway or just a local weekend activity. I have some great tips on saving for a Disney Vaca if interested.

  50. We sold our Disney Vacation Club membership that we purchase in the late 1990’s The decades of good memories will not be erased. However the last years are memories that we will gladly forget. The corporate greed of Disney, the lowering of service, the line ups. Now that I hear Disney is considering dropping Walt’s name and the references to girls and boys has gone away. My wife and I don’t plan on ever going back. We’ll keep the good memories and always know what Disney once was.

  51. monica

    Everything has changed since covid and we have had to adjust. Everything is more expensive. Why should Disney give the same experience for less money. Sorry you have to plan ahead thats the way it is now.

  52. Melody singer

    If I tell Disney that I’m queer, do I get a special discount?

    1. Wary Walt

      No, you’d have to complain that you’re queer and are being mistreated. Then you would have to sign a contract to perform interviews, without pay, about how well they treat you and why it’s the “best place on earth.” Wow, sounds like communist China, doesn’t it?

  53. Orlando Paul

    If you believe that people are “babies” because they complain about planning ahead, consider that you are complaining about their complaining. You may not mind planning to visit a particular park on a particular day or making reservations for a particular restaurant at a particular time in a particular park on a particular day, but some folks do. People go on vacations to escape, even briefly, the stressors in their lives and to have a good time with those whom they love. As you can see by the messages on this board, the vast majority of people posting here don’t appreciate the need to “plan their fun” in 15 minute increments. I’ve owned stock in Disney since 1984 and have enjoyed a wonderful return on the investment, but I’m prepared to cash out since most of these comments pretty much correspond to my recent experiences and perceptions of Disney. $17 hamburgers and $4.25 bottles of water is just too greedy.

  54. Leslie

    Annual pass memberships are part of the problem of overcrowding and should be eliminated. The Genie system is annoying to have on our phones to check on to rides and the fast past was much better. Also trying to find the line entrances were sometimes difficult. Also the trams need a better line control system to help avoid people cutting in front of others.

  55. Romyeaux

    I don’t think Disney’s profits are reported correctly, as DIS stock has yet to even reach 2019 prices.

  56. Kim

    Used to live an hour away from Disney Florida. Having to go through all of this when we had annual passes would have had me drop the passes way before we alloved away. Guess Universal will be getting my money when I take the grand kids in a couple of years. This is to much what happened to enjoying the excitement and Magic. Disney is rolling in his grave

  57. Have been an annual pass holder for years, Taken, my children, grandchildren, & this year our great grandchildren. I have seen the decline in the value against prices charged. Add to the cost of Disney price increases to flights from the UK, it is getting unrealistic to pay these ever increasing prices & restrictions on what you can & can’t do & all the pre- planning on park bookings. Easier & cheaper for a short flight to Europe. I might add, the stay at the hotel in UK the night before flight, I am NOT charged to park my car as I am actually staying there. I am pleased we saw Disney at its BEST, this is now long gone. SAD.

  58. Laurie

    You don’t have to do any of those things. They are all choices and you can still have a wonderful vacation with your family without all the extra stuff. It is really all how you choose to vacation.

  59. Paul Roberts

    We are traveling to CBR in a couple of weeks time and staying for two weeks. Coming from the UK, we have always stayed on site, but we’ve already decided we will not be returning again for the the foreseeable future.

    Visiting WDW has simply become unaffordable with no benefit to staying onsite.

  60. Joe

    Couldn’t be happier to hear Disney is loosing more and more people. Either from their continuing rise in Cost or their force of what they believe is right in their movies.

  61. Bill

    Most of the comments here fail to understand the concept of supply and demand. When demand is high, and/or when supply is low, prices go up. People complain that it’s too crowded and too pricey, without taking the time to realize that the main tool Disney has available to control crowd size is to increase prices, and that lowering pricing would increase demand and therefore increase crowds. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    As for all the threats in this article to discontinue long-time pass purchases—the continued crowds and pricing prove that demand continues to boom, so the cancellations are meaningless. (And I suspect they aren’t even happening—with things like this, most people make a lot of talk but won’t carry through.).

    As the old Yogi Berra quote goes, “No one goes there any more—it’s too crowded.”

  62. Yvonne NC

    Disney has apparently figured out that they can do whatever they want to increase profits and, though some fans leave, others fill their places. If the parks are too crowded, then they must do something to remedy that, and increasing prices or eliminating Annual Passes is a solution. I wish I could pay less and have the park uncrowded when I go, but we have to be real. There are plenty of free things to do in this world….beaches, hikes….but we all want out fantasy world and, since it is just that, we expect to pay fantasy prices. Don’t complain: just realize you don’t love it enough to pay the prices and endure the crowds.

  63. Yvonne NC

    I agree with Bill. Disney has apparently figured out that they can do whatever they want to increase profits and, though some fans leave, others fill their places. If the parks are too crowded, then they must do something to remedy that, and increasing prices or eliminating Annual Passes is a solution. I wish I could pay less and have the park uncrowded when I go, but we have to be real. There are plenty of free things to do in this world….beaches, hikes….but we all want out fantasy world and, since it is just that, we expect to pay fantasy prices. Don’t complain: just realize you don’t love it enough to pay the prices and endure the crowds.

  64. LA Wayland

    Unfortunately, I agree with the points made in the article. It is hard to admit, but I feel like some of magic is gone forever.

  65. Crying Disney Fan

    Disney and other woke companies deserve this. Disney’s programming and parks are getting ultra repulsive with their back bending nonsense. I am canceling Disney plus and ESPN plus today. I should have done 2 years back. Wasted my time and money thinking they will change.

  66. Observation

    The issues outlined are reflective of other theme parks: for example an express pass to skip the lines at Universal Studios can cost over 250 USD for just one day on a Saturday and this is apart from the entry ticket. Truly, the theme park experience is nice but you need to decide if that’s what you want to spend your money on or you can mix things up and vary your recreation choices. If you go, just enjoy yourself. If not, don’t be dramatic about it and do something else.

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