Comments for Disney Drops COVID-19 Testing Requirement For Select Guests

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Credit: Disney


  1. Ken

    Disney is always last in the pack to react. Too late. Already cancelled D cruise. Good thing because we found out with everyone else you get more for less! Thanks Disney!

  2. Chris

    Just in time for our upcoming cruises, that helps a lot.

  3. Darla

    Any idea why Magic doesn’t start until November when the rest are September?

  4. Chris

    It looks like there are a fair number of Bermuda and Canada sailings on the Magic and those countries are still requiring testing. Although Bermuda seems to make exceptions for private islands owned by the cruise line.

    It keeps it simple to just say not.until November, instead of saying this is true for these cruises, but not these on this ship.

    That would be my guess as to why.

  5. SP

    Day late and a dollar short for us since we sail on the 3rd.

  6. Manny

    Went on two Disney cruises this summer and I can say they did take all the precautions necessary to make my family feel safe. I also like how they separated the tables in dining. Having huge parties tables isn’t always pleasant.

    I am glad they did not drop the vaccination requirement.

  7. A

    Hopefully the vaccine requirement goes away entirely soon. The rest of the world has moved on.

  8. Micki

    They need to drop the requirements all together every other cruise line has and they offer way more amenities less $$$

    Bye Disney

  9. Mickeymouse3

    We did a Disney cruise prior to covidia hitting. We learned very quick that Disney was overpriced compared to other cruise lines. The entertainment was hands down better on DCL, but the food, amenities, quarters (except the shower) and staff were much nicer. We won’t be back on a DCL.

  10. Mason

    Why do I feel like this is a terrible idea?

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