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disney wonder

Credit: Disney


  1. Ralph

    So the story is there is no story!

    1. Bob


      138 arrests at Disney child trafficking
      No thanks

      Worthless masks. Vax. No thanks
      Never again
      Will celebrate when Disney is bankrupt

      My opinion

      1. Rob

        Your opinion is moronic.

  2. Jen

    1998. Disney Cruise Line began sailing in 1998.

    1. David

      Thanks for your correction. I was about to leave the same comment.

  3. Deborah J Becker

    Will not be going on a Disney cruise as long as they require a COVID vaccine. Sad other ships are changing that requirement. Waiting for Disney.

    1. You are antivax trash

      Nobody will miss you, dude! 🥰 ✌🏻

      1. Marty

        Don’t get mad just because when the government says jump, you say “how high” 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Ricky Bobby

      It’s a Disney cruise who cares. There are so many other options Disney has become a “has been” company. May they can get George Sunffalofagas to play Mickey and bill Clinton can walk him around

      1. Donna

        Really? What are you 12?

    3. Jeff

      What’s wrong with having a covid vaccine Karen?

    4. A

      I absolutely agree!!! But, after learning the truth about Disney. Wouldn’t touch any of their stuff ever again!

      1. Jorm

        But you keep reading websites about them? Doesn’t make sense. You should cut the cord completely!

      2. Kjs

        And exactly what IS the truth?

  4. jh

    This was resolved yesterday. According to the live cruise/marine traffic tracking software, it was at sea off the coast of Vancouver.

  5. Carol A Wutzl

    There is a story. We were tailing that ship last week. Our last stop at Victoria BC Dock workers were holding up signs in support for the workers in Vancouver.

    1. Jack Sparrow

      Lazy union slugs supporting other union slugs isn’t a “story”.

    2. Paul W

      Crowd on that boat looks worse than the park crowd.

  6. William

    Any kind of strike never helps anybody.

  7. Ricky Bobby

    My understanding is the tug boat company was not LGBTQWDRGAY and therefore cannot be used in the moving of the ships ? No. Or because the Tugboat captain hasn’t had 5 vaccines and 12 boosters while wearing 4 masks. So much to think about before I set sail.

    1. A

      Best reply!

    2. J

      Lol isn’t this the truth. So sad! Time for the world to go back to normal.

  8. Jay

    Maybe not in Canada, but in the United States, Disney Cruise line does allow unvaccinated guests. They are required to test but they are allowed to go. If you’re vaccinated, you are not required to test any longer.

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