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disneyland cast member with sleeping beauty castle

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  1. People are quick to blame the Disney theme park cast members when things go wrong, but they don’t have any control over most situations. The Disney company, the big shots are the ones making all of the bad choices including the ones about which rides are down for refurbishment and how little money they pay the cast members. I can understand cast members being less likely to help people when all they get is attitude all day.

    If you do encounter a good cast member who helps make magic for your family, don’t forget to go online to the Disney parks websites and compliment the cast members to the higher ups. Mention them by name and tell them the date that you visited and what made the cast member so special. This helps cast members and they actually do get the praise when it’s submitted in this manner.

    Personally, with the exception of two clueless cast members who couldn’t answer basic questions and a rude Tiana, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Disneyland cast members in all of our visits including when we had annual passes. Being able to have time early in the morning on a slow day to just sit and chat with our favorite cast members was one of the best parts about going to Disneyland.

    Cast members are way underpaid for the work that they do. There are such high expectations of them, and yet they make peanuts. In fact, studies show 1 in 10 employees at Disneyland have experienced homelessness at some point in the last two years (and this was before the Covid shut down and had nothing to do with the pandemic). Disney has enough money and if they cared at all about their employees they would pay them higher wages, they’ve shown they are more about greed than about paying their workers.

  2. Joxua

    They underpay the cast members just like they overcharge the guests.
    Seriously, I tried to work there and they pay Below the Anaheim minimum wage. You make more money flipping burgers across the street then same job inside the park.
    Corporate Disney uses the love that folks feel for the park to boost profit.
    Charge visitors more then it’s worth currently because visitors are willing to pay for the nostalgia, then pay the workers less then minimum wage because they also love the nostalgia and the corporate money already baught the corrupt city politicians who gave Disney special status letting them pay less the the local min.
    It’s all bad! Except for the bad press gets shut down because Disney controls what the news stations can talk about.

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