Comments for Disney+ Changes MCU Timeline AGAIN to Include Forgotten Marvel Movie

tim roth as emil blonsky aka the abomination

Credit: Marvel Studios/ Universal Pictures


  1. Thomas

    List is a little wrong. Captain America: First Avenger is listed twice. 2nd one should be winter soldier. In that movie, they list Stephen Strange as a person of interest (to you know, murder) which means Dr. Strange has to take place before Winter Soldier.

    1. Brianna

      Stephen Strange didn’t have to already be Sorcerer Supreme (or even studying magic at all) to be considered, so that’s not actually a slam dunk for timeline evidence.

      HYDRA’s manipulation of Project Insight was to eliminate any potential threats to their goals – this included people of wealth, high intellect, and even political leanings who might oppose them. For instance, Matthew Ellis was not super or magic in any way, he was just President of the U.S.

  2. Rob Gronotte

    Forgot Spiderman – No Way Home. Likely should be just after Dr. Strange 2.

    1. Rob Gronotte

      Oops, just BEFORE Dr Strange 2.

      1. Rob

        Pretty sure it takes place right after Far From Home…since it picks up right after that movie ends.

  3. Ed

    If you go back and watch the end of Iron Man 2, when Tony is meeting with Fury to discuss the Avengers, there is a new broadcast about the Hulk attack at the university.

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