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Orca attack SeaWorld

Credit: PETA


  1. Chris

    I think PETA is a terrible organization that has caused more animal suffering than any other organization on earth.

    The reality is that the ORCAS that SeaWorld has in captivity wouldn’t last more than a few days in the wild. Every pod of Orcas develops their own language and as such, the ones that SeaWorld has couldn’t be understood by those in the wild. Additionally, most of the orcas in SeaWorld’s care were born into captivity and know nothing of living in the wild or hunting for their food.

    Can you imagine living in home that in all of your life (say 30 years), where food was cooked for you, fed to you, all of your medical needs are fully met without you lifting a finger and then someone stripped you naked, took you out into the middle of nowhere and said you now have to get and prepare your own food, tend to your own injuries, etc.? That is precisely what PETA suggests should happen.

    1. Lynn

      You are grossly misinformed. Watch Blackfish, educate yourself and then come back and have an opinion. The orcas are captured in the wild to begin with – and they shouldn’t be. They are in great danger while in captivity. The existence they live in captivity is barely better than death, possibly worse because mentally they suffer greatly. The young that are born later to those that were captured should not exist. The capture needs to stop which will then stop the captive breeding. Period.

      1. Steve

        That movie is pure propaganda and has been debunked countless times. PETA kills more animals than the average meat company.

        1. Neuronurse71

          I’m not sure unless you were involved how you think Blackfish is propaganda. I was present when Dawn Brancheau was dragged to the bottom of the pool (because that is what they are pools) and was drown, by Tilikum. An orca sea world knew to have killed previous people. Also where do you think sea world acquires their orcas if not in the wild and buying them from people who acquired them in the wild? They don’t hatch them from eggs I assure you. I’ve had too many interactions with sea world to know that unfortunately what Blackfish portrayed was true what you don’t see if that they only claim 3 deaths at sea world but there has been many more. It’s so disturbing. I refuse to visit any place that keeps animals in such conditions. Do you know why their dorsal fin is folded over? Something that doesn’t happen in the wild… it happens in captivity because the orcas are depressed, they are kept in very small pools with other orcas and not all orcas are compatible just as all people are not compatible, they are also bred with other orcas even if they are not compatible. I am also not a fan of PETA I think PETA causes more issues then they ever fix and have put more animals at risk then they helped. The orcas would not be released into the wild if taken from sea world they would be put into a sea life sanctuary where they wouldn’t be in open ocean but would have access to deeper diving and be able to forage and live closer to how they are meant to live without the fear of them being unable to care for themselves.

          1. Neuronurse71isaliar

            Oh you were there? So how did it happen? Can you post your pictures? Videos? Oh that’s right, you weren’t there lol

      2. Alex

        Orcas are some of the smartest animals in the world. There’s no justification for confinement for such a highly intelligent creature. Especially considering one of an orca size, relative to the size of their environment that’s torture. Their design to swim 50+ miles a day. And you’re trying to tell me that they’re happy being an in a equivalent, of a bathtub, I would go insane.

      3. Chris

        They do not capture orcas anymore and haven’t for many, many years. Blackfish is as others have said is almost complete propaganda. How about actually researching and finding out the truth and the truth as it currently stands? As I said blackfish is ALMOST complete propaganda, but it did reveal someways that SeaWorld could do better and they took the opportunity to improve.

    2. Marsha Pyles

      Corky was captured in the wild. She will be able to survive in a sanctuary. All captured orcas in SeaWorld need to be released in a sanctuary and taught to hunt for their food and be taken care of until they are ready to join their pods.

      1. Mike

        They will never be ready to join a pod. They are human reliant. Please educate yourself before spewing anymore of your propaganda

    3. Ziannia

      So true in that case they should not even had waste time to capture it peoples got to realize these are annuals that use to live in a big open ocean are sea so they not train Sea World gets these animals for everyone enjoyment to com to sea world to look at and enjoy so trying to come and do extra at Sea World isn’t what u do so I feel like they shouldn’t get sue cause peoples no these animals and I no do research on these types of animals and they should no to not approach them but you got some peoples who thinks they no what they doing and try to be the bad guy in front of other’s peoples and that’s when bad things happen so appoarching the whale and the whale maybe felt like it was in harm danger at the time so no you can’t blame the whale for his actions blame the parents for letting the little child do what he wants leave the whale alone he no harm in whales unless it feels threatened

  2. Duostar

    Peta is the Woke Culture for animals

  3. Steve

    Now you are acting as press agents for a terror group? Utterly pathetic.

  4. Kat

    PETA also believes house pets should be released to the wild. Animals born or raised or even rehabbed in captivity are not normally capable of being released into the wild. Even rehabbed animals require retraining before being released back into their natural habitats. Please stop advocating for PETA.

    1. Steve

      No, they believe they should be killed. Exterminated in fact. That is why PETA kills almost every domestic animal it gets its hands on and many wild animals as well.

  5. Aubs

    Sea World deserves this! Treatment of their orcas is horrific, including withholding food if they didn’t participate. Sea World is a terrible organization.

    1. J.B.

      You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about 😂😂😂

  6. Jane

    SeaWorld should be shut down. No animal should live in captivity for our entertainment. Disgusting.

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